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A Brief About Me

My name is Chris Street. I'm a Virgo (September 19th, if you want to send a card), about five-feet-nine, with brown eyes.... oh, heck, here are the vitals, if you're that interested:

NameChris Street
Height5' 9" (~175 cm)
Weight175 lbs (80 kg), just about right
Hair = EyesBrown
Favorite Color = Shameless Monty Python ReferenceBlue... I mean red!
Blood TypeAB+
Dad's occupationSubmariner, nuclear systems operator
Mom's occupationHomemaker, but formerly a nuclear reactor operator
Radiation level at Street homeAbove normal

I love to do the following: read the dictionary, solve math problems, sing, collect stamps, write stories, write novels, write poetry, write music, play the piano, meet new people, draw doodles, laugh at my life, go out at night when it's windy and rainy, tell jokes, and.... oh yes, CODE.

I'm the one and original "codehappy". I've been using the sobriquet since my BBS posting days. I hope it gives you the image of a person uttery giddy with happiness at the ability to solve problems and discover wonderful things using the computer, programming and mathematics. If you take that image, and lump it with a mass of obsessive energy, with fifty thousand eccentric hobbies to expend it upon... well, then, you've just started to understand me a little.

Oh, and you can become whoever you want and do whatever you can imagine...through the power of CODE. Code, and a really terrific sense of humor. Or one or the other. Maybe all it takes is the sense of humor. Remember that.

Click here for the Worst of My Webcam.

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Archived Site Announcements

30 Mar 2003. See if you can determine what Japanese pop group Cibo Matto are saying in their song "Birthday Cake."

22 Mar 2003. The magic word Pyrzqxgl is here! Also, I added the MiSTification of LeapTrek to the MST3K page.

01 Mar 2003.
A simple update to keep things fresh, mainly correcting a couple of errors that I've spotted. Some special things are in the works, though.

15 Feb 2003.

Now the game of Web Labyrinth is here! Try to escape the fearsome MINOTAUR by clicking through Web links!

10 Feb 2003. The articles on the Department of Antiquities page have been merged into the other pages; there's not much point in seperating this material away, and since now there are humor indices and directories pointing to the ELOD page, it would be good to get all of the amusing and entertaining stuff onto that page.

The DOA page will remain up so as not to break any links. It is still listed in the Site Index and linked to on some of the pages. All of the articles on that page are now listed in the appropriate pages (ELOD, Code Lair, or the Math Department.) Note that the navigation sidebar has been changed - the "antiques" entry linking to the DOA now is "news" and links to the ChrisNewz! page.

There is also now a direct link to The Complete History.... from the ELOD page.

Certain transparent changes have been made to the site to discourage or trap spam-bots and misbehaving web spiders.

04 Feb 2003 (wee hours of the morning.) Some MP3 versions of MIDI files on the Music Box page are available from Special Extras!

02 Feb 2003. Very big update! Novel excerpts are up finally! How about that! The official Brobdingnagian Sooper-Dooper Genius Quiz is on the ELOD page - come and find out your sooper-dooper genius quotient! An MST3K (Mystery Science Theater 3000) page is up in the Department of Antiquities, containing some of my UseNet MiSTifications from the past! Also, some redesign on the index page (the new shortcut navigation buttons above,) and expanded descriptions of the Complete Entire History.... articles on the Reading Room page.

25 Jan 2003. Our new interactive Web calculator is up! Calculating fun right now!

22 Jan 2003. "Your computer is currently broadcasting an IP address!" on the Eclectic Lunchbox of Delight page, 200 new smilies are enabled on the forums, "Worst of My Webcam!" is on the ChrisNewz! page, page titles have been search-engine optimized, the site's own search engine was repumped today to get all of the new stuff from the last week, pictures by the links on the ELOD and DOA pages, and a few other minor changes.

21 Jan 2003. (wee hours of the morning) IT'S HERE! Our first film review at Codehappy.Net! Enter into Willy Wonka's magical chocolate factory.... but beware the temptations that lie inside! With still images of the film and a Special Extra!

17 Jan 2003. How Not to Go Crazy is in the Eclectic Lunchbox of Delights. A couple of new articles now grace the Math Department. A new sidebar! And some other refinements to make this site easier to use.

15 Jan 2003. The new Codehappy.Net web forums are open to the world. Last night I also added a site search engine, the Putnam exam questions, and Mrs Brisby and the Rats of NIMH: The Iambic Pentameter Play. This is starting to look like a web site!

07 Jan 2003. LAUNCH! OK, we're not completely web-ready yet, but darn it, I'm getting impatient. It would be no good if the domain was taken before we got this ship launched, as the domain was. (Funny, I've been using the codehappy handle for years and years and never run into anyone who had heard the phrase before. Phooey.) I have tons of content to get up, though. All of my old web sites should eventually be available from here before too long, and I have several short stories that are ready to get up. I'm happy with the site design I have laid out so far, simple but functional.

Before I can get some movie reviews up on the Projection Room site, I need to free up some hard disk space to make captures.

I'm going to attempt at least biweekly updates (maybe considerably more often early in the site's life) simply so this site doesn't suffer from neglect like my previous sites eventually did.

Here's the stuff that's coming to each respective section, in this update and the next couple updates:

ECLECTIC LUNCHBOX OF DELIGHTS: My official cat-sitting guide, USA: Guts and Glory!, The Game of Hearts, Hyperactive Classics!, Blow Up the Moon!, Girl Names That Suck, Mongoose Rebels: A Retrospective, Things You Oughtn't Do On Your Term Paper, The Hall of Flame.

CODE LAIR: Fortune Cookie File, Crossword Puzzle Games, Ridiculously Large Word List, Graphics Compression, Sterling Series Classics, Ilike Tolic Roks, Inform Adventure Games, Pal the Pointer, Photo Mosaics and other useful utility programs.

READING ROOM: "Complete Entire History of the Whole Known Universe", Novel excerpts!, a few short stories.

THE INKWELL: Excerpts from Poppycock and Quatch!: A Day of Nonsense, and a few other miscellaneous poems I have lying around.

THE GLOBE: Excerpts from King Wyst, or a Tyrant in a Small Town, as well as the incredibly odd fan-fiction Mrs. Brisby and the Rats of NIMH.

THE MUSIC BOX: MIDI sequences of classical music, and my own original compositions (Illyse of the Nixe, Karakorum, The Millenium Suite, A Light Operetta for a Hot Summer's Night, etc.) If I have the space, MP3 recordings of performances of the same.

CHRISNEWZ!: This announcement, and a brief "About Me". New web page sprouts! No one cares!

PROJECTION ROOM: Once I have the hard drive space, I'll do my first web review. The preliminary candidates at this point are Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory, The Secret of NIMH, Young Frankenstein and The Rescuers.

THE DUGOUT: An article about "win share analysis", and the greatest and worst baseball teams ever.

DEPT. OF ANTIQUITIES: All of my old web page content. (There is quite a bit of it!) Not only this, but, in the Archaeology Chamber, I'll be working on getting some of my greatest never-before-seen really old stuff online! We love doing this stuff on

MATH DEPARTMENT: Some mathematical papers and puzzles by yours truly.

LINK-A-DINK-A-DOO: Tons of links of general interest for your perusal.

As you can see, I've been quite busy for the past few years. Better yet, that stuff makes a respectable website right there. Looks pretty good for the future!

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