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Well here is the idea thread for the democracy game!
Democracy Game's rule ideas
Democracy Game: POLLS
Democracy Game's rule ideas
Join the Democracy Game (Select Page 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 )
Democracy Game: POLLS
Well here is the idea thread for the democracy game!
Which Civ2 version?
Which map size?
Poll-makers, pleace notice:
When to start!
Elections Rules !
Nominances for elections ! (Select Page 1 2 )
Flags of Apolytonia (Select Page 1 2 3 )
History of Democracy game!
Please would all people on the forum read this thread!
OFFICAL rules?
President, where are you?
accelarated or normal start?
How long will an office-term take???
First Presidential Election!
Presidential Election: Vote Today!
My choices
Elections for the cabinet
Speech! Speech! Speech!
Poll: 20 turns of tyranny before 1st term?
How do we deal with...
Initial Science Rate
We want the map shot!
4000bc TEST save game
In the beginning... (Select Page 1 2 )
First city placement poll
Our 2nd settler
in case of tying a poll
Early research
Build orders for Capitol city
We need a mod here
United Apolyton High Council (Select Page 1 2 )
military orders
Tax Rates
Attention all citizens! (must read)
Research status
in case of tying a poll II
Ammended tax rate proposition
Expansion Choices 3150 BC
Next research
20 turns/1Month Governement==>what will it be??
in case of tying a poll III
Next research II
if the president dissappear
ATTENTION!! When polling....
It's time to aim for a new advance.
Target after Map Making
Expansion Choices 2400BC
Name our home island!
Build orders for Sodaq
Build orders for Paha Sapa
Name the Home Island Elimination Round 1
Foreign policy
Secondary research target.
THE CAMPAIGN for the technology of ...
Empire's map pictures
News of our world: 1750 bc
Prioritize our settlement sites! 1750 BC
Confirming next technology. (Select Page 1 2 )
Can someone help me build a Scenario?
Science set in stone.
Backup research for Writing/Literacy
warrior orders
Science update (Select Page 1 2 )
News of our world: 1500 bc
Confirmation of city sites: 1500 BC
trireme&warrior orders 1500BC
next ellections==>nominations here (Select Page 1 2 )
trireme&warrior orders 1500BC(second try)
Vote for me as president!!!
vote for me as prez! unless you dont wanna...
Multiplayer Democractic game!
News of our world: 975 bc
Colonization of the North East Province
Colonization of the Southwest Province
Name the Home Island - Finals
Name the Home Island Finals
The elections: tomorrow: Debate Thread!
Advertisement:- New Members needs
presidential ellections
ellection of our new foreign advisor
Before you vote...
Name of country
I slept thru election day...
how to deal with disorder in the cities
should we change to republic?
talking to the nation
By The Way.....
Political Parties
news of our world: 975B.C. (Select Page 1 2 )
New Science Target
The Whole Map
I will need a ...
Stop: what should be our foreign policy towards Rome!
Outcome of last Science Poll
The world as we know it
Military expansion orders
Flag of Apolytonia - Vote now!
Where is the Presedent?
founding a city in the island of rome and india??
should the cabinet be allowed to have the game?
Im sorry but...
we need a vice...
Marquis de Sodaq-> may he become vice or not?
375 BC: State Of The Nation
Experimental MP demo game at Gamecatcher
375 BC: Maps
375 BC: Active Units
Science target after Masonry
So I'm The New President.....
New Castellon Build Orders
Do We Make The Game Available To Everyone?
Build Orders for New Castellon (Select Page 1 2 )
Opinion on the forum?
Have look at this ...
Attention Ministers!
Mathematics/Polytheism as next target
Build Orders for New Castellon - Grande Finale
Vote for your new Vice
Science target after Polytheism/Alternate target in case of unselectable targets.
Move Reporting
Strategic city to contain Rome
trireme orders
Target #3 Finals
Build Considerations for Rivertown, Nova Hispania
Foreign Policy
Science Update, I hope I got it right this time ;)
The issue of wonders (Select Page 1 2 )
Issue: General city build order queue
Science confirmation
Upcoming Elections (Select Page 1 2 3 )
Need Your Reports, Ministers
Repeatedly held positions - Anticonstitutional?
Campaign for Camel Rights and Wellbeing
100 Ad - 200 Bc
Vote for Foreign Minister
Issue: the Vice Presidency
Very important reform's in the Cfc democracy game (READ THIS)
ellection:Imperial expansion Advisor
List of Democratic Posters: For Politiking
Put the Vice Prez to work?
Where are the presidental elections?
Latest save
The History of Apolytonia
Foreign Advisor Election
Imperial Expansion Election
Unopposed Elections
Do we start the game now???
The world as we know it 200AD
General City Improvements Queue
Military Orders, 200ad
Western exploration, 200ad
Foreign Ministry Orders
New City Locations
Office of the Ministry of Trade
Nalduria City Planning
Rivertown City Planning
Science Research (Select Page 1 2 )
Trade Orders 200 ad
Ministry of City Planning Report - 200 AD
City Shield Production
Historian Moonlights As PPL Recruiter
440AD a brief history... (Select Page 1 2 )
Foreign Ministers report
History of the Democracy Game (Select Page 1 2 3 )
Poll: History Format
Michelangelo's Chapel,quickbuild plans.
Progress report?
Mr. President!
Scinece Research
Caravan Production Strategy
Our world in 580AD (Select Page 1 2 )
Advanced Tribe Relocations (Select Page 1 2 )
City Status 580 AD
A Proposal.
THE CAMPAIGN FOR AN ATTACK ON Egypt (Select Page 1 2 )
New elections at the end of the month!
What is the public opinion of the president
Suggestion for a new Cabinet position
Cabinet can I go on and Play
Our Glorious Empire 840AD
Spoils of WAR
City Production 840 AD
Democratic Despot?
Military plans, 840ad
Elections!!!!!!!!!! (Select Page 1 2 3 4 )
New name for Ellipi
the vp?? how do we choose him
I must leave.
Campain promises thread (Select Page 1 2 )
When is the election this month?
Foreign advisor poll (Select Page 1 2 )
Science advisor (Select Page 1 2 )
trade advisor poll (Select Page 1 2 )
Presidential Poll
Beyond 840 AD
Thoughts on Tied Races
Our Glorious Empire 1100AD (Select Page 1 2 )
May Cabinet
New Poll for New general foreign policy!
Daily newspaper for the our Empire!
General information thread for all members, but especially newbie members!
Proposal thread: Game and forum rules and constitution for real at the end the final (Select Page 1 2 )
The new thread for all things Apolytonia!
Can people please post here!
Where is everyone ...
1100 AD Science
Should we explore?
Tech Stealing
New Open thread for questions and answers about ....
Military HQ in the dark
New her called Up holding Apolytonia prestige in Foreign affairsPolitic Party
Official Apolyton Political Parties Thread (Select Page 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 )
Caravans: 1100 AD
City Production in Shadow and Light
New Castellon City Production
Trade-caravan-poll (Select Page 1 2 )
Military plans, 1100ad
I Apologise!
Minister Reports - 1100 AD
All important decisions to date - A VPs report (Select Page 1 2 )
Nominations for Constitution Committee (Select Page 1 2 )
A Few Words from the President
Our World in 1260 AD
Science 1260 AD - after astronomy
After tech stealing
New City Sites as of 1260AD
Should we build more Settlers?
ARGH-Should we build settlers? (Again)
City Names (Select Page 1 2 )
When We Learn "Democracy"...
Committee to set rules constitution or not!
The Other Civs' Techs and Cities
Civ2 MGE or Civ2?
Interview with EX-President Shade
Who was or is the best Foreign Minister here! (Select Page 1 2 )
Interview with President Cavebear
Ministers' Reports for 1260AD File
Our World in 1400 AD
Science 1400AD
Where to send those caravans
Killing neighbors, 1400ad
A Press statement to the world of Democractic games!
"TOP" Control -- Stop the Madness!!
1400 AD Minister Reports
Foreign Policy discuss thread!
Approval Ratings-president
Approval Ratings-pick the best person
Approval ratings-pick the worst person
No offence intended
Our World in 1520 AD (Select Page 1 2 )
Constitution Committee: Discussion thread (Select Page 1 2 )
Comrades! Science, 1520
Let's butcher Egyptians, 1520ad (Select Page 1 2 )
Let the Nominations Begin!! (Select Page 1 2 3 )
How many consecutive times can a poster be elected to the Council?
How many times in a row can someone hold the same post?
Stonecutters (Select Page 1 2 )
Missing Ministers?
Rate my Performance this month
goats and such
Ministers Reports 1520 AD
Parties: your thoughts on the PUPC please.
Our World in 1640AD (Select Page 1 2 )
City-Planner and Imperial Expansion
Our 1640AD Map (Select Page 1 2 )
Comrade Science Minister Election
Supreme Military Commander Election
Head of Foreign Office \ International Communist Bureau Election
Trade Supremo Elections
Historian Elcetion
Comrade Premier of Apolytonia Elections
Possible Constitution
Science 1640 AD
Conquest or nothing?
Apolyton Capitalist Party (Select Page 1 2 3 )
Military Plans, 1640ad
No City-Planner, No VP... (Select Page 1 2 )
America and Egypt
Save files for all
Foreign policy Party!
Official Military Debate Thread (Select Page 1 2 3 4 )
The people's Democratic committee
The Muslim Party
Capitalist Democracy vs Communism (Select Page 1 2 )
Espionage Minister?
City-Planner and VP positions... (Select Page 1 2 3 )
demographics (Select Page 1 2 )
Super Ironclads - The Truth
coinage (Select Page 1 2 3 )
City Planning - Main uses
Ceremonial Titles
Our World in 1720AD
Titles for achievement. (Select Page 1 2 )
Vote on our future war plans.
Building new cities
UAS Apolyton - naming our ships
Propaganda Minister
Propaganda Minister
1720 Science
A new citizen is born...
1720ad Foriegm ministers report on Romans
1720ad Foreign ministers report on babylonians
1720ad Foreign ministers report on Egyptians
1720ad Foreign ministers report on americans
1720ad Foreign ministers report on Indians
1720ad Foreign ministers report on the carthaginians
skywalker... Read your PM's and respond
Vote on the specific of our war plan (Select Page 1 2 )
City Planners Report
Information on the Apolyton Nation.
Victory Type (Select Page 1 2 )
Minister Reports 1720AD
WAR plan for Liberation of Thebes and Philadelphia (Select Page 1 2 )
CIV III Democratic Game Sign-up (Select Page 1 2 )
Our World in 1764 AD
Foreign Ministers report on the romans 1764 ad
Foreign Ministers report on the babylonians 1764 ad
Foreign Ministers report on the Egyptians 1764 ad
Foreign Ministers report on the Americans 1764 ad (Select Page 1 2 )
Foreign Ministers report on the Carthaginians 1764 ad
Foreign Ministers report on the Indians 1764 ad
Map 1764 AD (Select Page 1 2 )
Has MarkG poisoned our Game? (Select Page 1 2 3 )
Official Coinage Poll
1764 Science
Wake Up!!!!!! (Select Page 1 2 3 )
Our World in 1778 AD
Elections! (Select Page 1 2 3 4 5 )
Science 1778
Foreign Ministers report on the babylonians 1778 ad
Foreign Ministers report on the Indians 1778 ad
Should we split?
Foreign Ministers report on the Carthaginians 1778 ad
Poll: Railroads
Building Darwins in Sodaq in 3 turns
Selling of improvements
The War Ministry is back online
Attention City Planner and Premier!
Shall we attack Carthage?
To pop the hut or not?
CORRECTED latest Ministry of War plans
Multi-Site Democracy Game (Select Page 1 2 3 )
A Question of Separate Ground and Naval Actions
Missing Minister
Long-term science planning
A Recently Recurring Nightmare
Demo Game -- PR 101
Our World in 1800 AD (Select Page 1 2 )
Adjust science rate?
Foreign Ministers report on the Indians 1800 ad
Foreign Ministers report on the babylonians 1800 ad
Open Ministry - War Planning in Real Time (Select Page 1 2 )
Foreign Ministers report on the Carthaginians 1800 ad
Form of Government After Espionage is discovered
How much do we spend on bribery?
Apolyton Today (Select Page 1 2 )
1800 AD - Science after espionage
Discussion thread for the next democractic civ2 game when we finish this one! (Select Page 1 2 3 )
New election are being waited to start:
Presidential Elections!
Science Advisor Elections!
Foreign Advisor Elections!
Minister of War Elections!
Trade Advisor Elections!
Imperial expansion/City Planner Elections!
Historian: What shall we do?
The Tale of the Years - 1812 AD (Select Page 1 2 )
July Election Results!
All Ministers repond!
Foreign Ministers report on the babylonians 1812 ad
Foreign Ministers report on the Carthaginians 1812 ad
Babylonian War opperation
Carth war plans
Science Report 1812
Apolytonia News Forum (Newspaper!)
Last news .. and finally,
Adjust the science rate
Historian Departs
2nd Democractic game: Which type of game to play and what settings!
Minister's Reports Due In..
I am NOt Spamming!
1820: The Year of the Beginning of the End of Everyone But Us!
Foreign Ministers report on the Carthaginians 1812 ad
The end...of the Carths
Next wonder?
Join the Civ2 MultiSite Democracy Game! (Select Page 1 2 )
The end is near for the game, but ...
Do YOU want turnchat???
FINAL Ministers' reports (sniff..)
What should we do with the old game threads when we have win this game?
Join the Civ2 MultiSite Democracy Game! (Select Page 1 2 )
Rules: Number of Civs
It is the end, and the moment was prepared for...
Civ 3 Demo Game Recruitment
Multi-Site Democracy Game (Select Page 1 2 3 )
History Beyond 200 AD - Historian Cavebear Takes Pen in Hand
D.G. #2: Settings discussion
Massive Post Count Reduction
Settings for next game: Map
A constitution
D.G.#2 Election nominations (Select Page 1 2 )
Civ2 Democratic Game Members Census
How many civs?
Combining Trade and Science
Ministry of Trade/Science
The Teams.
Final Rules. (Select Page 1 2 )
Presidential Election
Expansion Minister Election
Science/Trade Advisor Election
Foriegn Minister Election
City Planner Election
Historian Election
Minister of War and Vice President Decision to make
Civ2 Demo Game #2 Sign Up and Citizen Census (Select Page 1 2 3 4 5 6 )
Minister of War Election
VP Elections
The winners of the 1st elecion.....
Whats the color, name of leader, name of country, of this great country?????
In the beginning.............. (Select Page 1 2 )
Science Poll: In the begining
Trade Advisors Report: In the Begining
City Planner's Report (build priorites): In the beginning...
Science, Tax, Lux Rate: In the begining
City Planner's Report (settler activity): In the beginning...
Starting date?
Minister of WAR: First Military Orders
How many times I'll be play this mouth is............
City name thread
away for a few days...
I going now
to 3950BC to 1700BC (Select Page 1 2 )
Starting again
Name Our Capitol
Build priorities
Open letter to the president.
Science 1700B.C.
Trade Minister Report
Impeachment (Select Page 1 2 )
Nomination Thread - September Elections (Select Page 1 2 )
Capital or Capitol?
Help the Minister of WAR! Needed before a poll on troop movements
Expansions ministers report
Written Constitution?
about the first game
Minister of War: Troop movements
The high council
City Planner Report
Can we please move the game on!
Presidential election promises for september
1700bc-975bc (Select Page 1 2 )
Science Minister's report 975 B.C.
Real Science Minister's Report 975 B.C.
Election: President
Election: Science/Trade Minister
Election: Foreign Minister
Election: City Planner
Election: Minister of War
Election: Minister of Imperial Expansion
Elections are posted!
Hydey claims victory
Cabinet for the month of September
Renaming cities
Production queues
Years 975 BC - 600 BC
Eastern map 600BC
western map 600BC
pole map 600BC
demoghraphics 600BC
power graph 600BC
city status 600BC
science 600BC
Trade 600BC
Defence 600BC
Game Plan
Science Poll 600B.C.
Years 600 BC - 300 BC
Subsitute Science Minister's report (Select Page 1 2 )
Dose anyone do reaquset?
Years 300 BC - 1 AD (Select Page 1 2 )
Imperial Expansion Minister's Report 1AD
What should we rename Cordoba?
Science Advisor Poll 1AD
The history of New Apolytonia (Select Page 1 2 )
years 1 ad - 240 AD (Select Page 1 2 )
Science Poll 240AD (Select Page 1 2 )
State of our cities, 240AD
Foreign Affairs
Foreign Affairs, Part Ii
So when's Civ3 gonna take over?
Trade Advisor Report 240AD
Imperial Expansion Ministers Report 240AD
Demo Game saves!
Should we restart?
Foreign Affairs Ministry Memo to King Hydey
years 240 Ad - 460 AD (Select Page 1 2 )
October Election Nominations (Select Page 1 2 )
Minister of War Poll - 460 AD
Dealing With Foreigners 460 Ad
On a scale of 1-10, how much are you anticipating RoN? (Select Page 1 2 )
President Hydey apologizes
Paging the VP
Presidential Campaign Thread
October Elections: President (Select Page 1 2 )
October Elections: Minister of War
October Elections: Minister of Foriegn Affairs
October Elections: Minister of Imperial Expansion
October Elections: City Planner
October Elections: Minister of Science
Minister of Trade
so. WHEN....
years 460 AD - 680 AD
changing to republic
Runoff poll - President
It Has Begun..
October Cabinet
Exiled King Hydey
So Whats It All About?
President cavebear to Ministers
A Message from the President - 680 AD
New Apolytonian Gazette? (Select Page 1 2 )
Our army, to boldly go where...
Foriegn Minister's Report: Japanese in 680AD
Foriegn Minister's Report: China in 680AD
Foriegn Minister's Report: Carthaginian in 680 AD
Science Report, 680 AD
Trade Minister's Report and Recommendations: 680AD
Forum Moderator / Chat Room Operator. READ (Select Page 1 2 )
Minister of Imperial Expansion report
Government Form Poll
City Planning: Make your demands here
What should our caravan destinations be?
Do we want H-tower as Thread-topper?
Are we ever gonna play or what?
The President Reports - 840 AD
Foriegn Minister's Report: Japanese in 840AD
Foriegn Minister's Report: China in 840AD
Foriegn Minister's Report: Carthaginian in 840 AD
City planners Options ??
military orders 840AD
Science, post-Monotheism - Where do we go from here?
To keep trying, or to wind up?
Build more city's?
The Index of New Apolytonia (Select Page 1 2 )
When do we want orders in by...?
Discussion on the index (Select Page 1 2 )
The President Reports - 1000 AD
Foriegn Minister's Report: 1000AD
1000ad military
Science Report 1000AD
City planners Poll
Trade Ministry: Official: Building Mike's
Trade Minister's Report/Proposed Orders for 1000AD
We've Started
City Planners Report
The President's Report - 1160 AD
Screenshots - 1160 AD
Going Republic
Foriegn Minister's Report: Genral 1160AD
Foriegn Minister's Report: China in 1160AD
Foriegn Minister's Report: Carthaginian in 1160 AD
Foriegn Minister's Report: China in 1160AD (the good one)
Foriegn Minister's Report: Japanese in 1160AD
Trade Minister's Preliminary Orders 1160 AD, for Public Perusal
Science Report: Progress!
Expansion 1160AD
Millitary orders 1160AD
Democrac Game Rules
Your fave kind of unitin the game so far
CtP2 Democracy Game
City planner 1160
Upcoming Elections (Select Page 1 2 3 )
The President Reports - 1440 AD (Select Page 1 2 )
Foriegn Minister's Report: Carthaginian in 1440
Foriegn Minister's Report: China 1440
Foriegn Minister's Report: Japanese in 1440
Foreign Minister Report: Japanese in 1440 (the good one)
military 1440AD
Expansion 1440
Where is the Archive?
Election: President
Election: Minister of Imperial Expansion
Election: Minister of Science
Election: Minister of Trade
Election: City Planner
Election: Foreign Minister
Screens of a game
Screens: line formations
Join Civgroups -- C2dg
The President Reports - 1550 AD (Select Page 1 2 )
Screens of a battle... (Select Page 1 2 )
Civ leaders, city names
Scenarios and Campaigns
To the November Ministers
Trade Options in 1550 AD
Caravans for Wonders vs Trade
Second round presidential elections.
Official: Presidential Run-Off (Select Page 1 2 3 4 )
I have returned
Foreign Minister Report: China 1550
Foreign Minister Report: Japan 1550
Foreign Minister Report: Carths 1550
New Apolytonia Times (Select Page 1 2 )
WoW Discussion
Our Next WoW
Long-term WoWs
Embassy of the Civ-Scenario-Democracy-Game
City Planners Report
Foreign, City-Planner, and Imperial Expansion Polls?
Color selecting...
City Planners 1550 Polls
City Planners discussion
begining a game
France Surrenders! (Select Page 1 2 3 4 )
Poll and Imperial Expansion Discussion
Future Elections - Discussion
Wise Men to Research -- WHAT?
Location of Capitol
City planners report
Imperial Expansion Report
Location of Cities
The Hydey report 1650 AD
Foriegn Minister's Report: Carthaginian in 1660
Foriegn Minister's Report: China in 1660AD
Foriegn Minister's Report: China in 1660AD (the good one)
Foriegn Minister's Report: Japanese in 1660
Foriegn Minister's Report: Celts in 1660
Foriegn Minister's Report: Mongolians in 1660
Trade in 1650 AD
Trade 1650 AD - Cities Producing Caravans
Science Research Poll (Select Page 1 2 )
Our next WoW
Laughing Poll
Minister of war/peace
City planners post
Ah, Hidden Agenda
ToRONto (Fragapalooza)
hydey reports 1752 AD (Select Page 1 2 )
11% of Americans can't find the USA on a map (Select Page 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 )
China: 1752
Celts: 1752
Mongols: 1752
Japan: 1752
Carth's: 1752
Vikings: 1752
Election Nominations (Select Page 1 2 3 )
Upcoming Tech choices
Next Tech
Trade Strategy 1752 AD
Trade Strategy, Part 2, 1752 AD
Moderator Status for H Tower
Which Nintendo Mascot will would be a survivor of real-life?
Ministry of War report
Hydey reports 1784 AD (Select Page 1 2 )
Canadian Who Called Bush 'Moron' Quits (Select Page 1 2 3 )
EEK! We Have No Gold! Tax Rate Question...
Trading with the Enemies
Celts: 1784
China: 1784
Carths: 1784
Vikings: 1784
Japan: 1784
Mongolians: 1784
Election: President
Election: Minister of War
Election: Minister of Science
Election: Expansion Minister
Election: Foreign Minister (Select Page 1 2 )
What should I ask for this Christmas??? (Select Page 1 2 )
Why are the Celts so close behind us on the Powergrph?
I hate sim city (Select Page 1 2 3 4 )
MoW report
Tech Poll -- at last!
The Real Tech Poll!!!!!
Your December Cabinet (Select Page 1 2 3 )
Gamecube in Europe!
Miss World - Final (Select Page 1 2 3 4 5 )
Science Ministry Report
Have England and Canada produced a single good band between them since the Beatles? (Select Page 1 2 3 4 5 )
Icons, 2-d drawings or 3-d?
DE Reports 1800 (Select Page 1 2 )
City-Planner Poll 1800 AD
Forigen Minister Report on Carths 1800AD
Foreign Minister Report on Celts 1800AD
Foreign Minister Report on the Chinese 1800AD
Foriegn Minister Report on Carths
Foriegn Minister Report on Celts 1800AD
Foriegn Minister Report on the Japanese 1800AD
Foriegn Minister Report on Mongols 1800AD
forign Minister report on the Vikings
General Foriegn Ministry poll
1800 AD Screenshots (Select Page 1 2 )
Canadian parliament backs Kyoto ratification plan (Select Page 1 2 3 4 5 )
Only In Canada... (Select Page 1 2 )
The Tale of the Years - 1814 AD
Screenshots 1814 AD
Things I'd Like To See Next (Select Page 1 2 )
If the world would only have 10 countries...
RON could topple Civ (Select Page 1 2 3 )
Our Next Wonder?
Report from the War Department
The REAL Report from the War Department
City planning report
Singleplayer/Multiplayer thoughts... (Select Page 1 2 )
Deepest Regrets
why is mick foley wrestling no more?
The Longest RPG ever? (Select Page 1 2 3 4 )
I'm applying for...
The Tale of the Years 1828 AD
1828 AD Screenshots
What are you doing for the holidays?
Most unbelievable goof ups you've said to someone (Select Page 1 2 3 )
Collect call from Mr. Wehadababyitsaboy!
Libertarian Purity Test (Select Page 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 )
Minister Polls Please?
Foriegn Minister Report 1828
Nominations for January Terms
It is a war against Islam! (and i have nothing to do today) (Select Page 1 2 3 4 )
Do you need to use glasses? (Select Page 1 2 )
What should America do next? (Select Page 1 2 3 )
Rushbuilding city production
CityPlanner report 1828
Tax rates
Tax rates (real poll)
Bad News
Presidential Election for January Term
Minister of City-Planning Election for January Term
Minister of War Election for January Term
Minister of Trade Election for January Term
MoW report
How's the weather there where you are?
Do you think there will be a terrorist attack in the U.S. in the next week?
So you want to join the January Government, huh?
Cavebear is Back!
Tale of the years 1838
1838 Screen Shots
Foriegn Ministry On Japanese
Foriegn Ministry on celts
Foriegn Ministry on Vikings
Foriegn Ministry on Chinese
Foriegn Ministry on Carths
Foriegn Ministry on the Mongols
Science Poll: 1838
Cityplanner report 1838
Mongol invasion of Naples
Newton requests College in Capitol
war with mongols poll
January Cabinet
MoW report
Tale of the years 1852
Screen Shots 1852
Small Wonder Ideas (Select Page 1 2 )
Suggestion for new unit (maybe for Civ4)
Trade Status
Science Rate Discussion
HELP! (from newbie)
1852 cityplanner report
Should we build Bach's Cathedral?
Rename Cities?
Science 1852
Caravan Quantities
Moderator Question
poll on defence
You are making a mistake
For a coherent colony system
Did this happen to anyone before???
Minister's reports?
Trade Ministry Report
While the Rabbit's away...
President's Report 1853-??? and potential Turn Chat (Select Page 1 2 )
*&^*&&^ mongals (Select Page 1 2 )
Picture Thread 1859 (Select Page 1 2 )
Your favorite modifications (Select Page 1 2 )
Hi, can you help me with something?
civilization 1 for pocketpc?
1858 cityplanner report:
Police stations?
Science 1859
poll on napples
Nominations for February Term! (Select Page 1 2 3 )
Help with UUs...
Is President H Tower going to play? (Is Cavebear Too Impatient? ;) )
Substitute units (Select Page 1 2 )
President's Report 1859 to 1865
Science 1865
Space agency (Select Page 1 2 )
New virus: did you suffer from it? (Select Page 1 2 )
I'm an Idiot...
Cityplanner report 1865
Fundraising plan. (Select Page 1 2 )
New Civs
Things you don't want that do exist (Select Page 1 2 3 )
So, dammit, who's going to win the superbowl? (Select Page 1 2 )
Your Prognosis for January 2005 (Select Page 1 2 )
State Implosion -- A New Twist In North Korea (Select Page 1 2 3 4 5 )
America to be attacked!
Should I christin(Baptise) my kid (Select Page 1 2 )
Is it just me?
"God's might and Mohammed's ..."
President Election Poll and Campaigning Area
Minister of Foreign Affairs Election Poll and Campaigning Area
Minister of War Election Poll and Campaigning Area
Minister of Science Election Poll and Campaigning Area
Minister of Trade Election Poll and Campaigning Area
Minister of City-Planning Election Poll and Campaigning Area
What should we do to people who talk loudly on mobile phones in the public? (Select Page 1 2 )
Question about Custom untils...
February Cabinet (Select Page 1 2 )
I Want You! (To be my VP)
Why the French should become Americans
is anyone a loner? (Select Page 1 2 )
Eat this, you cheap pirates! (Select Page 1 2 )
Tale of the years: 1865 onwards
Our Financial Profile for 1868
1868 Trade report poll
United Nations?
1868 Science Ministry report.
Science Poll, 1868
City-Planner's Report
Evil plans for expansion.
Foriegn Minister's Report: 1868, for Vikings, and China.
Foriegn Minister's Report: 1868, for Carths, and Mongol.
Evil plans of expansion (real poll)
Where to Build Seti
Minister of City-Planning Poll
I'd like to play the next set of turns on Thursday
City Celebration Opportunity!
President's Report: 1868-1874
General City Focus
What Should We Do in CAPITOL?
City-Planner Recommendations
Preliminary Science Poll
Trade Minister 1874 pre-poll Musings
Superhighways now!
WhereItsAt town and its Oil
Mr. Pres. Save won't work...
Possible new Trading Ports
Foriegn Minister's Report: 1874, Celts & Japs.
Foriegn Minister's Report: 1874, Vikings & China.
Railroad barons
Foriegn Minister's Report: 1874, Carths & Mongol.
Feb14: RON BETA CONTEST! (Select Page 1 2 3 4 )
Revised City-Planner Recommendations
Hey, Minister of War...
Next Session?
Title Surprize
Poll on Issus, SMC.
1874 Science Poll, Part II
Do we need a larger treasury?
Is there a way to extract a map from a saved game?
The president reports: 1874-188 (Select Page 1 2 )
pREPreliminary Minister of City-Planning Suggestions
Preliminary Freight info
What is your terrorist name? (Select Page 1 2 )
City-Planner Poll on Cordoba
Foriegn Minister's Report: 1880, Celts & Japs.
Foriegn Minister's Report: 1880, Vikings & China.
Foriegn Minister's Report: 1880, Carths & Mongol.
Science Ministry's Observations, Recommendations, and Poll.
Preliminary 1880 Freight Delivery report
Chinese charge Freeport!
SMC Military plan
Cure for Cancer Poll
What exactly does the Sistine Chapel do?
Still missing reports...
President's Report: 1880-1886 (Select Page 1 2 )
Apollo Program Poll
1886 Preliminary City-Planner Suggestions
Preliminary Trade Info
1886 Science Ministry's Observations and Poll
Foriegn Minister Report: Celts & Japs
Foreign Minister Report: Vikings & China
Foreign Minister Report: Carths & Mogolians
Can we make the TILESET bigger?
Dude, where's my invasion?
ELECTION: President
ELECTION: Trade Minister
ELECTION: City Planner
ELECTION:Minister of War
ELECTION: Science Minister
President's Report: 1886-1888 (short session)
March Cabinet
Save files for all!
1888 Preliminary City Planner plans
Trade Minister missing, riots feared.
What a good Unit maker and Sav conviter?
Project Apollo Reveals All!
5CC, What do you think?
Shall we allow everyone to see the save?
Military after A/C launch
Smc Report
Trade Report 1888 AD
Science 1888AD
President's Leave of Absence
Science Rate after we have discovered all SS tecs
Our next game (And why we need to start talking about it now) (Select Page 1 2 3 )
How does the game calculate "when to improve palace"?
1893 Session - Vice President's Report. (Select Page 1 2 3 )
Spaceship Poll
Deadly "super-flu" emerges in Hong Kong (Select Page 1 2 )
1893 Preliminary City Planner report
Return of the "One word at a time" game
Trade Minister's Report and Poll
Operation find a name for "Operation X" (Select Page 1 2 )
Will PtW work on my computer...
Who let the forged nuclear conspiracy documents out? Who?
Hu Jintao elected new Chinese President
SMC report 1893
new patches?
Spring Break Absence
1893 onwards: The President Reports (Select Page 1 2 )
Times up!
A Poll "About" Elections
Alpha Centauri by 1906!!!
Theory of evolution (Select Page 1 2 3 )
The Last Trade Poll
someone help! how do I participate in mp games
Civ2 Demo Game #3 Finalization (Select Page 1 2 )
Demo Game #3 - Names
Demo Game #3 - Restrictions
The President reports: Victory is ours!
Demo Game #3 - Number Of Cities
Demo Game #3 - Number of Cities Poll
Civ2 Demo #2 Game Report
Unit Ideas for Cavalry Upgrades
Democracy Games?
Demogame #3 Nominations. (Select Page 1 2 )
Demogame #3 signup and citizen census (Select Page 1 2 3 4 )
Elections - President (Select Page 1 2 )
Elections - Foreign Minister (Select Page 1 2 )
Elections - Minister of War
Elections - City-Planner
Elections - Minister of Science
Elections - Historian
Tiranny start or...
Problem about the Foreign Advisor Window
April Cabinet Election Results (Select Page 1 2 )
Some Mod Ideas
Our starting position (Select Page 1 2 )
What to do with the Foreign Ministry job?
What should are initial tech path be?
The Official HutFinder Poll
Can you swicth civ2 maps into civ3 maps?
The nomadic wandering years...
First City! 3600BC
Millitary Budged 3600BC
Ministers' emails required...
Update on game status
Get this game going...
The Triumvirate city-state of the Apolyton Imperium! 3150BC
City naming thread
SMC office 3150BC
City Build Orders
How to find our rival civs
Exploration, discovery, the hiring of mercenaries.... 2500BC
Were there going to be May elections?
Next turns to be played: Monday afternoon EST
ATTN: Ministers - savegame 2500BC located here.
Cheat mode??? (Select Page 1 2 )
Next elections
Military exploration orders 2500BC
How come I can eidt the civ3X.bix?
City Build Orders 3150 BC
Liberal Leadership: Whose Chances Do You Like?
Most compassionate person ever? (Select Page 1 2 )
Fire or Ice? (Select Page 1 2 )
2000BC - Finding the limits of our strange and disturbing world
The Whitehouse Homepage
2000BC - Matters of discussion (Select Page 1 2 )
Spirit and Stardust, a speech by presidential candidate Dennis Kucinich
millitary orders 2000BC
What to do with the settlers?
The official Apolyton Reason VS Faith thread (Select Page 1 2 )
The Political Compass (Select Page 1 2 3 4 )
Apolyton Hall of Fame
Which Marvel Superhero are you? (Select Page 1 2 )
Apologies for turns delay
New Eight Civs analysis: just the facts ma'am (Select Page 1 2 3 )
The Valhalla Herald: Volume I (2 parts, give me time)
Too Many Cities??? (Select Page 1 2 )
Election nominaties! (Select Page 1 2 )
Are you planning to buy Civ3:Conquest?
The VPs turn to play :scared:: 1750BC
Mythology and History of the Apolyton Imperium (Select Page 1 2 )
Elections!: President
Elections!: Foreign Minister
Elections!: Minister of War
Elections!: Science Advisor
Elections!: The others...
Preident's Message
Election Results for Late May through June (Select Page 1 2 )
Minister of war report 1750 bc general
Minister of war Glorificus 1750 BC
minister of war Enron 1750 BC
minister of war Dominion 1750 BC
minister of war Pax Apolyton 1750 BC
minister of war Majestica 1750 BC
Minister or war Imperialis 1750 bc
Sience 1750BC
question for foriegn minister
How should we treat with the heathens around us?
Gods Eye Image of the Imperium 1750BC (Very Large Graphic)
Help needed, weird crash
The people revolt!
The Tale of the Years 1750 BC to 1300 BC (Select Page 1 2 )
When do we declare war?
Science Ministers report 1300BC
Minister of war reports 1300Bc
Where's the Roads scholar?
1300 BC Minister Reports
The Tale of the Years 1300 BC to 950 BC (Select Page 1 2 )
"An empire without settlers has no future."
You say you want a revolution?
Thoughts about some polls I'd like to see...
War Plans :-Japan
Minister of war report 950 BC
Science 950BC
Map of the known World
Minister Reports Requested for 950 BC
Tale of the Years 950 BC to 725 BC (Select Page 1 2 )
Science ministry 725bc
War plans Japan 725 BC
A Stitch in Time (Select Page 1 2 )
City Pictures
Ministers Reports Requested for 725 BC
Tale of the Years 725 BC to 450 BC (Select Page 1 2 )
July NOMINATIONS (Select Page 1 2 3 )
Paving the way straight.
Tax rate
Minister of war 450 BC
"Civ" on the Palm
Sience 450BC
Minister Reports Requested for 450 BC
Election: President (Select Page 1 2 )
Election: Minister of War
Election: Foriegn Minister
Election: City Planner
Election: Science Minister
Tale of the Years 200 BC
War minister reports 200 bc
The new king wants to know where to send his messengers.
Science: Next Technology
Science Rate
2010 Vote: Vancouver 56 Pyeongchang 53 (Select Page 1 2 )
(take two) Poll - Barracks
City orders, 200 BC
Same-Sex Marriage: Canada, Europe and the United States (Select Page 1 2 3 )
Our Empire 100AD (Select Page 1 2 )
Civ3 Conquests: Resources (Select Page 1 2 )
Science: Next Technology
Apolyton Debate (Select Page 1 2 )
Conjoined Twins Die During Separation Surgery
Minister of War report, 100AD (Select Page 1 2 )
HTower out of town until sunday evening
Minister reports for the 100Ad->... session
Our imperium 100AD--> 340AD
Xinning in the plains
2nd Choice of Technologies
Roman war 340 AD
finding New York
Duty. Destiny. Greatness.
Map of the known world 340AD
Minister reports for the 340Ad->... session (Select Page 1 2 )
Our World 520AD (Select Page 1 2 )
Map of the World 520 AD
Minister of War 520 AD
W(h)ither our mighty metropoli?
Next Technological Advance
Scientific Research Goals (Select Page 1 2 )
AI wonders
FAM Report: 520AD
Diplomats: where and what
Establish embassies?
Diplomats: where and what VERSION 2.0
Past Time for Nominations!
Elections nominaties (Select Page 1 2 )
Our World 740AD
What do we Xin for?
"Default Money Resource"?
Civ3 Conquests: Resources (Select Page 1 2 )
elections!: President
elections:Foreign Minister
elections: Minister of War
elections:Science Advisor
elections:City planner
The Remaing Scenarios (Select Page 1 2 )
Note to new Cabinet
City Planner's Tentative Plan (Select Page 1 2 )
740 AD Minister of War Poll - Organization
HELP: Crashes with added units.
Grand Strategy
Science Ministry Update
Minister of War - Gaulic Province (Romans)
Minister of War - Apache Province (Americans)
Minister of War - Persian Province (Greeks)
Foriegn Ministry 740 AD
What If? (Select Page 1 2 3 )
Our world 960AD
Science Ministry 960AD
End-Of-Session Suggestion
940AD - Finding/Attacking Roman Cities
Killing Civs
RL Interruption
Renaming Conquered cities
continuing the Roman Massacre
Tech theft?
Our world 1180AD: Bye Bye Romans
Restart: Democracy Game Nominations Term I (Select Page 1 2 )
Minister of War Poll
IF we decide to attack the Americans...
Elections for the September Administration?
Nomination thread for September elections
1180 Screenshots
Sign-up thread: Civ3 Democracy Game Number Trois (Select Page 1 2 3 4 )
Next Turns?
Election: Foreign Affairs Minister
Our imperium 1180AD--> 1400AD (Select Page 1 2 )
September Elections: Foreign Minister
September Elections: Military Advisor
September Elections: Science Advisor
September Elections: City planner
September Elections: President (Select Page 1 2 )
What to do with game #2
Chat 1 Schedule
Military Action Revisited
Military Action Revisited, Part 2
City planning
City planning( the not messed up poll) (Select Page 1 2 )
Foreign 1400 AD
Secret Intelligence
Chat 1 Save and Summary (Select Page 1 2 3 )
Science, 1400 AD
Ministers reports and timeframe.
Draft Minister of War Report - 1400AD
Chat 2 Schedule
Whack a minister!
Bear Greeks a gift?
Trade technologies?
About Spain...
Turnlog 1400 - 1540AD.
Three paths
Alas, cursed locked techs
MoW Poll: Phlegethon
MoW Poll: Sheol
MoW Screenshots
MoW Poll: Styx
CP orders 1540AD
CP orders 1540AD part2
MoW Poll: AI Diplomat Defense
Foreign Ministry Screen Shots 1540 AD
Foreign: 1540 AD Beg, borrow or steal?
Changing Governments?
Chat 2 save and log
Chat 3 schedule (Select Page 1 2 )
Where to build our 3rd Viking City? (Select Page 1 2 )
Turnlog: 1540-1620, The Quest for Fundi.
MoW Poll 1620 AD #1
Minister of War Poll #2
Tech paths
CP orders 1620AD
MoW Absence
Foreign Minister 1620 AD (screenshots)
1620 AD Foreign: Who is our greatest threat...and our current target?
Chat 4 (rescheduled! - 9/23 9PM GMT/10PM London/5PM NYC) (Select Page 1 2 )
Turnlog 1620 - 1758 (Select Page 1 2 )
Minister of War Screenshots
*IF* we attack the Americans...
*IF* we attack the Zulus...
*IF* we attack the Greeks...
City Planning poll
CP orders 1758AD: temper our military a little?
Attacking Washington
Attacking Boston
Civ Conquests presell CD (Select Page 1 2 3 )
1758 AD: Who needs Marco Polo?
Our forces are shall we make use of them?
Nominations for Term 2
Will the VP Kindly Start the Election Process?
Nominations thread for October elections (Select Page 1 2 )
ELECTION: President, Term 2
ELECTION : Foreign Affairs Minister, Term 2
October Elections: President
October Elections: Foreign Minister
October Elections: Supreme Military Commander
Turnlog 1758-1784 (Select Page 1 2 )
RUN-OFF Election : Kloreep vs GodKing
October Cabinet
SMC orders 1784 (Select Page 1 2 )
If you can pay 'em, why fight 'em?
Money or Shields?
Military or economy?
The executive power
Let's sell city walls
Citizen request
1784 AD Minister Reports
Anybody Home?!
The Tale of the Years 1784 to 1804 AD (Select Page 1 2 )
Germans bribe Rammstein!
Idea to get the game moving - turnthreads
Expansion packs! (Select Page 1 2 )
SMC:The American War
Annoying Sounds
SMC: The Zulu wars
How can we provide vets for our SMC?
How can we increase our money per turn?
How should we treat our big cities?
Lucky Europeans
Science in 1806
1806 Minister Reports Requested
Tale of the Years 1806 to 1824 (Select Page 1 2 )
Celebrations, anyone?
The Great War
SMC office 1824AD: Zulu wars
SMC: some random ideas
Canon or Cavalry?
Do we need barracks?
The choice of explorer
November nominations (Select Page 1 2 )
Minister Reports Requested 1824
Tale of the Years - 1824 to 1834 (Select Page 1 2 )
Party like it's 1999!
The Heathens Humbled.
Ceasefire with Americans?
SMC office 1834...:hmmm:
Presidential election
Minister of War elections
Minister of Science election
City Planner election
Foreign Minister election
MoW: Proposed attack plans 1834 (Select Page 1 2 )
Practice Screenshots.
Science Ministry's recommendations leaked! Scandal! Government rocked! (Select Page 1 2 )
Tales Of The Years: 1834-1842
The Battles of High Priest Ben Kenobi
Foreign Minister's considerations
1842 Mow: The Greek Front.
Science 1842
1842 MoW: German front, the road to Berlin.
1842 MoW: The state of our army's
What more to build?
New mod?
Tale of the Years: 1842-1852
Battlin' Ben's Screenies.
Killing our Neighbours.
Map of the World 1852 AD
Cityplanner's Endgame Poll
Do we need espionage to end this?
To bribe or not to bribe?
Turnchat? (Select Page 1 2 )
Tale of the years, 1852-1855
Proposed Report on Civ2 Demo3# Game to Apolyton
Demo Game 4 Suggestions (Select Page 1 2 )
Demo Game #4 Preliminary Poll
The Fall of the Heathen Alliance.
Demo Game #4 (Select Page 1 2 )
Civ and Sid Make Jeopardy! (Select Page 1 2 )
Apolyton Hall of Fame: December 2003
Civilization 4's Unit Workshop (Select Page 1 2 3 )
It's now our turn: First U.S. mad cow case confirmed (Select Page 1 2 3 )
Demo Game #4, Second Poll
Civ2 Demo Game #4 Poll Results and Further (Select Page 1 2 )
Hybrid between Civ III and EU II
What CEREMONY do you hold while playing Civ? (Select Page 1 2 )
Should we make a scenario of the map and adjust the techs?
Idea for "Temporary Wonders"
Change Despot?
Go to Monarchy and elect a King?
house cleaning
New Citizens (Select Page 1 2 )
Shall we have a new Monarch?
The reign of Zedd
Science advisor Needed!
Science poll 250BC
The 400 year snooze 250bc-260 ad
REVO...what? Republi-Who?
Hey, sorry for my idocy
Civ3 vs other strategy games (Select Page 1 2 3 4 )
Presentin the new republic
disregard this
ELECTION: The first cabinet of the Apolyton Republic
### Vote for Civ III ! Don't let it die! (Select Page 1 2 3 4 )
Here begins the era of the new republic.
The millitary of the new republic
The Rupublic Of Apolytonia Constitution
the years 820AD-1120AD