Codehappy's Gaia EDR3 Pages

(very much under construction)

Galactic Cartography for Beginners:
Experiments 1-2: Mapping the nearby spiral arms of the Milky Way through luminous stars
Experiment 3: Looking at the far end of the Milky Way by subtracting nearby sources.

Gaiamap -- an application for plotting and animating Gaia data
Here is the GitHub repository for my 'gaiamap' application, which was used in producing plots on this page. You can download the processed and cross-matched Gaia data to use with the application here.

Proper motion: This is an animation of 2,000,000 years of proper motion for every naked-eye visible star in the sky. This doesn't include the effects of Earth's precession (just imagine this same animation, only extremely wobbly -- the Earth completes over 80 full precession cycles in this time). just the stars' motion across the sky.

A list of the most referenced Gaia stellar sources in the astronomical literature.