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Where is the original OCC Thread?
Earliest bloodlust conquest, basic settings?
Favourite Units? [It's wartime] (Select Page 1 2 )
More questions from the novice
Third trade-route
Name your city in MP (Select Page 1 2 )
Scenario strategy help
I Beat the No City Challenge
Another pair of newbie questions
A new, speedy and fresh SMAC/SMACX forum!
Beaker micromanagement - I still don't get it
Curious about research path to monarchy
If Pacts to much? "My pact War with my other Pact!?"
What would you have done?
Handling settlers in early city building
early republic strategies
Favourite civ? Old questions again, but still...
The pikeman from hades
If you want Radical Changes, Great AI, and More, check out The Clash of Civilizations
Earliest landing with basic settings. (Select Page 1 2 )
Your method of winning-´´
Civ2 strategies II
Want to become a moderator of a speedy game forum once in your life?
The (Almost) No Science Challenge
Tech Tree Chart?
The Dispso Challenge
Sharing world maps
Send Emissary, or send for Emissary?
Poisoning (w/Spy)
Early Game Problems
A slight problem
Smsh's 2 whale/2 gold OCC comparison game (Select Page 1 2 )
ottok's challenge
"we are richest,sciencse #1,happiest,powerest
Want real civ2 strategy? Here is Red Front by Nemo and Alex Mor!
No Cities Challange
Second best defensive unit?
How do you handle cities that produce lots of food, little else?
We make City in desert if there!
trade routes
The best order to Win. Have a GO
Tax men and scientists in food cities; good?
Where do you build your first city?
Initial City Square Help!!!
Analysis of resource square usage
So we build desert. Phalanx or warrior?
Tribute & Gifts
City Celebrations
Managing a no specials start.
OCC, for men.
Two variations of perfectionism
Is Non-aggressive a Challenge?
So, we build Warrior, but what next..
City placement
Most Stupid stratergy encountered in MP (Select Page 1 2 )
1595 AC landing log file (long)
When can settlers transform?
The Technology Tree (part 1)
observation on starting techs
WLTBoss one year, Anarchy the next.
Forced City
AC Strategy (Select Page 1 2 )
Slighty Dull Discovery
*** Apolytoner of the Season Contest ***
Would anyone like to play like this...?
The impressions (Select Page 1 2 )
Mountain Cities
Governments: What do you think? (Select Page 1 2 )
Great Lib revisited
city bribe question
What goes into a Science City?
Unhappiness on Deity ???
Landed on AC in 1535
OCC(NN): Breaking News!
Should you go/ not go after the hutts
Single Player Vs. Multiplayer Tactics
City has walls? You can tell from the icon.
Average Dates for mortals!
OCC strategy guide (Select Page 1 2 )
How many cities?
Helpful Strategies
Play 'What would you do!??' !!
Civ starting locations on a random map?
A Lousy Score
A question about ICS
Collected Economics Threads
Ohhh, I'm a warlord....
Science Factors
OCC questions
Commodity Detial
Insight or insanity--you make the call--combining OCC and ICS strategies
I can't fight!!!
Could this be news?
Current turn number
Diplomatic finding
Flagrant Cheating by the AI (Select Page 1 2 )
Do you love to find hidden special resource squares?
Whats your style?
Scenario Tips
Terrian Speacials
Adding Settler to a city..........
How many turns of lost science and trade?
2000 prediction
Guerilla Warfare
City Defections
Cities of 40 or higher population
How to use settlers inside a city?
I'm back! (for a while)
Early-game expansion
Proper use of We__the __Day?
Ally Management
New official OCC record: 1803 (Select Page 1 2 )
Settle trick
Building harbors in cities with few ocean squares
Battleships and Carriers
Does terrain affect attack strength?
Biggest Blunders
Apolytoner of the Season Contest
HEEY! Anyone who can play Civ2 under Win98?
Early Diplomatic Warfare
Stealing techs
What Units/Buildings/WOWs Have You Never Built Before?
Perfect Invasion
Alex's 1st OCC Victory
Wonders per City - Records?
Naming a city "NONE" (Select Page 1 2 )
City demands....
New to OCC? Check out this thread!
Destroying enemy spaceship
One on one against Ming.
Anti-Strategy - making the game harder
Here's 1 for all U "unhappy" deities: what are...
AI always goes Fundy at end of game. Grr.
Do you use Einsteins?
First OCC Win -- City:3200bc AC:1968
SS Statistics
Shrinking Cities
AI civ personalities <--Sp
Proposed OCC rule change
heres a new prog, with better stuff than the last i gave you-nimrod
Good place to find beginnner help?
Fortnight OCC Competition Proposition (Select Page 1 2 )
Just a few things about OCC (Select Page 1 2 )
smart use of helicopters
Technology improvements vs. trade routes
Did you know this..I didn't
Do you go to Republic immediately -- or ever?
Hints for destroying one of YOUR cities
What do you do when you start off in the midst of mountains, plains, and deserts?
Monty Python in Civ2!!
H.G. description is wrong!!
Perm Alliance - Can Still Destroy Land?
Earliest AC landing?
Terraforming tricks
Huts (Select Page 1 2 )
Melancholy & the Infinite City Sleaziness
Why not build forts? (Select Page 1 2 )
OCC: BC 3500- AC 1939
What are the best tips/guides for stratagy?
Is nuclear war underrated (Select Page 1 2 )
Misc. OCC Logs:
Splitting a Civ
OCC: Americans can start with Monarchy
WLTCD in OCC, help please.
Setting science at 20%
I already sound like an idiot, but....
OCC: 2 whale, 2 wine, starting with Monarchy
Is there any way to protect AI civs
Report on 18-Civ-Conquest Challenge (ECC?)
Vet units? Great, but where do they come from?
I think I'm the only one... so all the strat. I can get would help.
Solo 7-way hotseat, a new (?) idea
a NEW challenge
What determines the tech discovery rate?
Shields vs. Trade
A question about units in forts when government is Democracy
Build city or build roads?
When to build
number of cities
Hey ming I see you have expanded your moderatorship! Also I need help with Civ II
Any good way to improve diplomacy in MGE?
How to have fun with Bombers. (Select Page 1 2 )
Where to find strategies
A new bug (hopefully)
Military conquer with Democracy
This was kinda wierd
Fundy-Democracy Conversion
The End Game
What one single thing most improved your game (Select Page 1 2 )
Yet Another Cheat?
Level Climbing: Emperor to Deity
guerilla warfare. (Select Page 1 2 3 )
Using Diplomats Effectively
Does anyone play "flat world"?
POLL. Releasing civ2 FW exe.
Diplo-style MGE game beginning Sat.
Is it MGE or me? (Select Page 1 2 )
Can you live without leonardo's workshop?
Occ mp
Productivity improvements
starting tech allocation: how it works
Producing the same trade commodity more than once
Differences between the empires
Change to Republic
How do I launch the spaceship?
All Out AI Attack
New OCC Help Is Here!
The barbarians are my friends. (Well, sort of...)
Vanishing Wonder
Too much vodka, Stalin, my friend
Don’t shoot Mister! I’m only a Caravan.
OCC and the ToT fantasy game
And the Dynamic Duo is...
The whole caravan thing (Select Page 1 2 )
New to me ...
The most useful unit (Select Page 1 2 )
Diplomats & The Great Wall
What should I build??
The Last Square
Your first 5 advances? (Select Page 1 2 )
Help! How can I make my cities grow faster on D
Civil War scenario
Civ Tidbits
Sabotaging SDI Defenses
None Units (Select Page 1 2 )
Rival Empires
Civil Disorder Control
Easy question
First city
How soon do you go to Democracy?
Rate the Civs (Select Page 1 2 )
Coming back from a bad start in MP
Apolyton CivII hall of fame
When can I "Insist" and when not?
the Science advisor and alphabetical listings
CivII hall of fame
OCC: defending against barbarians
Colonial Warfare?
Vet Spys and Stealing Techs
non-civ post
OCC strategy suggestions?
Blowing up spaceships
help me (balancing my science and tax rate) (Select Page 1 2 )
Zero Science Rate + Super Science City
abandoning cities?
Is OCC easier than regular games?
Abandoning cities once more
What year do you...???
Why Computer attack so easy?
Play from the same start position, compare results (Select Page 1 2 3 )
More results from nearly pointless studies
Help with inadequate food supply (Select Page 1 2 )
Who are you in civ? Dynasty, God...
MP-game ettiqutte question...
New Strategy Guide?
Cease Fire
Medals of Valor
EC3 Voting
What Should Settlers and Engineers Do?
Money Management vs. Scientific Progress
Self-handicapping, using the ToT Fantasy Game
Civ folklore?
Scenario Twilight Zone
Stopping the cheapness! Inciting revolts (Select Page 1 2 )
Issac Newtons College
Grassland Specials?
Auto Build, My way
Question For OCC Scenario/Save File Creators
Huge World Comparison Game (Select Page 1 2 )
Naval Strength (Select Page 1 2 )
The Flat-earth option is fun, do others use it?
Events? What are events?
Best use for a Diplomat/Spy (Select Page 1 2 )
Looking for PC "A House Divided"
Is this Madden Strategy or What?
Wasting Shields?
CHALLENGE: City of Wonders
City walls. Are they worth the bother? (Select Page 1 2 )
building settlers
how much cities in good scn??
Spies and City Walls
The Whirly Bird.
Too many cities!
The Evolution of Conquest
Test of Time Fantasy Game
Barb Tricks (Select Page 1 2 )
Max city size
One Wonder per Epoch list
Rush-building early in the game
The AI can bribe a Democracy?!
Thoughts on a different strategy
If you could build every wonder but one...
Pet Barbarians
Toying with the enemy
BC conquest.......finally !
Diplos defend at .125
How much can automated Settlers/Engineers do?
Civ2 strategy discussion in Civ3
One can bombard the shore; but can we bombard from the shore?
Mobs in Civ
Customizing calendars
A possible bug?
Super Money Bug???
What are 'high-res' units?
What will you do when you start with a hut in your initial position?
FW ai query
If you could build 1 wonder.... (Select Page 1 2 )
AI cheats on naval bombardment?
The Pikeman's defense. (Select Page 1 2 )
Building roads for trade. (Select Page 1 2 )
Hardest AI
I just got FW
Barbarian Tricks
Why do the AI....
Secondary question
Best on the sea
Spy questions
Offencive strategy...
Bad location starts
How do you play this game and actually win? (Select Page 1 2 )
"Mining" for specials
Warfare Calculation
Ocean Cities
scenario walkthrus/hints
Last Stands
Fortifying Air Units
Lost Units
Jim W -- How is your new game going?
We Love the ***** Days (Select Page 1 2 )
Those Little Yellow Suns...
Oldman's OCC Lectures!!!
Calculating required beakers
Advanced Embassies
"Red Front" Blues
Spy/Dip question
Historic date
The Art of War Returns!
Booty Calculation
Collection of Civilopedia Errors (undocumented features)
Exchanging Maps
Screen Shots
Wither Aqueducts?
What 'feature' is most helpful for your playstyle?
Civ2 and CtP
End turn keyboard shortcut
Some OCC Questions
I'm bananas about you, Babe!
To Chairman Mao
Many questions
City Viewbox
Strategic Bombing?
"Tired" Units
research handicap and MP
What are the effects (and chances) of global warming.
HELP - Disfunctional Diplomats!
What's your personal strategy? (Select Page 1 2 )
A note of appreciation
We love the 'X' day - a crutch for the weaker player? (Select Page 1 2 3 4 5 6 )
We love the 'X' day - LOTS!
What have been some of your "ultimate challenge adventures " in SP?
My first OCC game (Select Page 1 2 )
A novel experience for me.
Artificial Intelligence? More like CHEATER!
Settler stopped my troop train!
Party for my 100th Post!!!
"You have knowledge of mining, roads...blah blah"
Please Give Your Input On A Topic
Population Calculation
Hypothetical balance of power question
win 2000
An Important Question (Please Answer ASAP!)
non-tedious max score game
When to start developing
I'm looking for a good challenge against the AI
OCCing for the first time
I can't compare :(
Declaring War (Select Page 1 2 )
Computer Civs Characteristics??
Speed conquests
You CAN build canals!
Setting the game level?
Who should i attack?
1001: A Space Odyssey Challenge
Many Questions, Part II
Republic Vs Monarchy
Civ Gold Questions
The Early conquest challenge
OCC Question
Who's that on that big chunk of land?
Customizing automated Engineer
Space ship in 1000AD????????????
About World War II scenarios....
Another OCC Question
I'm learning...slowly
Two OCC problems
New to this forum
Diplomacy in MGE
Finding those peasky little cities....
Wonders by conquest only
Hoovers damned and power question.
New speed conquest record....425bc (Select Page 1 2 )
Has anybody ever tried simplified combat???
Changing Terrain
bc Bloodlust Challenge (Select Page 1 2 )
Let the AI advisor get the job (at least until the next turn)
I conquered the world even faster... by 1300BC
Democracy and Military, a great combination
For those who conquered world before 1000bc....
I conquered the world by 1950.
Another (minor) challenge -- quick win
How to unzip files?
I Have A Problem...
Fast vs. Slow moves
Right or Wrong? Judge me! (Select Page 1 2 )
occ bloodlust
Legal Help
What is Capitalization? (Select Page 1 2 )
Pros & Cons of Giving Techs to the AI
Will the AI nuke my nuke before I launch?
When to go from Perfectionist to Conqueror?
Does Sun Tzu + Leo = veteran untis?
Does this work? (Select Page 1 2 )
occ questions
A New Challenge
How to handle 5 fronts all at once?
The First Space Odyssey Challenge (Select Page 1 2 )
Great Wall question from a newbie..
World Conquered - 750bc - No Cities (Select Page 1 2 )
Automating Settlers/Engineers - Anyone do it?
Gwantesh the Terrible has landed on Alpha Centauri!
Huts Pattern
Beware... I have spilt the blood of the innocent!
How Odd! I've Run Into a Unit Wall
"White Civs" and other game starters
Is Leo worth losing veteran status?
Virus in my civ2 disk
Which technology is available when?
The -$32,000 Jackpot
Starting Location Study
Barb cities in OCC
Most underrated Wonder: Marco Polo
In OCC, When to stop sharing science with AI?
Defense Multipliers (Select Page 1 2 )
If you transfer a vet unit to another city does it remain vet?
Building settlers in size 1 capital
purple fortunes
Most overrated MP Wonder: Mike's.
Trading and its woes
I'm a bad player! So what! (Select Page 1 2 )
But mommy I don't wanna be Supreme!!!
Uranium - when do you get it?
Where do you see if you're "supreme?"
Unit nicknames with an attitude
Darn AI....
Fewer Cities vs. More Cities
No buildings available?
Hunting with Ely
Most Bone-headed AI city Contest
OCC strategy guide updates - post feedback here
Is he a vet?
Do Spaceships Ever Crash?
uncovering hidden specials
random happiness fluctuations
When EXACTLY do you setup trade routes?
Civ2 vs CTP
How Many Engineers Are Enough?
Development timelines?
Unhappiness caused by city number...?
Customized Worlds...
bc Bloodlust Challenge, 2nd Fortnight
Best resources for first city (1x production)
My next OCC scenario has a problem
Collosus, Gardens ... or Lighthouse?
what do you consider a normal game????
Science city site choice
City names with attitude (Select Page 1 2 )
My primitive strategy
Some OCCasional Insights
When should I move my capital?
Inadequately supported city bribes or attacks
A butt-burning occurrence
Barbarian oddity? (Select Page 1 2 )
Building Factories all at the same time or staggered (Select Page 1 2 )
Hi everyone!
Killing off AI civs will affect your tech discovery rate (Select Page 1 2 )
OCC conquest
With what unit do you like to explore, initially? (Select Page 1 2 )
MP vs SP (Select Page 1 2 )
To AC once more.
Mac versus PC game play
Intermediate skill level strategy discussion =) (Select Page 1 2 3 4 )
Help in Emperor-Deity...
The Deity Level...
Another little cheat -- that extra move
Quicktime to AC (Select Page 1 2 )
A List of Challenges?
A game I'm playing...
Great maps for large empires
Another AI advantage in Diety
information "cheats"
A rare Greek gift?
I Am Praying For a More Intelligent AI
bribe costs and city capture payoffs
Trade route bonus for Super Highways?
PC riot factor?
KhanMan's Nomads Challange
Beginner's guide to Diety. (Select Page 1 2 )
Wonder Building Tip
Republic First
Today I am a man!
Civ II Stinks
Trading Philosophy
capital madness
Diplomacy and Nuclear War Help
Early Warfare
ToT-Extended OCC as the Aliens
The AI cheats (but please think like a programmer)
AI weaker in non standard games?
Have I Discovered a New Cheat?!
A bit of Landscape Gardening???
You'll probably laugh at me but...
spaceship in 1AD - a theoretical approach
I have returned!
Stupidest AI moves
A question about highscores (and some other stuff) (Select Page 1 2 )
Does someone know how many posts i need to advance from the annoying "settler"...
trade question
AI Civ Dispositions
Veteran settlers/engineers
Hardest Civ Game...
I'll have a Multiplayer match with beginners... everyone read and reply, please
Do I comprehend this bribery thing rightly?
First Twenty Technologies
A Challenge
Odd happiness
How do I beat a better civer?
What Was Your Most Massive Strike Force?
Spaceship frustration
OCC bbeginner questions
I finally won a occ!!!
What is the most useful strategy you've picked up here? (Select Page 1 2 )
micromanaging the science/tax rate
If I want a normal game...
the conquest of the Egyptians(????)
Civil unrest/civil war
Girlfriend Trouble?!?! (Select Page 1 2 )
Planning Ahead
Do you conduct Economic Warfare (theft of trade routes)?
Problems with revolutions
NAVAL WARFARE/Who made me a settler?
Jack's OCC Question
Airbases in OCC?
Why chariots?
I am stuck as Somgu!!!
Long Wait/Chieftain Challenge
Strategy Committee?
I'm Back!!!!
space race with minimum cities-strategies- (Select Page 1 2 3 4 )
Gee! More BLATANT AI Cheating! (Select Page 1 2 )
Does anybody ever follow the advice?
Repeated Commodity Trade Strategy (Select Page 1 2 )
Damn, I Didn't Know This!
Bribing a city
Is this OCC stuff supposed to be so easy?
Full recouperation upon conquering an enemy city ?
Biggest Barbarian Stac?
Corruption and Waste
Trade is *not* essential! (Select Page 1 2 )
OCC fortnight #15 - discussion and logs (Select Page 1 2 )
Humble Beginnings
another rookie question
How often can AI move capital ??
Alrighty then, you Map Drawers, Scenario Writers and generally Knowledgable Civers...
using beakers efficiently
Civ 101
Question to the OCC'ers
Distilled Civ Tips and Notes (Select Page 1 2 3 )
The "Wonders" of OCC
OCC Diplomacy
Question to ToTers, especially Tobyr...
Spies in naval warfare
The Art of War Forums Open
Trade bonus for Wartime?
OCC ally gift oddity
I need help!!!
Not OCC, but FCC or SCC (4/5/6/?)
Am I screwed?
The Barb Threats...crosslinking two non strat threads
Newbie OCCer-- some questions
My first OCC
Easier Way To Win At Diety!!
No Hydroplants in OCC fn scenario's?
Anyone interested in a new challenge?
Smartest thing the AI has ever done
does anyone know
Easy Way to Win at Deity.
OCC Fortnight #6: Discussion, Logs, Gripes & Moans (Select Page 1 2 )
OCC Fortnight #7 (Select Page 1 2 3 )
How much money has a Barb leader with him?
What if Harry Potter played Civilization? (Select Page 1 2 )
"Caravaning" and convoy system
OCC fortnight #16 - discussion and logs (Select Page 1 2 )
AI cheat...
Hey Mr. AI - take this unit - and you get tech too?!
What do you trade when nobody wants anything?
A guide to ICS (Select Page 1 2 )
cruise missile cheat
Naval Warfare. (Select Page 1 2 )
Rules.txt changes you have made
Game mods to discourage ICS
OCC fortnigth #12 - discussion and logs
Bird's OCC Comparison game
Fortnight OCC - First Edition! - Results & Logs (Select Page 1 2 3 )
OCC Fortnight Competition #5 -- Discussion and Logs (Select Page 1 2 )
Airbases, more than just places to keep your planes.
High Scores
More generous allies
Settlers without loosing city size.
A wonder building strategy
WWII- Challange (Select Page 1 2 3 )
The most annoying Barbarian habits (Select Page 1 2 )
you put your white civ in, you put your white civ out...
Logs in OCC
Warriors vs Phalanx (Select Page 1 2 )
Small Gods
Free cities (Select Page 1 2 )
deity attack bonus?
Criticisms of my playing style wanted!
Do you open hut before reaching monarchy?
Newbie end-game question
Mammoth Scenario
City Chaining (standing wave)
taxes cause WLTXD?
barbarian archers and legions defense
Who will take care of the Hall of Fame
Vet Spies
OCC Fortnight 10 - Discussion and Logs (Select Page 1 2 )
when the UN breaks down
Fortnight OCC - Second Edition - Results and Logs (Select Page 1 2 )
Great Library: Player Cheats (Select Page 1 2 3 4 )
Excellent new scenario available for Civ2-Strategy lovers
hut knowledge (Select Page 1 2 )
the Gigamap
Perfectionists Anonymous
List of AI Struggles: Can't ___ to save its arse. (Select Page 1 2 )
Playing SOC as OCC
OCC fortnight #18 - discussion and logs
OCC fortnight #17
Another boring Comparison Game - NOT!
4 advanced tribes!
Aurelius' OCC comp game logs
Question about research
warriors or phalanx?
single unit in only city invulnerable?
Engineers in huts
Does anybody ever move?
Aurelius' OCC comparison game
OCC fortnight #13 - discussion and logs
a diplomatic challenge
Most Dumb AI Contest (Select Page 1 2 )
da smokes survey
da smokes only no nuke srategy
OCC alliances and gifts
OCC fortnight #14 - discussion and logs
da smokes survey 2
Locating A Civ using Demographics
Should I have done something different?
What would you do?
Silverdragon's short tips thread
How do you stop a raging warmonger? (Select Page 1 2 )
Island OCC comparison game logs
Dead Settlers?
What's a world without wonders?
Formula for Tributes
The quantum leap from Prince to King (Select Page 1 2 )
Aren't Archived Threads Supposed To Have Merit?
OCC fortnight 11 - Discussion and logs (Select Page 1 2 )
encroaching on your enemies.
Hello and wonders and nukes, oh my!
Do AI democracies collapse?
OCC Fortnight Competition #8: Discussion, Logs, & Advice (Select Page 1 2 )
Max Gold?
Silverdragon's guide to conservative expansionism
William Keenan's Advance Slot Properties
Too many cities
HELP - Isaac not thinking right
Submarines...useful or useless?
OCC definition
splitting the AI
How to Use Marco Polo's Embassy to Get Techs?
Exchanging techs (MGE)
Size Eight Sleaze
The Kamikaze Attack
Incremental Caravan buying VS Science rate?
Has anyone noticed this....
Production improvements
smokes new challenge
partisan barbarians won't attack your partisans
AI head start challenge game (Select Page 1 2 )
The wonders: yet again.
Partisan partisans
A new Challenge:
Civ Militaries : a recycling theory
Give this a try.
Cash Flow Strategy
Top Five Milestones in a Typical Game (Select Page 1 2 )
Submarines, pre-rocketry
The free the world challenge
Blitzkrieg - armoured columns and mobile and positional warfare
DC's OOC Challenge #2: Plains People
DC's OOC Challenge #1- Island Warfare
DC's OOC Challenge #3: Sea of Barbarians
Why not a separate forum for OCC?
empty huts
OCC Fortnight #9: Discussion, Logs etc... (Select Page 1 2 )
Cheap-way-of-finding-out-if -a-city-has-SDI-not-using-spies
The dreaded alpine horde
The Persians and a new king.
Finally: victory at Diety!
Leos Workshop Upgrades
OCC Fortnight Competition #4 -- Results and Logs (Select Page 1 2 )
Global warming process
How strictly do you micromanage trade?
Stopping the howitzer (Select Page 1 2 )
OCC Comparison
The Scrolls of Wisdom are wrong! You wanted examples?
divide and conquer
This isn't Strategy- This is Disgusting!
which is better? (Select Page 1 2 )
Food Caravans...? (Select Page 1 2 )
Someone please help!!!
How can I miss?
OCC Fortnight 3rd Edition - Results and Logs (Select Page 1 2 3 )
Do You Build Port Facilities?
Spy Warfare
World conquered - 3200 bc
Stoopid AI prize revisited
Civil Wars that shouldn't be
Four Starting Techs?
Something to LOL about!
What is your favorite special ? (Select Page 1 2 3 )
Something to LOL about 2
Producing Non Settlers/Engineers
tips for neurotic micromanagers (Select Page 1 2 )
Stopping Howies.
CARRIERS: How Does One Make AI Use Them?
has this happened to anyone else
Where can i find..
Disabling Dips
OCC for latecomers
How are Percentages calculated?- and what is your end game routine?
Pushed into a new and unusual strategy
An interesting observation...
Just wonderin
Am I missing something?
Why is Warriors Code bad?
ICS Question
Cities! Cities! Cities!
Once upon a time a city was bribed...
A is for Alphabet (Select Page 1 2 3 )
ICS bonus
Giga random maps !
Speed Civ
Courthouses after Communism?
Is this a player cheat?
We put the "fun" in "fundamentalist extremist"
Pathetic Newbie tips? :)
Challenge idea...?
What is your LEAST favorite special? (Select Page 1 2 )
Who do you Kill First?
Specialist in size 4 cities
Governments. :)
how good is the egalitarian act
New Challenge
AI sending SS without capitals
Stacked units that wont die!
Factors in choosing a civ in SP (Select Page 1 2 )
Where is the download for your personolized civ?
A strategy in the works...
What is your favourite color to play? (Select Page 1 2 )
To bribe or not to bribe....
Low tech growth strategy
How to defeat this guy?
Very Smart, or Very Stupid?
New OCC-type Challenge
Never Say Never
Knights v Crusaders. (Select Page 1 2 )
Nukes Poll and the crowning of a new prince
Air Units
defensive terrain for air and water units
Future techs
Limit on luxury?
List of AI cheats for Apolyton GL (Select Page 1 2 3 )
Twice used squares on time line : what do we really know ?
Farming communities
OCC fortnight #19
OCC fortnight #20
Caravans are too powerfull (Select Page 1 2 )
Goody huts
costs of buying units/improvements
uhh... a poll (2 q's)
give tech, lose alliance!!!!!
Critique my upper-level SP strategy
Super Growth strat.
The Great Library -- to build or not to build
AI sucks!? You guys must be GOOD!
bribing non-barb units (Select Page 1 2 )
Looking for No-Wonders-Startegy
When to rushbuild, and when not? (Select Page 1 2 )
Looking for ideas...
Eternal China Syndrome
everyday % luxuries
Dealing with AI alliances
Sewers and Aqueducts
Once more: The beloved wlt_ days
Barbarian embassy
True value of early trade: a case study (Select Page 1 2 3 )
Shakepeare's Theater (Select Page 1 2 )
Fighter vs. SAM
The Space Race to Alpha Centauri
Your favourite deity strategy...please!!!
The spaceship catalog
Scouting: Luxury or Necessity? (Select Page 1 2 )
fighters vs. bombers
Zero science challenge
What should I do next
How would you rather go?
Courthouses question
Can you randomize the computer personalities?
Aerial battles
Pathfinding: only one recognized route between cities
What affects trade?
A Question of TRADE
The caravan and the diplomat
How to connect cities for extra trade bonus
New landing record
Diety AC late game
War in Democracy
2x2x-deity single player experiences
Multiple trade routes....
Any tips for Island civs?
how old is everyone? just wonderin (Select Page 1 2 )
Diety, the Bomb, and AC
CIV 1 is more just.
Tricks of the Trade
In response to the sabotage thing: (Select Page 1 2 )
AI reputation
Winning the space race
16th city unhappy.
Armagedon observatory
Give me back my veteran spies!!!
The Hides Caravan
Sucking at OCC
Research planner (reference)
An alliance hypthesis
Pheasants VS Buffalo
Nuclear War
Tribe nationality affecting stats?!
Info: Diplomats and Spies (reference)
Demanding tribute in OCC
OCC on Large map (ToT)
Waging War
obsolete units
victory on emperor - thanks to all (Select Page 1 2 )
Capitalizing on Wonders
Early wonder signs
No spaceship parts before 1 A.D.?
Eh, I just completed Apollo in 75 BC, and it appears that you CAN build spaceship ..
Trade Routes (Select Page 1 2 3 )
The value of tipping huts before founding a city.
The 3 arrows strategy
Tech path priority after Monarchy (Select Page 1 2 )
Peaceful Indians my A**!
the ten-shield musketeer trick failed me!
A tough challenge for the SP expert.
To Paul and other OCC players
(a small request)
Specific abilities in Civ2 civs.
Burn the bridges
Maximal number of cities?
From Olympus!
AI brought tears to me eyes (Select Page 1 2 )
A new challenge in deity/raging? (Select Page 1 2 )
damn, deity is hard (Select Page 1 2 )
From Ararat!
What do you build first
xxxo xxxo xxxo ... (Select Page 1 2 3 4 )
A CHALLENGE to all players!!!
OCC - I am useless
Last minute salvation
The Power Graph
Does CivII reflect Business Strategy?
Defending yourself in OCC
Best strategy
Trading routes
A few general questions..
Build Your Own BARBARIAN KING !!!
shields vs arrows
Can there be a city with 5 resources? *gets smacked*
Locating Foreign Cities
The High Council: Unseen footage
Bad starting locations
ICS Midlife Crisis
Post some playing techniques.
%Great Library Entry - DaveV's ICS Strategy
The Art of War Forum (Strategies)
Early Tech -- a poll
Who needs partisans?
The Ai is waiting for me and won’t build Apollo.
SSC = Starving Silicon City
NON settlers from disorder
Inconsistent AI
fortification bonus within walls or fortress
Units in AI cities
Establishing trade / Exploration techniques
The Site of 'Lady Liberty'
The AI Always Beats Me To (fill in the blank)
Demographics: Family Size
Restarting Civs
Dealing with Attacks on Deity
Demographics: Military Service
My cities don't celebrate
Why can't I be a Princess?
What determines the appearance of barbs
City improvement build order? (Select Page 1 2 )
global warming
Gold plunder
almost won on diety
OCC without Wonders
Market Fluctuations in City Bribe Cost
Poisoning and sabotaging
another stupid AI trick - UN location
What units do you never build? (Select Page 1 2 )
Navy Strategies.
What unit is your "offensive call" (Select Page 1 2 )
This was hard to believe
I love railroad-Part II: Art of War
Specialized Cities
Shall we declare war on the Barbarians?
AC in BC with OC (Select Page 1 2 )
Ship Chains: theory & practice
Trade for caravan bonus
Wonders on continents
Have you tried OCC bloodlust?
A.S. Repeat Trade?
Questions about Windows ME and Civ games
Large map deity
Early AC landings
AI unit gifts.
Finally, my first diety win
new player....
I love railroad-Part I: Art of Transport.
Question About Mike's Under Fundy
Ere installing MPG, uninstall Civ2? If so, how ?
OCC city sites
In ICS, if no HG, then GW?
Tasting Ambrosia: Learning to play at Deity level
Trans Siberia Railroad "Wonder"
Gift of the AI
OCC caravan defense strategy
Sid Meier interview & history
How do you keep AI civs at bay in OCC?
Panama Canal "Wonder"
Next Odeo challenge
Is that investment worthwhile?
The Anvil Strategy
Restart AI?
Barbarian Buffer: 1 Square?
The Lone Engineer at Work (started by Gastrifidis, stolen by SlowThinker) (Select Page 1 2 )
The "Size-5" strategy (Select Page 1 2 3 4 )
the Americas
SEC: Super Engineer City
LOL! you gotta be kidding....
Best Wonders
Something I Wrote in 1998
OT - question
OCC: Is it time to give up?
City Advisors
Hall Of Fame : 3015% on Deity
Barbarian Diplomats
Acceptable exploits or 'cheats' (Select Page 1 2 )
Are libraries worthwhile?
Created maps
Map size and game difficulty?
Most important learning for improving my game
50 shields is all you need
Multiple engineers working as a team!
Giving techs to the AI, info needed
a smile and cash
Annoying Allies (Cleopatra can be a real B**** sometimes)
Thank You, Apolytons: Victory at OCC!
Darwin's Voyage Observation and Question
Two Cities Using the Same Squares
Trading Ideas by Xin Yu
Hi Felow Civers!!!
Interesting Bug in TOT
Invincible Spaceship Construction?
Despotism victory
Max Trade Receieved from Trade Route
What's an odeo? Or odeo year? (Select Page 1 2 )
Limits of trade
a lesson on deity - early intercontinental trade
Trying to prepare for CIV3..advice please!
Expansionism vs Perfectionism
Which World Do You Play?
ICS, changing old habits
Do you actually finish games?
a compromise approach (ics vs perfectionism)
A poll: do you accept caravan rehoming? (Select Page 1 2 )
Hot hut tipping tip.
GL - definitive COMBAT MODIFIER summary!
Artillery vs armor
Coastal Fortress
OCC: Questions, questions, questions... !!
The Great Rounding Debate - Resolved!
OCC on a shoestring
How do you calculate "maximum city size"?
Yet another list of data
A list of data (Select Page 1 2 )
How to deal with land-grabbing in OCC?
Techs you don't want?
Apolyton's "Great Library" (Select Page 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 )
Does giving away tech help your science?
What is the Civ definition of a continent?
776 AD landing
OCC with size 4 city
Space ship in one turn
OCC - Copernicus first
Skipping Anarchy en route to Monarchy
We have Einstein, we have Elvis, but who's the other guy? (Select Page 1 2 )
City Razing Problem
Smart use of Marines (Select Page 1 2 )
Saved Game Database
New Round Of Apolyton Balloting of Best and Worst
Partisans emerging after bribing a city
What things affect the power graph?
Veteran units... (Select Page 1 2 )
OCC Rules Amendment (Select Page 1 2 )
The Perfect Game - READ (Select Page 1 2 3 )
"The Perfect Game" - First test game
Unexpected Discovery during research!
Hopefully a better approach to early AC landings
Y'all may like this! ;)
Getting NONE Settlers
Hut pattern (Select Page 1 2 )
Early game goals
Does it pay to be sneaky?
Playing as the Barbarians
OCC Size 1
Building and selling improvements to raise cash
Do any of you use the time machine?
Destroying the manhattan project
7 civilization limit in Civ 3! An invitation to complain!
Why do players find Deity so difficult? (Select Page 1 2 )
World conquest end-game: what would you do?
OCC "fortnight" #24 - no wonders
A disaster recovery challenge.
OCC fortnight #22
Hit Points and Firepower (Select Page 1 2 )
Does anyone actually build Gararies in civ2?
Minimum size of spaceship
OCC "fortnight" #23
Is it worth it to poison the water supply? (Select Page 1 2 )
Most Crucial Decision You Make In A Civ Game ?
What Would You Like to Find in Your First Goodie Hut? (Select Page 1 2 )
request for help with early conquest strategies
A critique of my playing style is wanted!
NOT useless units!
OCC size 1 revisited
Do You Play SP or MP ? (Select Page 1 2 )
OK, deity is getting easier
Partisans (Select Page 1 2 3 )
Deity difficulty and TOT
What the AI really needs!
Interesting AI use of Naval Fleets
Worthless unit (Select Page 1 2 )
Proposal: a "no AI help" AC challenge (Select Page 1 2 )
Advantages of starting civs
'NONE' settlers?
(1)Advanced tribes; (2) Barb warning (Select Page 1 2 )
The Pyramids, or Colossus #2
Cripple the Strong or Crush the Weak? (Select Page 1 2 )
Info: Settlers/Engineers
OCC "fortnight" #25 - size 4 challenge
Help for the new help file
OCC on Super-Deity
14 river 4 special start! / 1001 a space odyssey returns (Select Page 1 2 )
New challenge!
Diety weirdness
I thought I was lucky; now I'm not sure
Delenda sunt... (Select Page 1 2 3 4 5 )
killed by a barb king
My saddest discovery
How far away from one of your cities do you have to be to get a none unit?
Need some economic advice.
Building Settlers, Losing Nary a Population?
Pre-1000AD landing (Select Page 1 2 )
Invasion strategies.
Settler/Engineer file questions
Great Library Index
What are your preferences at Deity level for lux, tax and science in rep/democracy?
Two Palaces
What's YOUR favorite AutoBuild sequence?
The most mad challenge
I'm hacking
Deity+5 6 AD Landing. Read it and weep!
Subversion of cities
I am not hacking yet (a general reminding program)
Fluctuations in sustained trade bonuses
AI production doesn't follow the same rules
Forming alliances
Samson, Solo, here's your record setting start.
396 Ad (Select Page 1 2 )
Wonders: Integral errors
Anyone ever played peaceful to the end?
What is the 'best' graphics mod for TOT?
What is your favorite winning strategy?
Nomads (Select Page 1 2 )
Apolyton Hall of Fame (Select Page 1 2 )
what's the best strat for introducing civ -or- how to hook my sister on crack cocaine
Take a city, economic collapse
I wonder if anyone has done this before.....
Hut - Barb - Location
6 AD - prince level/36 Ad - king level
best strat guide?
Do you care about your reputation? (Select Page 1 2 )
Am I doing well?
Arii Markus Space Race
Greatest Cheating Wonder
Napoleon, Alexandre and their friends (Select Page 1 2 )
Another early AC landing (Select Page 1 2 )
MY MY How Things Have Changed
Interesting observations on the effects of roads on trade (Select Page 1 2 )
No Wonder Challenge
Scenario question
An OCC start on Deity+5 (Select Page 1 2 )
Design a starting strategy for 2x production
End frustration - lightning conquest
Olive Branch Challenge (OCB)
My god, what have you guys wrought?
Which civ is most likely to pick Fundie as thier govt?
Best way to save my as*?
a civ2 attack strategy
Attention Early Landers/Aggressive Traders: Critiques Needed
My first early landing attempt.
First time using ICS.
Barbarians Everywhere
At Least I've Got my Pride
The Magical Mystery Peace Treaty
The Ultimate Pacifist challenge
Map size and the cost of research
help: ship chaining
Medium Map landing: 935 AD (Deity,MGE)
Polar size 1 one city challenge early landing. COMPLETE
How Do I get Rid of a Trade Route?
Any early conquer dates out there?
quick program to confirm ICS
new challenge?
Unhappiness in Deity-mode
Strategy guide (walkthru)
Deity +5 ???
Help me help my sister
if there was to be a Great Library Database....
Things you'd nearly forgotten about
I'm looking for some tips
New landing: 76 AD
336 AD landing game and log
Generated Worlds
creating a library of early AC starts
Higher level Strategy (Select Page 1 2 )
BloodLust Record???
ICS Strategy complete (Select Page 1 2 )
Second Front - Carpiquet Airfield
The Blitz (beta)
combat: do the math!
How are maps saved?
How Come?
Avoiding shield waste in production (Select Page 1 2 3 )
Independence day or Apocalypse now?
micromanaging trade commodities
combat program
What am I missing?
OCC question
Old Fashioned OCC
A question to all the crazy testers
Great Library problems (viewing)
Do those entertainers actually do anything?
Prevent them to escape. (Select Page 1 2 )
Earliest Future Tech Discovery
Scenarios: Conflicts in Civilization (Select Page 1 2 3 4 5 )
How to get more alliances and gold
Civ Spit
Still the Greatest Starting Strategy
Trade - GL paper wanted!
OCC attempt: partial log
The 'shrinking' strategy
warrior exploration
Scenarios: Fantastic Worlds
reputation computation
City Startup
Impressive AI Attack -- Where Did That Come From?
Hidden Specials
OCC comparison for newbies
OCC - the final countdown, 436 AD
Civil disorder questions
Okay, this is wierd...
King Level (Select Page 1 2 )
Worshipful Status and Declaration of War
Remaining movement points
less aggressive AI
Perfect timing in OCC
damn it!!! what am i doing wrong! (Select Page 1 2 )
The science of science
hut tipping
sabotaging units
Democracy can sometimes be to nice
Uranium (supply side) anyone?
Trade & other continents
"Mongol government escaped to Ormuz"
Maximum Number Of Turns
Neutrals in WW2 Scenario
Getting another civ to attack...
AI Wonder Building
Red shield on the resource map!
Is the combat formula wrong?
Scenarios: Community
Printing of Great Library Index items
Republic In Peril
random maps
On the road to becoming an expert: Day 1 (Select Page 1 2 3 )
Economic Warfare
On the road to becoming an expert: Day 2
On the road to becoming an expert: Day 3
Come! Laugh at an SG! (Select Page 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 )
Oedo Revolution Years list ??? (Select Page 1 2 3 )
Carvan Delivery Payoff formula (Select Page 1 2 3 )
How fast can you get 15 cites in?
Regarding OOC challenge
Day 4
Building power and growing power
Trade question
A Fundamental Celebration
Civ2: Running out of fun
Attack-units with 1 Movement Point
2 strategies compared
The case for low science rate in sp
The 'true' power of your civ
City Trading With Itself
magellan's contest
My Strategy
Using diploguiding to create invisible units.
What do you hate/find most tedious in civ? (Select Page 1 2 )
Attacking Trade routes.(yes its possible)
Large World playing 2.42 (Select Page 1 2 )
How do I do OCC?
Unhappy first citizen.
Highest score on civ2??
What to do after losing the palace?
Using food
record attempt(yes I am nuts:D ) (Select Page 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 )
high speed research
Who will buy... (Select Page 1 2 )
Special Pattern
Early Landing setup...very sweet
Info: Statistic (Select Page 1 2 )
OCC - Hit me baby one more time...
Tell me!
Is Large Map (spaceship) harder or easier?
A Few Questions on Civ 2
Fergus' strategy tip for the day..
Looking for evidence of the size one OCC
Is this possible?
Playing on a map of Europe
does double-price bribe protect temples, etc.?
Quick Question about JSB Cathedral
Civ2,I'm sorry,will you take me back? (Select Page 1 2 )
hut pattern
When the Barbarians are ahead of you
What is the Biggist map allowed
If not Civ 3, then what?
Who wants to be obsolete? (Select Page 1 2 )
how do you wipe 'em out early?
I will have it soon......
Marco Polo's versus Great Library
Diplos as city walls
Steal and Bribe ...
Positioning to conquer a city (Select Page 1 2 3 4 5 )
funny barb island
bribing democratic cities
oedo Years Query
Military Tactics
Temp City?
Trade Formula
Please explain.
ww79 Scenario: Middle East
Tech Gifting Query
What happend to Xin yu's X-pack?
Does Civ II favour the offence or the defence?
What is your general tactic in Civ2?
Great Library form factor
Early vs. Late first city placement
What's the best OCC date ever?
Combination of WoW
Winning in deity mode without GL/MP/MIKE'S/LEO'S/SOL
Sneak attacks
The pros and cons of building cities on special resources
Parallel Building Several WoW
Combined Sea-Land-Attack
Found on or near a special?
Is "Bomber Shielding" a legitimate tactic?
early ship/diplo exploring
The most important unit
-Jrabbit conquest -- Spoiler Thread
Empire split
7 cities trade empire
Barbarians (Select Page 1 2 )
Super Ironclad?
Early disaster challenge
Barbarian activity question. (Select Page 1 2 )
Combat multipliers
Cheats for civ2
Campo Challenge 1 (Select Page 1 2 3 4 5 )
Do the Civs have Inherent differences?
"hidden" special fields
Victorious Battleship
Huts huts huts
Latin CivII
How To Get To One Turn Per Tech?
combined arms
global warming (Select Page 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 )
Wanted: a detailed analysis
Managing cities: the order
Caravan rehoming
civ3 strat versus civ2 strat
Food caravans during WE LOVE periods?
Crude story
granaries and barracks: when?
aborigenes: a challenge
RULES.TXT changes
The least useful improvement
Many tech start
World War II Scenario
OCC Frustration
Succession Game
Corruption and waste
What to do when your science isn't counted anymore
Map exchanging with MGE
ICS deontology (Select Page 1 2 )
New challenge? (Select Page 1 2 )
2nd city - 2nd settler
Terrain specials: knight move settling
cities on poor terrain
disbanding cities
Building Cities on Hills
How to produce NONE engineers (Select Page 1 2 )
When do civs restart?
Veteran NONE-UNITS (Select Page 1 2 )
The value of rushing caravans (Select Page 1 2 )
When to start trading
Bribing a barb leader (Select Page 1 2 )
What's so great about NON units?
What's so great about bribing cheap barb units?
The ultimate weapon
Confessions of a later time OCCer
Pollution and airbases
No palace in capital
Is the elephant too powerful?
The first wonder to build (Select Page 1 2 3 )
Fun question
Spaceship Question
OCC Question
small map question
Pollution question
Feeding The Masses
flat map or tube?
Starting Wars (Select Page 1 2 )
Bribing the world
Archipelago or huge continent
How do get to destroy a rival's palace? (Select Page 1 2 )
Scenario Creation?
Be the only Civilization left
What preparation is needed before switching to Dem. Gov't??? (Select Page 1 2 )
dithering camel strategy
How would you plan and do a military attack during ...
Strategy help (Select Page 1 2 )
Playing on Chieftain
City from size 1 to size 20 in about 16 turns (Select Page 1 2 )
Calculating beakers needed for the next advance (Select Page 1 2 3 )
Cure For Cancer
I Couldnt Believe It!!
The incomes of democrats and fundamentalists
Cheat Menu Wizards ?
Attacker's strength
Middle Game Strategy
Huts in city radius
Huts and scrolls of wisdom (Select Page 1 2 3 )
what would you do?
Lafayette finally makes it!
Embassy In Barb City
Hit Point Restoration
Huts and 2nd move
"lending" Leonardo's
Player Autopalace Relocation
Nukes and Skulls
Communism And Happy Wonders
Newbie Questions
What would you do with 10 start settlers?
no cap on science from caravans
HG -Mike's-Sol-Fundy-Strategy
Incremental buying
Building camels in highly productive cities
Two SS Arrival At AC
1st spotless perfectionist win on deity
Must read threads?
A proposal: comparison game in honour of Xin Yu's 'civmanager'
Narz Monthly Civ Challange!
What Part of The Great Library Do You Find Most Beneficial ?
test (Select Page 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 )
Ancient Words of Wisdom (Select Page 1 2 )
Date Line and Trade
Narz Monthly Civ Challange #5! (October)
DD's OCC/conquest challenge
Trade in celebrating Fundy cities
island hopping
City demands its own goods ( :confused: )
Using 'Zoom to Home City' to adjust production (Select Page 1 2 )
Possibly some refreshing news for SSC freights
Caravans and Wonders
fortified city?
This forum is so dead
Global warming and new special fields
5 Specials in a city
OCC size 1, 1586 AD landing.
Raging Spies
Air defense
Your best game and your most successful game
A pattern governing supply and demand changes (Select Page 1 2 3 4 )
Two cities on the same place ...
Phantom Roads and Railroads (Select Page 1 2 )
Jihad strategy
Testing how terrain affects supply and demand lists
Narz Monthly Civ Challnge #6 : November/December
Once again: Hidden Specials
Nomads and NONE settlers (Select Page 1 2 3 )
Strategic Implications of Understanding Supply and Demand (Select Page 1 2 )
Location of Huts
Predictability: good or bad? (Select Page 1 2 )
Barbarian Activity Level
stacked units
Early Conquest Discussion
Gits' Hut Finder Program (Select Page 1 2 )
'Crusades' scenario: century beaten
Irrigation in Despotism
'Jihad' scenario: Youssouf rules
Airlift Interdiction
Going for 500 AD landings on standard maps (Select Page 1 2 3 4 5 )
Conflicts in Civ scores
Mongol scenario: century beaten
Enough of this esoteric crap...time to restart the wonder wars
Hut and special patterns
I'm not fading away...
'Bestonet' scenarios
Gits' Hut and Special Finder v1.3 (Select Page 1 2 3 4 )
Razing cities (Select Page 1 2 3 )
Here's one I've never seen before. (Select Page 1 2 )
Would you take 4 silk for an OCC game?
Veteran status of Missiles(?)
the 'show enemy moves' option (Select Page 1 2 )
Do you build KRC in OCC games?
Searching for OCC strategies (Select Page 1 2 )
Power Democracy strats? (Select Page 1 2 )
Maximum Amount of Trade Arrows (Select Page 1 2 )
Colossus + HG in one City (Select Page 1 2 )
3 Trade routes to one city
Temples (Select Page 1 2 )
In the beginning: How many settlers? (Select Page 1 2 3 )
Surprise attack bonus (Select Page 1 2 3 4 5 6 )
What a start!
Strategy Factors (Select Page 1 2 )
SDI Defence Radius
Forces Mix (Land) and Amphib
Super Trieme? (Select Page 1 2 )
Going for 1000 AD without huts (Select Page 1 2 )
A couple of thoughts
Is it better to deliver a cara to a small city that wants it or big one that doesn't? (Select Page 1 2 3 )
Lucky Civs (Select Page 1 2 )
Much shorter ww2
Hut Finder v1.4 (Select Page 1 2 3 4 )
Happiness strangeness (Seeds of Greatness scenario)
Early Landing Comparison Game #1 (Select Page 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 )
Early pyramid construction (Select Page 1 2 )
Help-Navy Tips
Strategy tips for beginners
Confused: Red shields
How to find enemy´s capital
ww2 comparison game
ww2 comparison game
ww2 'lurkers' thread
Early Landing Comparison Game #2 (Select Page 1 2 3 4 5 )
What is Xinning? (Select Page 1 2 )
Hut Finder
Optimal space ship configuration revisited...
City Battle Healing
Announcement: buy 250 and get one free!
Vet Barbs
Trading Maps
100b or 100g?
Great Wall vs. Sun Tzu's (Select Page 1 2 3 4 5 )
Talkative bunch aren't ya
Red Front: STAVKA orders for 1941 and early 1942
Diety level (Select Page 1 2 )
Broken GL links???
Try this one - Cos i messed up
ELG: A couple of things bugging me... (Select Page 1 2 )
My fascination with OCC'ing
Early Landing Comparison Game #4 (Select Page 1 2 )
WLTCD but no city growth?? (Select Page 1 2 )
More than 200 cities - some experiences
Reconsidering Oracle for EL games
Early Landing Comparison Game #5
Exploiting Restarts in EL Games
Oil and Uranium (Select Page 1 2 )
One wonder (Select Page 1 2 )
One wonder pt. 2
One Tech Per Turn in Fundy
Trade Roads – Determination of the Bonus Road and Railroad Connection
Favorite Specials (Select Page 1 2 3 4 )
Changes in rules.txt (link only)
What makes the AI overthrow Fundy or Commy?
can you mislead the AI into the wrong wonder?
How To Maximize Trade Between Two Cities? (Select Page 1 2 )
Scenarios from the Community
When to gift/demand tech?
Pikes and the Great Wall
The barracks game
'Conquest of Mexico'
civ respawn
why is trade 3/4 of predicted?
Delivery Bonus Anomaly? (Select Page 1 2 )
Civ Respawn ends in 1500 (Select Page 1 2 )
Partisan Bribing Phenomenon
Understanding the Civ2 engine
How is waste calculated?
slowthinker was wrong about a basic point on partisans
does playing other TBS make you a better Civ player
Leo's and skipping techs (Select Page 1 2 )
Best defense against cavalry?
Fast PBEM duels - a try to start a new kind of Civ2 entertainment (link only)
RED FRONT - Scorched Earth & Partisans- - Total victory in 1942 or early 1943
Interesting Discovery
Just another Surprise Attack thread.