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Programming as Art

"Leibniz saw in his binary arithmetic the image of creation... He imagined that unity (1) represented God, and zero (0) the void; that the Supreme Being drew all beings from the void, just as 1 and 0 express all numbers in his system of numeration." - Tobias Danzig, 1939

Interactive Scientific Web Calculator

Our own site calculator. Performs basic arithmetic and trigonometric functions with 80+ digits of precision. What silly fun!

Secrets of My Fortune Cookie File... REVEALED!

Now I bring the fun of randomly-generated quotes to you!

Crossword Puzzle Games!

If you like to play Scrabble, Clabbers, or related games, well, here you go.

Create Image Mosaic Posters!

Do it yourself in the comfort of your own home! This free program allows you to create your own nifty mosaics.

RIDYHEW - The Ridiculously Huge English Word List

I love to collect rare words. Here, online, is a very, very big collection of them, completely web-searchable. In fact, it's the largest actively maintained English word list on the 'Net. Also, some of the handy utilities that are used in creating the list are available.

Section 22415 Labs, Spring 1999

Can you imagine me with a group of first-year computer science students, trying to help an overworked professor drill the basics of C++ into their heads? This is what they had to put up with to get their grades. Includes the immortally silly Pal the Pointer web page, along with a recursion page, a page about "n choose k", and a page about the Zen of pseudorandom numbers. Yes, I do just go the extra mile, don't I?

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