Links that I Visit

Locke's Major Page!!
Welcome to the homepage of my friend Locke. If your lookin for Ozzy pics or just a place to chill check out his site.
Riddles of the Sphinx
Can you solve the Riddles of the Sphinx???? I know I can't but you're more than welcome to try. :)
Daily Wave
Ever wish for a new wave everyday? Well you know what check this out *poof* your wish is granted!
Web Weirdness
You gotta see it to believe it. Just proves the world is full of people like me ;)
Well here's one of the jokers sites I luv to visit. Their links lead you to the best pages and the longer you surf there the funnier you feel.
Drew's Script-O-Rama
For all you movie goers that aren't satisfied with just seeing the movie... How 'bout you read it too :)
Pat's Web Graphics
The only site I've found so far that has so many fun graphics on hand, I can't look at them all in one sitting.
The Harvey Danger Homepage
I laughed, I cryed, it became a part of me. But seriously if you like the band check out the site. They let you stream their songs and tell you all that info you really couldn't live without knowing ;)
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