Codehappy's Master of Orion AARs

These are detailed, illustrated accounts of games of Master of Orion played by Codehappy. This is the original Master of Orion for MS-DOS, back in the days when 256-color Mode 13 and Ad-Lib sound cards ruled the PC game world.

These games are Realms Beyond challenges; each of them introduces variant rules intended to increase the difficulty of the game. My strategy and tactical moves are laid out in each report, illustrated with hundreds of screen shots along with healthy doses of humor and sarcasm.

RBO 27. A one planet Meklon empire. Can I rule the galaxy, using nothing but diplomacy and lots and lots of spies?

RBO 28. An Impossible-difficulty game in which the Humans must conquer the Guardian of Orion. Can VGA SEAN CONNERY point the way to victory?

RBO 29. This one was left unfinished: first, I got an insanely lucky spy hit in 2390 (Advanced Soil Enrichment!!!) Then, the Klackons refused to attack me despite building a huge death fleet that would have flattened me. By the end of the 2400s I had the game in a won position, but I didn't feel I had done much to deserve it.

RBO 30. A quick Klackon game, where I'm allowed to have only (up to) six ships.

RBO 31. I play the Mrrshans (the weakest race in the game) with some difficult teching restrictions.

RBO 9. Possibly my favorite of this series. In which I lead the glorious Bulrathi to victory in a delayed start.