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I'm very impressed. The responces to my plea for people to sign my guest book has been fabulous. I thank each and everyone of you that signed.....Let's keep up this wonderful thing K? I love hearing from you guys!

This would be the first page created by little ole me.... I don't really have a point I just wanna leave my mark in the large void that makes the internet the funniest home entertainment. Stand aside Television and Video Game Systems the world has a new weak spot.

The Lounge
Come on in to my personal chatroom (care of tripod) and bring your FRIENDS!
There's Something About Me
The site that tells you a little about me.....
Links that I Visit
The links I think are super spiffy and a bag of chips!
A short story about a man and a large spider. Do you need anything more weird?
Just Kidding
My joking and fooling page. Please don''t enter unless you want your funny bone tickled
The Best Part of Life
This is one of my stories. I had a little to much time on my hands at one point...... Now my web page has a short story, go figure.

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