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Last updated on 30 Mar 2003 (see announcements below.)

"Straight from the heart of Redmond"

Just what are we about? Code, laughs, music, puzzles, writing, poetry, language, mathematics and love of ALL things thinking. We love to find that laughing, absurdist child deep within you and bring it to the surface. Well, I do, anyway. This is a sort of royal plural that I'm employing. My name's Chris Street. You might possibly know me by my BBS/Web handle, "Codehappy".

Please read below a brief description of each option on the sidebar to get a feel for what's exactly on this site. Further down you'll see the latest site announcements, and our fantabulous disclaimer.

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Here are short synposes of every option appearing in the sidebar to the right:

HOME. This is what there's no place like. This is the home page of Codehappy.Net, what you're reading. The latest site announcements, along with the "Last Updated" date appear here.

ECLECTIC LUNCHBOX OF DELIGHTS. This is miscellaneous stuff that I can't force into any of the other categories. A number of humorous articles and essays go here.

THE CODE LAIR. Do you want to see why code makes me so happy? Go here for some amazing utility programs, useful information and pages all about the intricacies of code. Source is provided for most of the utilities, so you can recompile it on most any platform.

THE READING ROOM. A place to sit down and read something interesting. Some old stuff and some new stuff is already here.... Stories, articles, Poppycock and Quatch! and A Diary Dissolved are here.

THE GLOBE. Do you like iambic pentameter? Sure, we all do! Read new verse plays written in the spirit of Shakespeare, Middleton and Milton in one of the English language's finest, bounciest verse forms.

THE MUSIC BOX. The home of my sequences of classical and original sequences - featuring the luminary masters J. S. Bach and Clementi, as well as my own Illyse of the Nixe and Karakorum.

CHRISNEWZ! Site announcements and news are archived here. Also you can learn a bit about your hostess for the evening.

PROJECTION ROOM. Film reviews and commentary go here. Yes, I can have a bit of an attitude sometimes. Why did you ask?

THE DUGOUT. Baseball baseball baseball!

MATH DEPARTMENT. Think. Think harder. Math stuff is behind this door, of course....

SPECIAL EXTRAS! I like to sneak special oddball links and miscellaneous information into the web pages here at If you need to get to one of them quickly, they're all indexed on the Special Extras! page.

LINK-A-DINK-A-DOO. Lots of other wondrous places to go in this great garden we call the World Wide Web.

SITE INDEX (by topic). This is the fastest way to find something specific on this site. This huge index lists pretty much everything that's here, with links directly to each object.

Lastest Site Announcements

Older announcements will be archived on the
ChrisNewz! page
30 Mar 2003. See if you can determine what Japanese pop group Cibo Matto are saying in their song "Birthday Cake."
22 Mar 2003. The magic word Pyrzqxgl is here! Also, I added the MiSTification of LeapTrek to the MST3K page.
01 Mar 2003.
A simple update to keep things fresh, mainly correcting a couple of errors that I've spotted. Some special things are in the works, though.
15 Feb 2003.

Now the game of Web Labyrinth is here! Try to escape the fearsome MINOTAUR by clicking through Web links!

DISCLAIMER can be in no way held responsible for the state of your stomach lining, your religious beliefs, or your ability to pronounce the word "stacatto". is not a cure for the common cold. It does not grant you the ability to fly or leap over buildings with a single bound. It is not effective as an aphrodesiac (at least by most accounts.) It is only to be used to treat the condition for which it was prescribed. May be voided by state, county or federal law. It is not for use as a flotation device. It is not to be reverse-engineered or disassembled. Do not fold, spindle or mutilate It is not legal tender for any debts, public or private. is subject to availability.

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.here backwards things say even we Sometimes

Have fun!

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