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Batter Up!

All right, the world of baseball really is a wonderful one. If you can stand it, here are my extreme ramblings relating to this fine summer passtime.

Rules of Tracked Baseball

So, you think that you have weird dreams? Just last night I had a dream at the ballpark, involving a lot of ball players (not the weird part,) an electric chili-cheese hotdog that I purchased and a man at home plate happily milking a huge cow who looked like her udders were about ready to explode. I DO NOT WANT TO KNOW the Freudian interpretation of this dream. My life is quite happy not knowing, so all of you first-year psych students can keep quiet, 'kay?

Anyway, Tracked Baseball was something that I saw being played once in a lucid dream. Here are the official rules, straight from my subconscious mind - as I was able to recall them before the dream faded.

Baseball Anagrams

Some humorous baseball-related anagrams. You can begin wondering about me any time now.

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