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Money for Multiplayer [NO RANT] (Select Page 1 2 )
Ex-Pack: Too Good to be true?
Pool on XP Civs... (Select Page 1 2 3 )
New Governments in XP? (Select Page 1 2 )
More XP speculation fun! Predict the Civ leaders! (Select Page 1 2 3 4 5 )
Pool on XP Civs... (Select Page 1 2 3 )
More XP speculation fun! Predict the Civ leaders! (Select Page 1 2 3 4 5 )
New Governments in XP? (Select Page 1 2 )
Money for Multiplayer [NO RANT] (Select Page 1 2 )
Ex-Pack: Too Good to be true?
Will I have to wait 6 months before it is released in NZ again?
Modem to Modem? - Old but Brilliant. :)
new worker options
A plea for Firaxis
PTW makes news
"Turnless" Mode - Any thoughts?
An idea for the XP
New espionage missions
How d00 j00 think MP will affect ur stratz?
How d00 j00 think MP will affect ur stratz?
First Civ III: Play the World Screenshots
Scenarios (Select Page 1 2 )
Scenarios (Select Page 1 2 )
Different Terrain Types...
Will there be a new civ trait?
If you were to make a 2nd UU for each civ... (Select Page 1 2 )
PtW & E3
How I would like to see trade in PtW!
Why Korea may *NOT* be included in the XP (Select Page 1 2 )
MPP restrictions
PBEM, Direct Play, Mods, and Cheating
Gamespot PTW impressions
Problems with the current rules in MP
No Incas?! (Select Page 1 2 )
Free Scenario Editor
quick question: PtW only MP? PTW impressions
Suggestion for localized versions Scenario compatibility
Firaxis: Another Trade Tweak
Scenario editor in PTW : do you mean scripting ,
Comparing Civ2 scenarios to the possibilities in Civ3 (for SP scenarios)
Will PtW have true stacking
How will stacked movement work ?
Similiar Civs? (Select Page 1 2 3 )
Speculation on UUs...
What is the beta testing for?
foreign advisor
Types of Scenarios (Select Page 1 2 )
FIRAXIS: How To Fix The Ministers (Select Page 1 2 )
A few requests-mostly graphic ones...
play the world.txt
FIRAXIS: Graphic Request
Spanish without cavalry?
Poll: Ultimate Choice: Incas or Gauls
Price (Select Page 1 2 3 )
Is Cavalry going to be "nerfed"? And if so, is this the right thing to do?
Soren: make your AI culture capable!
Would this make the scientific trait more useful?
PTW request: Allow movement on enemy roads
Civ Traits for PTW Civs (Select Page 1 2 )
What Civ 2 unit would you most like to see return in PTW?
PTW on Gamespot
FIRAXIS: Will PtW Have Improved AI?
Several questions fo FIRAXIS
Are there enough "quality" civs left for Firaxis to eventually release another XP? (Select Page 1 2 3 )
24 Civs, or 16? (Select Page 1 2 )
New PtW Units (Select Page 1 2 )
FIRAXIS: Historical Maps Of Tribes
How Firaxis can fix the two Civ traits everyone hates- Expansionist and Commercial (Select Page 1 2 )
Great Leaders
SUGGESTION : Change to Naval Combat
Allow Limited Peacekeeping
FIRAXIS: Radical Idea on Separation!
You already have part of ptw on your computer!
The Incas died with Tupac
What kind of unit will Medieval Infantry be?
XGR Info
Interface tweaks
things i dont use in "civ3" that can be changed/modified in "ptw"
Resource-rich enviroments
SUGGESTION: Industrial Age Fixes
Game Ideas
Do city improvements need to be cheaper?
New Civilizations
Flanking Bonus
Leaders and Armies
Extra bit of AI
Highscore idea!
Firaxis: please let us modify 2050, and why (Select Page 1 2 )
What the civ list should be (Select Page 1 2 3 )
FIRAXIS: Another possible multiplayer exploit
conquastidors wrong place in ptw
Suggestion for PtW-buildings needed for making units
C3PTW Internet Dedicated Server?
Cheat for free cities
Guessing on New Unit Command and other Buttons
Pillaging, Sacking and Nukes
military AI fixes for PTW
Firaxis: Another Thing I'd Like to see in a Patch...
Another suggestion re: Editor Patch or PtW XP
Poll: Bring Back Civil War! (Select Page 1 2 3 )
New Wonders?
any news about the new Editor?
Faction Editor for CivIII
Poll: Should there be expanded Diplomacy in the XP?
Sugestion to Civ specific abilities
unit idea
A little idea for a non-'combat' unit
Help Me I Need Help Plz Plz Plz
Let me customize bombardment (Select Page 1 2 )
Should Outposts, forts and colonies make boarders
Play the World, any news?
claim lands
The Editor: Scripts, Triggers etc. ?
Possible new unit flag for editor patch
Play the World, any news?
Trading airfields
Pay for multi-play?
Multiple palyers per Civ, or vise-versa
A request in regards to military...
Question about Multiplayer
No random maps in MP?
Barbarians & Terrain
Cooperative play
Global warming
EU-like mergers
Anti invasion stuff
CivIII Navy and Air force (Select Page 1 2 )
Suggestion for realistic corruption waste
cruise missiles/jet fighters
What 8 civs will be added? (Select Page 1 2 )
government idea!
Request for Firaxis
Release Date
Ptw Ii
Combat Medic Unit
Diplomacy Wishlist
Repost - Diplomatic Wish List (Select Page 1 2 )
Suggestion: Close Air Support
FaceMaker Pro for PTW?
Firaxis! Oceania wants in... (Select Page 1 2 3 )
Having City Improvements producing resources (Select Page 1 2 )
New Civs you would like to see in Ptw
cheat mode
new government types (Select Page 1 2 3 )
I have a bad feeling I'm going to be duped into buying this (Select Page 1 2 )
Firaxian Idiocy (Select Page 1 2 )
Will there be any new Civ-specific abilities?
Building Suggestion for PtW: Newspapers
Hybrid solution for workers
Units depending on some improvements
Medieval Infantry (Select Page 1 2 )
What about Suez and Panama? (Select Page 1 2 )
A suggestion
Are these improvements it planned for civ 3?
New Wonders
1.29 barbarian list
How about adding a new era (Select Page 1 2 3 )
Landing craft
Something about The Ottomans and The Turks
Enhancements/Tools for Civ3 PTW?
Enhancements/Tools for Civ3 PTW?
I want the abillity to build Navys
So what do we know for sure about PTW?
Korean Hwacha in Action(video footage!)
2 UU per civ?
Naming landmarks?
FIRAXIS: Ideas. Please read.
New Screenshots
Do you use the Explorer Unit? (Select Page 1 2 )
Suggested new use for Great Leaders: Silver Age
What is the release date?
PTW standalone?
team games
Scamming Backwards Civilations
What about Flat and Toroidal worlds?
Suggestion: Natural Disasters and Random Events
Changes to existing Wonders
War-time Terrain Improvements
Compatiblity in MP?
War statistics?
What will be recommended spec?
Missed Units from Previous Civs and Suggestion for New Units
PtW's Outposts function
winter has no effect?
Coastal Millitary Forts/Defences
New tech trees?
max civs and MP
Ottoman UU
Ottoman UU
What about terraforming? (Select Page 1 2 )
Will there be many more industrial improvements?
Please Firaxis, could we have several types of leaders in PTW?
Sweet, we're getting another Militaristic, Religious Civ
When is it coming
Sweet, we're getting another Militaristic, Religious Civ
What Is The Max Players In A Game For Ptw? (Select Page 1 2 )
Possible Privateer Fix
Terrain Types
Multiplayer and the UN?!
Multiplayer and the UN?!
Playing and Winning in teams?
List of new features in PTW
Randomize Resources
Poll: Do you want CtP-like Trade Routes?
Give us unsafe ocean travel
What about diplomacy?
would you like to see a different border system?
What I'd also like to be able to do with the editor!
MP Rules and Conduct?
REQ: mods also as add-ons
my wishlist for editor
What new civ's will be included?
Coastal/Sea/Ocean tile improvement needed!!!
turn/time moddable?
Civilization specifics (Select Page 1 2 )
We need an option to double unit hitpoints!
Gamespot Preview
Espionage improvement ideas for the new system
advance the CIV series
Suggestion: Catapults & Walls
Clans In PTW
the korean UU and civ traits.
Slave Labor Policies?
Whatever happened to selective pillaging?
an interesting multiplayer option would be...
19 more new SCREENSHOTS
We need more terrains (Select Page 1 2 3 4 )
Whats the point....
FIRAXIS: What enhancements will there be to the editor?
Are farms coming back? (Select Page 1 2 3 )
getting up to speed on Civ III
Speed turn ?
What about the units?
Harbors for not-entirely-coastal cities.
WWII units
Poll: Would you like to see a return of the senate
Improving the U.N
To Firaxis, learn from other games and give us something new (Select Page 1 2 )
upgrading units
Naval Barbarians?
will i be able to do that that with the new"ptw" editor?
Still cannot upgrade units. Frustrated
Valuable conquered/taken over cities
The Carthaginians (Select Page 1 2 )
Oppositions to Arabs (Select Page 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 )
The Great Wall. (Select Page 1 2 )
Flat maps in PtW
Enlighten me please
Planet Earth
Missiles = Ground Units ????
world map
What changes will you make to PtW?
make leaders?
An idea that would be nice in PTW!
Refresher course
Diplomacy Screen & Governors
Where I can find information of PTW please ?
Suggestion List
kinda late, but an idea
The Mongols
GameLeague, ladder and clan play for Civ3 ??
New Civ Traits
Available for Mac?
PTW multiple difficulty levels by player ?
How many players can join?
Cheats for PtW available online already!
CGW has new preview of PTW
UGO Preview Part 2 - ESPIONAGE Screen (Select Page 1 2 )
What is the Hotseat seting in multiplayer about in PTW
Wat are "elimination" and "regicide" game modes???
What can be played offline in PtW??
headset support?
terraforming capabilities should increase
Cultural groups of new civs
Scenario Creation Question
New ptw clan. (Select Page 1 2 )
PTW changes in original civ3 victories
Killing Clone Civs - Discussion (Select Page 1 2 )
alternating tilesets
what turnless mode might be like
MegaUltra (GameLeague) Forums Up
20 Turn Deals Still Hard Coded
new building improvements
I Have Play the World
WWII Units
Modern MP?
Does PTW substitute CIV3 v129f patch?
Stuff I wish they'd mentioned in the PtW Chat!
Civ3: PTW Trailer
Firaxis: abc to save lives
A New Resource? From New Screenshots...
Suggestion for international reputation in future expansions.
PTW intor movie a Gamespot.
PTW intro movie a Gamespot.
TOURNEY ANNOUNCEMENT : 1st Single Player Tourney
Adjusting UUs in PTW or other XP
FInally the Americans will be worth something.
Will there be a forum for setting up PtW matches?
spec op insertions
New (multiplayer) Role: Resource Middleman
Macintosh Civ:PTW update
next expansion pack - what civs do you want? (Select Page 1 2 3 )
Play the world feature set
New forum
Santa Cruz sound card issues
Terrain Improvements
With PtW is it possible to force a civ to start in specific city?
PTW problems, not many, but a couple
Transfering custom Civ3 things to PTW
PBEM - How to Launch Saved Game from email
Join the First PTW Demo Game Team!
Firaxians or Someone With Knowledge
How can I tell the difference between the graphic mods in PtW?
Manual Missing Pages
ifc23.dll error after patch
In PTW, why are some mod directories under scenarios while others are under extras?
Science Pop UPs
English version of PTW available in Austria/Germany?
Does PTW have something that helps you manage your mods?
Multiplayer Lobby Bugs
Tips for people having trouble with MP
My Initial Review
Don't be a sucker.
PTW - Single Play Features
The perfect place to vent
PTW So bad i logged in here
So ... does fraxis run this site or what?
Is it possible to reload a Saved MP game?
PTW with Civ3
How do I install Snoopy's terrain from PTW?
Editor features?
Custom rules scenario: HOW to LIST IT in PTW???
Need people who want to play a Email game
"Feature Request" Thread
Auto Bombard?
Just got PTW!! Now, question about saved games
Unofficial Release Party chat transcript
Regicide, princess: how NEW victory types final scoring works?
problem with scenario
New features in PTW
Will US version work with European version?
Civ3 PTW Civ Builder???
Notes/Help for the PTW Mods?
Does the AI use bombardment?
Map Size
How to use mod + map?
Save Games...
I find it amusing how people keep making excuses for Firaxis
abbamouse civ pack for PtW -- Play 31 Civs at once
The editor in PTW
Havent picked PTW up yet, but..
Help...How to get some dialog boxes?
Editor and so on questions
Getting in early :)
a few questions
Danish Championship in PTW
Light thread - How you play Simul Move?
Does mods effect multiplay?
Huge vs Small maps
How good is PTW now for scenario creation?
To danish civ3 players
Problem or not?
Video Resolution
missing files???
Voice chat - how to make it work?
Civilization III LAN Party, Houston Tx - January 4th, 2003!!!
Direct IP Connect?
Yes, we have bananas... but no PTW
I Captured Half a City!
The Viking UU
civ3 ptw
How Do I activate Lethal Sea Bombardment in PTW?
Stack Bombardment vs. Auto-Bombardment (Select Page 1 2 )
Phoenicians and Gauls
Questions regarding PtW editor and Corruption!
the king's quest
Ideas for the next patch/game
The MP Types and Saving
PTW Map Editor Crash
Earth & Europe Maps for PTW?
I did it
A couple of observations...
Build Order Not Working Multiplayer?
Anyone playing Multi-Civ
Civ3 vs Civ2 MPGE
Civ3 Multi-tool for Play the World?
LAN problem
PTW Multiplayer Questions
Who makes the most professional looking custom units?
Cheat Mode?
Earth map?
Where do we play PTW on the net?
City Limitations
HELP! Game not using the preferences I set.
New Soundtrack? Wat new soundtrack?
Who created the units in the PTW Extras folder?
Can someone please read this and help me?
So some reviewers can be bought out and some can't
Any time table on when mulitplayer will be easier?
Horseman bug?
Just got PTW. my rambling thoughts
Apolyton NAZIS strike again!
Give them and me a break...
Very Annoying Bug
Crash Civilization3X.exe : a solution
Has anyone tackled the WWII extras yet?
PBEM Game Group
Experiences with Victory Locations ...?
How to place civs? and some other questions?
Has anybody seen PtW credits? (Select Page 1 2 )
All 8 "Civ of the week" descritions posted
mtp civ3
so no support for socks or http proxies?
How to resume a saved mp game?
Conquest by Taking one city?!?
Why doesn't gamespy work?
Hacked Editor for PTW?
Patch question for non-US versions
PTW Map Settings
Which key to chat?
Important requirement for MP
Allow Cultural Conversons - On or off?
**HELP** Freeze in multiplayer setup screen.
Best way to gain Espionage experience?
Odd event
Anyone notice that revolutions aren't working correctly?
civ3mod - for PTW?
Civilopedia Misstake
Expanded city, leader lists for PTW (Select Page 1 2 )
Giving away city bug / cheat
Artillary Bombardment an Utter Failure!
I discovered "Industrial Start" scenario, lol
How to get a good start.
Comparing Civ2 XPs with PTW
Idea this: Guerillas AND Mercenaries
PTW Extras Folder
Idea - more civ-specific attributes
Military Acadamy Obsolete???
Save Game Modifier Not working
Earth (Huge) scenario starting location
New FREE PBEM Helper..Make sending turn Fast!!!
Letter from Jeff Briggs about PTW Issues
Save game editor
PTW Stability
How's this for masochism? An 8 player hotseat against myself?
What determines starting location in MP? and other Qs
DYP mode crash
Problems with GUI display, text exceeding boundaries.
is there a railroad command? - desktop themes unavailable?
I forgot how to disable font shading.
My thoughts on PTW so far...
Game spins CD after every turn
PTW Scenarios: linking graphics and rules
Do I need the 1.29 patch for CivIII before install PTW?
Why am I not receiving a free civilization advance per age as the Koreans?
Just For Fun: rollin', rollin', rollin'
Text in WinXP
Huge DYP expoilt
Lets compare the new UUs
Stupid Carthaginian Question
PTW Interface revelations (Aha's)
Expansion (of what) Pack?
audio preference not sticking and scrolling issues
PTW : networking model?
Making Guerillas Useful
The Scenarios in PTW are Shi!t
anyone have new strats for PTW?
More civ?
Where is the PTW equivalent of civ3mod.bic?
C++ runtime errors....
C++ runtime errors
Funny Text Color: Look at this Picture
Editor Questions
PTW Strategies (Monarch+)
New Patch !!!
list of player names in multiplayer
Is there a dinosaur leaderhead anywhere?
PTW 1.14f Bug & Crash Reports (Select Page 1 2 3 4 5 6 )
A few easy PtW questions...
Civ PTW..Look Here to Find Players
Does hotseat still suck?
argh! what's with 1.14f messing up scenarios
Can I save a multi-player game...
Patch 1.14... Good or Not?
PTW-The Dark Ages (Gamespy Review)
BIX chnages in 1.14f patch
PTW extra Terrains?
Poll and request to Firaxis re:Editor functions (Select Page 1 2 )
Chat wrapping bug
Uh-oh! In your game what's a Knight upgrade to?
New Patch is great firaxis :D
can attack human priviater
what is the sentry command
My first PTW experience...
Double Your Pleasure Scenario
What are the best 3 bonuses for a civ?
Any Europeans that can play with patch 1.14f? (Select Page 1 2 )
Firaxis: Can we get a statement on the status of the European patch?
Scenerios: Creating
PBEM password change...
Maps of Earth for PtW?
Editor Tab problem
Can't change location from "local" after 1.14
HUGE diplomacy bug
MP 1 on 1 strategies
Civiii Ptw League Opens For Business !
play saved games of Multiplayer
Always build the previously built unit?
Resource access from islands
How good/bad is the editor in "Play the World"?
Chronic "resynch" errors in LAN play
Auto Bombard
Single Player Turn Time Limits?
Can we merge the Civ III map rules we created with PTW map rules?
Civ 3 saved games compatible w/PTW?
Cash value for ancient age techs? (human to human trades)
PTW: How many Human & PC Player at the same time ... only 8 ???
Question on the editor and save game maps?
Need Help+ Custom Scenario
What's the best way to handle SMD with nuke attacks?
Has anyone else had this same problem when editing???
Can you not change the names of units in PTW editor like you could in the Civ III edi
New Fascism Mod for Civ3: Play The World
Turning off Other People's Moves
A couple weird bugs
Meaning of ping in multiplayer setup
Amazon put UK PTW release back again to Dec 6th
MP thoughts
Is the Auto Bombardment Feature Working?
Installing Units into PtW
Sound Files
Quick PTW Modding Question
OK, mea culpa, 3 more PTW editor Qs --
What about the Music in PTW?
Hebrews: If they have been a big civilization?
Before, installing what should I back up?
How does pollution occur?
where is
Finally shipping in UK
Dont Forget the Chat today at 4:00pm(East) at CivFanatics
European patch 1.14f
Retro Movie Intro?
Unit questions
Removing distance corruption? (Select Page 1 2 )
Preferred/Shunned Govts
Italian version of PTW: WHAT A SHAME!!!
PTW: Custom Music Problems
I got this kewl french error message
Is this normal?
Few problems...
Loading Saved Hotseat Games?
Artillery bombardment failed.
Wait wait wait.... Two civs in the same game of PTW can be the same color? WTF!?!?!
No Culture Flip in Multiplayer?
Can't play ptw
Is there a tech trade embargo?
less desastrous effects of global warming in PTW SP?
auto bombard problem
Units that dont upgrade
Minimizing the screen
Fortify and Sentry?
Delete lsans.fot and bic.out.tmp really required?
Question About Saved Game Files
? Re PTW and Great Lighthouse
Hosting problem
Problem with settler.ini
PTW download
Extra Units and Civilopedia
What is the problem here??
Collected Mods:
PTW Extra Units List
How Do You Get Mods To Work For Ptw!??!?
Any cheats?
New Treatys
Adding Units in PTW...
Scenario search path bug
PtW diplomacy screen
Question about downloaded units
In Game Timer
Quality of Extra Units included in PTW
Unplayable LAN game
TETurkan, Double Your Pleasure, and Mediteranean mod download???
Osman to Mao: Tours is MINE!!!
Best Units: Worker and MP bugs
Error with created mod
Play the World Intro Graphics and Errors
Nukes: Good vs. Bad
PTW Earth map with correct starting locations?
Trying to create a scenario
Making civilopedia.txt and pediaicons.txt editor
Correct starting positions
Favorite Trait?
Is US civ3 upgradable using UK ptw?
Favorite and Shunned Governments
Best created units and unit download sites
Tech extortion changed in PTW ?
WW2 Riflemen units
? Does anyone know how to FULLY add civs ?
PtW unit addition error
And No Xmas Bonus For The Marketing Department This Year
Terrain Defense
Defense Bonuses: How do they Work?
Resume freindships?
Unit problems
Applying minor graphical mods in PTW?
How does auto-bombard work?
Little Bug
Better start locations in PTW ?
Another city list easter egg?
Is PTW worth buying once patched?
hwacha...golden age?
76 lines!?!?
missing sound files!!
Ptw Mp Savegame?
change era?
Another "multiplayer sucks" thread
MOD PTW : Lowtech
Guerillas, They're Great ! (Select Page 1 2 )
PTW release
aluminum bug???
This is for europeans
War weariness in a democracy
Capital has auto-city walls?
sub check fails after 1.14 patch install...
Problem with 1.14f!
PBEM bug?
Do your ethics = denied victory?
Cunning Conquistadors
nuclear responese...
Crashing LAN game
$30 to spend
Ingame Chat
where did their bodies go??
Ultimate Civ
Too Many Cities
No PTW for XMas
No corruption mod
ptw save editing question
The Rewriting of Civilization III (=> Civ 4???)
Editor stability issues
Regicide - almost there
Trading Problems in PtW?
Question About Correct Starting Positions
Putting Hotseat in the Hot Seat
My game is haunted by the ghost of a dead AI.
How Many?
PTW stack movement
this one
Hosting Direct IP
Governor starves her people
Corruption and Waste destroy Civ3 (Select Page 1 2 )
Play the World Ladder
Ranking the PTW civs for MP
Examining the new PTW civ units
Civ Tribe Traits Ranked in the MP Environment
Problems loading saved MP games after crash
Mouse Freezes when I join the Multiplayer Lobby
Civil Defence - where did it go?
Questions about Spys
Vertical Horizontal Buttons ?
Out Of Sync Message
PTW not launching
Hall of Fame?
PBEM feature requests
nuclear threat
A Couple of Templates
Where are the PTW patches on poly?
Version compatibility
problem with Science advisor
Stack Bombardment Command
HElp Help! stupid question but,
Why is bombardment so useless? (Select Page 1 2 )
unwanted razing
Editor, Memory Leak?
PBEM production problems
Question: Arabs & 'favourite' Victories
A Simple Question About The U.N.
siilly editor question
RR's with no resources...
How to install PTW?
Can't take over Russian cities
MP demands
Interface Ideas
Andy Richter Controls PTW???
PTW- Space Race problem
What does Precision Bombing do?
BUGS in MP!! Look at the picture
Problem with the Military Advisor.
Command lag
Exiting MP - should be easier
Why is it so slloooow
French PTW compatibility issue with civ3 english version : solution
PTW Editor
MP Variant Games
Question re Play the World Multiplayer
Fighter Intercept bug/crash
New possibilities of well known units
Need help!
Don't Blink, and other tips for MP Elimination Games
Stealth Flight Options
Asking Allies to leave territory = war?
How is the editor in PtW? how is Capture the Flag?
Question re Patches
A question about reputation.
XP Non-Admin account cant run PTW
New Chinese City and Leader List
Changes from civ3
diminute points in PTW screen
XP Non-Admin account cant run PTW (second try)
can't start ptw
Wandering Princesses
Black magic specialist wanted.....
Just got PTW- quick Q.
Moving stacks of units
Is my copy broke
Does playing in the "Future Era" ignore difficulty levels??
Event system for PTW - maybe next patch
Problems in War/Peace Declarations for MP
In next XP, what sort of extra unit packs do we want?
Treaties. etc between Human Players in Hot Seat
How to edit saved games in PTW?
PTW Problem
But I was on your side!!
How can I get rid of the Global Warming?
The patch not for Europeans?
Diplomacy and Negotiations
An Option for MP: A Timely Situation
Moving 'stacked' pieces together
How to I get the map out of the .SAV
i get a error on PTW
Voice Chat
Been on a long break from civ 3, Is PTW multi play working yet?
2050 Time Limit In Turnless Multiplayer
Help with PTW
Player Numbers
upgrading Units-can it be easier
Thwarting the pillagers.
City Destruction Question
What is the best solution for this particular UU?
Need help making a scenerio
Need No-CD Crack
I fear my PTW copy is bugged or my PC is fubared. Need help.
Outposts and Radar Towers?
Map seeds
Graphics Bug
Synthetic Fibers Bug
The 'AD' bug?
Hot Seat game- difficulty not working
Bug with updated unit
Conquest Only Victory
Civ3: PTW for MAC?
Same Type Unit Selection
Civ IV Bugs (Select Page 1 2 3 )
Rate of Fire?
Installation question
bomber graphics problem
Are PTW now patched out of the box?
another graphic glitch iv noticed..
32 civs....I dont think so....
2 question about Small map
PTW and savegame compatibility
civ3ptw 1.14f crash on local multiplayer
only 8 civs in mp ?
Should I install patch 1.14?
y wont it work?
Adding New Units
Play The World 1.21f Bug Reports (Select Page 1 2 )
Fix Hotseat!
PTW freezes up when playing
Middle Earth Map for Play the world
AI problem in MP 1.21f
New Patch, same old story...
Who else is there to complain to about $30 bucks wasted
Something New in Combat for MP?
"Custom Difficulty?"
Space-race and beyond in MP?
New Units (Select Page 1 2 )
MP Bug for 1.21f
does it add to single player?
Espionage Experience
Trading Problems/irregularities :/
1.14 Patch
1.21f MP Bug :(
PTW scenario creation question
Civ3PTW Finally Released In Finland
Is This A Bug???? (Select Page 1 2 )
CTP Lan works
Road To (Ctrl-R) bug in simultaneous mode 1.21
Korean GA - How do you get yours?
Multiplayer trouble
Is this another bug??
Civ Version v1.01f
MAD in PtW?
PTW for $9.99 after rebates (only today)
I always wonderd
Cheats for PTW
Why No Universal Suffrage???
play the world LAN costs
Should I abandon Oea and its GW to move the FC?
ifc23 file
Help! How do I load up a saved multiplayer game???
Meandering thoughts
To buy or not to buy (a game in Europe)
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