Giant Monster List of SCRABBLE® Phonies (By Playability)

compiled by Chris Street, with help from Elise

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What follows are lists of English words, 7 or 8 letters long, that are not legal for SCRABBLE® tournament play using either the TWL or CSW official word lists. They are arranged in order of the frequency in which they appear in game play -- Elise played hundreds of thousands of games using its phonies lexicon, and output the most frequently played phonies. In addition, these are exclusively phonies that have no anagrams that are legally playable words.

These are all real English words, and are presented here with their definitions (just in case you think I'm making this stuff up.) They appear in at least one unabridged dictionary, and often in more than one.

Elise, when playing phonies, knows a great many more words than these. These words are only the 7-8 letter phonies without valid anagrams that appear most frequently.

These words (besides being entertaining) may be useful as mnemonic aids, since they are pronouncable representations (with actual meaning) of common groups of letters that have no valid playable anagrams. The more adventurous might even want to try sneaking some of these by in a game. Elise does it, you can too!

Phony sevens
Phony eights

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