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What "Ministers" We Need?
justice system question?
Choosing the Alpha Talent
short absence
candidates for Defense discussion
How do I create a party for this democracy game?
Need some help again
Term limits
Term Limit Plans
Time to Prepare and Pray
courts and judges
Election: Director of Science
Election: Director of Foreign Affairs
Election: Director of Exploration and Intelligence
Second time lucky...?
Constitutional Committee: article II (Select Page 1 2 )
Unsolicited treaty authority
Constitutional Committee: ARE WE MISSING SOMETHING?
Request for the NGO leaders
Naming Landmarks
SMAC Primers
Official: Second Tech
Official: Second Tech (Correct)
A message from your caretaker commissioner
Directors Orders
Questions on Game version differences
The next set of turns (Select Page 1 2 )
Industry and Energy Directorate: Worker Placings, Mission Year 2106
Official: [DEI] Next exploration direction
Directors' Orders for 2106 (Wed 2000GMT turnchat)
EFnet #smacdg turcnhat room thread (Select Page 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 )
URGENT: Official: Build Queue for TBIBTU
Changing worker placings for TBIBTU.
first draft: constitution changes
Official : Location of base three
Official : Exploraion path M.Y 2116 and beyond...
Official : Exploraion path M.Y 2116 and beyond...
Directors' orders for 2116 onwards
Election Nominations
Official: Directors Orders 2124 and beyond
Official: New Apolytonia Build Queue 2124 onwards
Official: To Change the Formers being built in New Apolytonia?
Official: Build Queue for ThisBaseIsBelongToUs
Worker placings, 2124, for existing bases
Commissioner Debate (term II)
Director of Foreign Affairs Campaign Thread
Director of Social Engineering Campaign Thread
ELECTION: Director of Exploration and Intelligence
ELECTION: Director of Foreign Affairs
ELECTION: Director of Terraformation and Colonization
ELECTION: Director of Peacekeeping Operations
Constitutional Question: Planetary Council
Proposal: Bill Of Rights
URGENT: Director of SE
Amendment: The Darkness Reforms (REAL ONE!)
ACDG Directory Term 2
The Planetary Archives
Explorer Corps
OFFICIAL : General Idea for New Apolyton's Terraforming
OFFICIAL : General Idea for sensor arrays
Official : Poll for next Secret Project
Chief Librarian's Request
Official: Seventh Tech (backup)
Official: 9th Tech
Forum Moderator / Chat Room Operator. READ!
Official: Initial base queue, part 3
Official : Terraformers
Base queue poll results
New CNN !!
Official: 2167 Exploration paths.
Official : amendment
Official : Pande's reform
Official: Tech #11
Director of Foreign Affairs Campaign Thread: Term III
Request for the Director of Base Production : PROBES!!
Discussion : adding the UN Declaration of Human Rights as an amendment.
CtP2 Democracy Game
Chironian News Network Issue Eight
The MAP Thread
Turnthread: 2176-21**
Official: The Court: Proceedings
Official: Policy towards the University
Amendment: Term Limits
ACDG Directory: Term III
The Court
Official: DoFA orders for 2188-2195, Part I
Official: DoFA orders for 2188-2195, Part II
Jury Poll for Lemmy's Trial
Official: Tech #22
Official: Overall Foreign Policy
When do the Justices go up for election/reelection?
Official: Hive Policy
Leave of Absence
ELECTION: Commisioner
ELECTION: Alpha Talent
ELECTION: Director of Science
ELECTIONS: Director of Foreign Affairs
ELECTION: Director of Internal Affairs
ACDG Directory: Term IV
orders format
Office of the Director of Science: Open comments
Official: FM
Official: Base Locations Pt 1.
Official: DSE Orders 2211-
Official: Next Tech
Turn report 2211-2213
OFFICIAL : Justice Elections
Official: New Region
Elections: Commisioner
ACDG Directory: Term V
Why are we not RUSHING?
Official: Foreign Affairs: Policy toward the Gaians
Official: Foreign Affairs: Policy toward the Gaians (this time for real)
Poll: Official: Foreign Affairs: Policy toward the Spartans
Official: Foriegn Affairs: Bartering for Commlinks
Official: Foreign Affairs: Bartering for Commlinks
Official: Foreign Affairs: Planetary Council policy
Official: Give Polymorphic Software to the Morganites?
Official: Foreign Affairs: Give Polymorphic Software to the Morganites?
Communication From Home
Official: Which to build first?
OFFICIAL : Green energy allocation final
OFFICIAL : Green Wealth (Select Page 1 2 3 4 )
ACDG Directory: Term VI
Discussion: Amendment: revised polling rules
Should people be allowed to change polling decisions ?
Official: Build the Longevity Vaccine in Tacticus Academy?
Official: Build the Longevity Vaccine in New Apolyton?
CNN Issue 12
CNN Issue 13
ACDG Directory: Term VII
Solaris Regional Thread
CNN Issue 14
Official Social Engineering: Green 40/10/50 or FM 40/20/40. (Select Page 1 2 )
OFFICIAL : Science poll for turnchat 2279 onwards
Discussion: Green stuff..
Official: Should we form a seperate region for sea bases?
Official: Should we form a seperate region for liberated Hive bases?
CNN Issue 15
So...when do we play again?
Official: [b]More[/b] Secret Projects
Official: New Region Names
Turn Report 2282-2286: VICTORY!
Team Password [UPDATED]
Turn Archive
New Member Application Approvals
Suggestions: A new newspaper and "titles"
Research discussion (Select Page 1 2 )
Another loss?
Orders thread for 2104
Exploration Discussion
2106 [Warning - Includes Large Image]
2107 [Warning - Includes Large Images]
2108 Discussion [Warning - Will Include Large Images Later]
Behold the glorious glory that is the Cominfac!!
Naming of Landmarks
The University Science Monitor, Issue #3
I need to resign, for now.
2111 Discussion [Warning - Will Include Large Images Later]
OFFICIAL - to decide once and for all on the time limit for playing turns (part3)
OFFICIAL - to decide once and for all on the time limit for playing turns (part4)
Go to the polls!
Polls - One head one vote vs one faction one vote
My apologies comrades.
2113 Discussion [Warning - Includes Large Images]
Diplomatic Tidbits we can use
Missing Matey(s) - Have you seen this person?
Unofficial: PEACE Constitution??
2115 Discussion
MY2115/16 - IMMINENT Research Decision
Repoll on post-InfoNets tech
Success in the trade of soc psych for plan nets
Should we pact with the cybernetic consciousness
Industry Game
Official PEACE Constitution
Industry Game (Select Page 1 2 3 )
Industry Game Rules
Sorry Comrades
Nominations for next Fleet Operations Cap'n (i.e. - the Matey takin' the turns)
We've Met The Drones!
Drone Diplomacy
Which factions should be invaded if they are nearby
Slight Problem
Draft Pact Document
Is the hive making informed decisions.
2122 Turn Report [Large Images]
Foreign Faction Observations (Select Page 1 2 3 )
Hive IC Story 2 (Select Page 1 2 )
What threads to start in the drone forum.
Base Locations?
A bunch of flowers
Jobs - A work in progress.
Important - Your input needed for tech research.
Maximising ECs to minerals for SP projects
Flexibility or Biogenetics?
An alternative military production scheme
A few tech issues
Attention : Comrade Honghu
How do you play Morgan?
Security Breach
Pravda (2) The publisher's nightmare continues
2130 Report
MSN - Long Term Planning
MSN - Invasion discussions
MSN - Industry & Military
How soon to build the VW, after we have built the HGP?
Flexibility or Ecological Engineering
Analysis of drone's game.
MSN - sharing strategy
New Democracy Game: What shall it be?
MSN - post turn chat 2132
Attention Comrade Honghu!!!!!!!!
MSN - General discussion of future plans
Next tech?
MSN - Inital conversation before turnchat 2133
Turn 2135-2137, Simulation data
New Democracy Game: Faction Choice
The Hive Challenge
MSN - General Diplomacy
MSN - Drone Diplomancy, and reiterration of general diplomacy
Another MSN thingie
Doing Military Coups in ACDG
Important - think about this because decisions needs to be made.
MSN - Pirates Thinggy
MSN - So many topics covered briefly, 10/9/03
MSN - IC story expands to include other factions.
Peace Party - IC story + discussion
MSN - We have too much time
Proposed Debating Competition
My place in the Hive
Taking a short break to get some work done.
Chiron Debating Teams
Interfactional Debating Contest
Recommendations required - Probe Teams & possible trade pact with pirates
Our Factional Introduction
Suggestions for hive description.
Message broken
Introduction to the Hive
Cap'n Flubber, Maniac (of Borg) says your PM mailbox is full.
MSN - Jamski comes back and gets grilled with questions by kody
Since someone asked for it, random off-topic MSN for those with too much time (short)
Operation, pretend to build CN so nobody else attempts to go for it.
Don't let the university outdo us.
MSN - Mircomanagement
Arghh MindWorm attack!
Delaying of the turn.
MSN - Failed attempt at a turn chat
Aurora situation
Oops... forgot the poll
Air Unit Speed
MSN - Strategy
Question, Your input on how we should go about the next 40 years.
The diplomatic update thread
Uh oh
Msn - 7/10/03
Evironmental economics after ecological engineering or clean reactors or MMI.
MSN - off topic
MSN - CN build date
Offical Cn Build Poll
Hive Homeland planning report
MSN - Base mapping but conversation slowly drifted away into a deep slippery realm
PEACE Historian
MSN - Diplomatic relations
Turn 2141
MSN - military and support
MSN - Themed year
Note to Voltaire
Note to HongHu
IC - The return of HongHu
Belowdecks: The Office of Pirate Planning - Dept. of Base Production and Terraforming
MSN prettification (Making MSN readable)
Official - University Negotiations
Ecological Engineering Trade with University
Map Screenshot Trade with CyCon
Potential tech trade with CyCon
Cycon - suggested joint victory pact ALREADY!!!
MSN - What we are aiming for
Prelimary attacker vs defender strength and also plea to anyone who can help me out
Pre-Turn Data
IMPORTANT: Weekly meeting
Suggestions for next turn
next turn
Command And Control
Laboratory experiments (RP thread)
MSN - Chat with Kody
MSN with vev and Marshal
Turn Player
For new members. The Alpha Centauri Democracy Game, an introduction
Propaganda preparations - stolen from somebody who stole from somebody else
2156 Is Here
Foriegn Faction Contacts Reporting Thread
Request for info summary
Government organisation poll
Government organisation poll
Uni Invasion - Planning and Execution
IRC Chatroom
CMC: Request for map data
Turn 2159 (Select Page 1 2 3 4 )
Hostilities Imminent (Select Page 1 2 )
CMC: Chairman Resigns, M.Y. 2159
Informal chat with Arnelos (personal friend and recent Hive recruit)
sorry for not helping much....
Mead's Banishment From the Hive (Select Page 1 2 )