Welcome to the low-fat version of, serving up digital delicacies and bloggish blatherings since 2003. On this front page you will simply find links to the various content on this web site. There is some other stuff hidden deep in the labyrinthine recesses of the old site, if you are feeling brave enough to poke around.

My GitHub. Much of the software discussed on this website is available here under permissive open source licenses!

Archive of Archaic Advertisements Celebrating the 100th anniversary of Dr. McLaughlin's electric belt.

The Royal Game of Ur. An ancient race game dating back over 4,000 years, the Game of Ur is one of the oldest extant games. I have two versions: one in WebAssembly with animation and sound effects (for newer browsers), and an old-style CGI version.

My Gaia EDR3 pages. In which I use data from the GAIA satellite to map the Milky Way galaxy, its halo, and various deep sky objects.

"Jeopardy!" contestant trainer A simulation of the quiz show "Jeopardy!", with support for large language models (LLMs) or in-browser play with WebAssembly.

The Story of Breakout! I was unaware that the Atari 2600 video game Breakout actually had a story. Shows what I know. See the pictures, hear the record, read the book.

Elise, a crossword puzzle game engine. Elise analyzes Scrabble® and similar games. It features a highly parallelized architecture that gives it speed and playing strength. It plays a world-class game.

Master of Orion. My page about the original Master of Orion PC game, with detailed challenge game accounts.

Crossword Puzzles. Generates thousands of crossword puzzles for your pleasure. Play them on-line or print them out.

Tabloid Headline Generator,. Inspired by the late, great Weekly World News, this tool generates hilarious tabloid headlines.

Professor Richter. In memory of Bernd Richter, who was once my German language professor.

2012 Presidential Election Monte Carlo Simulator. Fiddle around with various electoral college scenarios in a probabalistic fashion.

TTYREC tools. Includes a TTY-to-AVI conversion tool and some tools specifically for NetHack players.

Sudoku puzzles. This page automatically generates Sudoku puzzles. Each puzzle is guaranteed to have a unique solution. Puzzles will vary in difficulty from very easy to quite difficult.

The Brobdingnagian Sooper-Dooper Genius Quiz! My answer to every so-called "super IQ" test on the Interweb.

Blow Up The Moon! My tribute to Usenet kooks everywhere.

Helpful tips for cat-sitters. Vital information for the 2000s.

Putnam Exam My page devoted to the ultimate undergraduate mathematics competition in the USA, with example problems and solutions.

How Not To Go Crazy Helpful tips for maintaining or at least pretending sanity.

Your Computer Is Currently Broadcasting an IP Address! Awful pop-up ads masquerade as system error messages in an attempt to freak you out.

P y r z q x g l!: Kiki Aru totally snuck into my office one night and added this magic word-enabled page to my website.

King's Quest VI walkthrough The infamous walkthrough to an old Sierra On-Line game, all because I refuse to throw anything on my hard drive away.

Pandemic Diary entries:

Researchers Create World's Largest JPEG Image It's full of stars.

The Old Apolyton Civilization Forums. When the Apolyton Civilization Site took down its old discussion forums devoted to classics such as Civilization II and Sid Meier's Alpha Centauri, I created a quick and dirty mirror here.

The Complete Entire History of the Whole Known Universe. Ancient writings on world history.

Classical MIDI Sequences. Just what it says right there.

Photo Mosaics. Software for creating photo mosaics.

The Completely Content-less Web Page. Since 1998, the one site on the Interweb that revels in its complete lack of content.

Old front page The website's front page circa 2003. Here are links to a bunch of other things that I haven't yet moved to the new front page.

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