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MIDI Musical Sequences by Chris

Classical compositions Original compositions

If your MIDI playback is bad, synth MP3 renditions of some of these pieces are available on the Special Extras! page.

What? Your squarewave MIDI card sounds (ahem) less than perfect? Maybe all you need is TiMidity++... it features superior instrument patches, it's Linux or Windows friendly, has no hiss, and if your computer is recent (five years old or less,) offers perfect real-time performance. In my opinion, it's about as good as having the hardware... it's certainly more versatile.

(Or maybe it's just that your players need a little warm-up before the performance...)

Classical Sequences

performed by yours truly....

Bach, Johann Sebastian
One of the truly great masters. Baroque composer extraordinare.

Benda, Jiri Antonin
Contemporary of Haydn. Early classical theorist, renowned in 18th-century Europe for his technic.

Brahms, Johann

Chaminade, Cécile
Impressionist composer, whose works are full of the color and feeling of the period.

Clementi, Muzio
One of the first true virtuoso performer-composers on the pianoforte.

Handel, Georg Frederich
Great master of Baroque chamber music. His lively dances were the "popular music" of the day.

Kreisler, Fritz
The most famous violinist of the early 20th century. Sensitive and modest, he always performed for minimal pay. In his early days, he composed pieces and attributed them to early masters!

Marini, Biagio
An Italian composer of the early Baroque period.

Mendelssohn-Bartholdy, Felix

Paderewski, Ignace Jan
A world-famous pianist of the early 20th century, and also an accomplished composer.

Schumann, Robert

Tchaikovsky, Pyotr

If you just can't get enough classical MIDI sequences, might I suggest a visit to the Classical Music Archives? Here you will find thousands of MIDI sequences from hundreds of composers and all periods. Now they even have a section of live performances in MP3 format! Most sequences on this page are also available there.

Original Sequences

the music of Codehappy....

Most pieces are written in the key of No Time Flat. A red star (*) indicates that either currently the piece is unfinished, or that the MIDI is only an excerpt from the piece. Until I turn my eye again towards composing (it shouldn't be long now) I may as well share them, at least.

Illyse of the Nixe
A Symphonic Fairy-tale by Chris Street

Synopsis: Illyse, an unusually curious Nixe (nymph of the air), becomes entangled in the politics of men when she sets out to stop the evil king Erthkilde from oppressing the people.

Note that the movements of this piece are to be played attaca.

First book

Second book

Karakorum, an opera by Chris Street
Synopsis: Marco Polo travels to the Khan's palace in distant Karakorum, seeking wealth, adventure and fame.

A Light Operetta for a Hot Summer Night, by Chris Street

Synopsis: A very light and simple comedy in which Alexander and Abagail are two lovers in a village run by Abagail's cruel father, Julius. Despite Julius' mandates to never see Alexander, Abagail often secretly meets with her amorato, and they exchange witty discourse in song. When Julius discovers Abagail's disobedience, he arranges to have Alexander sent off to war, and finds a substitute lover for Abagail - the stuffy and unaffectionate Arnold, who happens to look exactly like Alexander, only who sings in falsetto and who is an absolutely robotic lover. Fortunately for the twosome (and in an entirely contrived fashion) Julius suddenly falls dead and Alexander and Abagail can wed. Julius' funeral is by far the longest and funniest scene in the operetta, in which Alexander delivers a mock eulogy for the hated master, and in which Alexander's widower father and Abagail's widow mother profess their undying love for each other. The operetta closes as the entire village walks away from Julius' makeshift grave to hold the two marriages. The best songs are "The Townspeoples' Song", "The Leaves of Fall", and "Lover, Let Me Look Into Your Face".

Other works

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