Mrs. Brisby and the Rats of NIMH,

a verse play in five acts,
written, in a rather bemused vein, by Chris Street.

If Hamlet had been an animated mouse,
Othello a pastellèd man,
If Lear spake prose with whiskered nose
And painted eyes had Pan,
My plume I'd stay, I'd pawn that day
A pencil for my pen.

~ * ~


The Characters

The widow BRISBY, a meadow mouse
Mr. AGES, an alchemist, Brisby's gruffish confidant and friend
JEREMY, a clownish Crow
A SHREW, greatly in need of some taming
NICODEMUS, wise ruler of the Rats
JUSTIN, the Rats' Captain of the Guard
JENNER, a Rat of high regard and a villainous traitor
SULLIVAN, Jenner's lackey
PATRICK, Nicodemus' clown
The OWL, wisest of all the Animals
Brisby's children, CYNTHIA, TIMOTHY, MARTIN, and TERESA
The Rats' PRIEST
Various RATS

Table of Contents


Act One

Act Two

Act Three

Act Four

Act Five

The reader at a loss to understand
Or those with comments waiting for an ear,
May find requital in this author's hand,
If you would send me mail, then send it here.

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