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A Bit Musty In Here?

*Cough, cough*..... here are kept the shadows of my former web presences. There's a lot of interesting material here, even if it has been around a while. All sorts of material from Auntie Q. is contained here. Happy browsing!

Note that this page will not be receiving new material (it is the Department of Antiquities, after all) and that this material is also indexed under the appropriate pages.

Note that these pages have been kept more or less in the same format that they were posted on the Web originally. So don't be surprised if the "look and feel" of the site suddenly takes a time-warp back to 1996. Links back to the main pages have been added to the bottom of most of these pages. Of course, I can trust you to use your browser's "Back" button or equivalent if necessary.

Chris' MiSTifications

On this page I post my various MiSTifications that appeared on UseNet and the web between 1996 and 1999. Don't know what a MiSTification is? Come on in and try it, it's fun....

Section 22415 Labs, Spring 1999

Can you imagine me with a group of first-year computer science students, trying to help an overworked professor drill the basics of C++ into their heads? This is what they had to put up with to get their grades. Includes the immortally silly Pal the Pointer web page, along with a recursion page, a page about "n choose k", and a page about the Zen of pseudorandom numbers. Yes, I do just go the extra mile, don't I?

The Completely Content-less Web Page

Being less puritan and less dedicated to the idea of utter conceptual nihilism, however, these other pages will doubtless dress themselves up with stuff like pictures, or a funny font, or even a colored background.

Back when it was actually a prognostication. Was I correct? It's aged well, tho'. Preserved just as it was last 'Net-cast, of course - it just wouldn't do to be adding links or any fancies to this page.

The Riddles of the Sphinx

This was a pretty popular puzzle page (alliterations ahoy!) back in the day. Now it's fully restored, and available for your perusal here at Codehappy.Net! Is it possible to come out of the Sphinx's lair unbepuzzled?

Special Extra! Here's the text of an old e-mail I sent (as the Sphinx) to a brave contestant, to encourage him in his pursuit of the super-tough Challenge Questions.

Nehru, the Calloused Clown

Did that title catch your fancy? Weeeeel, then, you're in luck! 'Cause right here I have the story of Nehru the Clown. Nehru the Calloused Clown. He's grouchy and cynical in a world full of cheery, happy people. But because I'm one of them, he reforms by the end and becomes one of us. That's better!

Clowns that would be better off in Sophocles tragedies. Now are you convinced that this is the only web site that you'll ever need?

The Best of All Possible Worlds

A slight biography of Gottfried Leibniz, the great mathematician and philosopher.

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