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Section 22415 Labs

Lab Assistant: Chris Street (long dead e-mail addy removed)

I am available for questions during this lab period, or during my office hours, 3-4 pm Tuesdays in HH 121. You may also contact me through e-mail or at phone number.
We meet Thursdays at 8 am in Haggard Hall 122.

ALL GOOD THINGS must come to an end; and on 5 June 1999, this page was updated for the final time.

Please Note

Please doublecheck your grades, posted below. If something needs to be modified, please notify me by Monday so I can fix it.

If you don't reach me by then, let Dr. Osborne know as soon as possible so it can be fixed.

Additions, of Varying Degrees of Newness

Still Fresh

Ancient History

Sending your Labs

Paying Attention? Grading

(Large table of grades removed)

Lab Notes

Anything on this page doesn't grok? Ask me about it... I'll tell you, or at least we can be confused together.

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