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Title thanks to Locke, he was the first to reply to my cry of help. And in my opinion the title couldn't get any better
Alrighty if you made it this far, maybe you wont mind reading this short story I wrote.... I just sat down in front of my type writter ( I know, I know this is the computer age....) and began typing away.... What follows is what came fourth from my stone-age stylus.

From the first few seconds of life every thing you could ever need is covered for you. (this is probably the laziest time of your life.) You don't have to worry about anything, it's all there.

Just think about this. Whenever you get hungry you just pass the news along the grape vine. Then magically your food is delivered to you free of charge. You don't even have to chew, it's all passed through a tube straight into your stomach. Could it get any sweeter?......

My anwser (to my own question) would have to be yes... It could get sweeter. Again you'd have everything covered. Your daily exercise that almost every doctor would say is pretty important is made easier. In such tight, but comfortable quarters you just stretch out your legs and/or arms to the edge of your world. Then instantly everyone is happy. You feel like you have really done something with your time. Your dear Mum (that is carrying you) gets the satisfaction as the strange one inside her makes tingling sensations to her already busting at the seams tummy.

The main entertainment for you would have to be the long moments when you make those innocent discoveries. Like the first time you actually notice you four limbs.... (five if your male, hey you don't know any better) You just can't get enough of the silly movements your limbs are capable of doing. Sometimes you even think they have a life of their own.

Then one day you make the biggest discovery of your life. It is nothing you have ever seen before. But it makes everything in your world seem dull and less intresting. You looked beyond your regular world and there you see something strange. There just beyond your harizon you see a bright, very shiney, light. It appears to you that just over night a brand new world was created just beyond yours. It's deffinatly (from your veiw point) much bigger, there are more beings that look kind of like you, and there are many intresting things for you to discover.

So now you are faced with a choice. You can (1) leave your comfort zone and enter this new strange world. (the road taken by most, faced with this choice) Or (2) remain in what seems like the safer place.

THE CHOICE IS YOURS. Good luck in your choices and thanks for reading.

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