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Wonders o' the world... the root of all evil? (Select Page 1 2 )
Previewed at GenCon
Comments for our CTP2 Week??
Screenshots from IGN
These screenshots are not impressing me. (Select Page 1 2 3 )
Gameatosis Preview
About AI
An Ode to Activision (Select Page 1 2 3 4 5 )
AI options
Naming single squares
Does CTP2 plan to control ICS?
Call to Power preview on Computer Games Online
Australia hits the map
Great Things From Great Minds-Thanks Activision
If CTP2 is any good?
MAD, does it involve also "Cold War"?
Can we have icons in build lists?
Uppdates ...
How many competing civs???
Some advice to the CTP2 team
first thing i do on ctp2: change the "appian way" to "egnatia way"
Mined field
Statistics, like in Civ?
A simple request
ctp2 on windows nt?
Introducing a Role-Playing Element
Some observations from the new screenshots in IGN's Diaries (Select Page 1 2 )
What the you really want in CTP 2?
diplomacy options: treaties
Some Questions
Better unit attack animations!
Check out the FAQ on the Activision Site!
which ctp2 art in our ctp2 logo??
Beta Testing
Why not imprison those nerving unconventional units?
Arrrrrgh! No longer can wait...
"the game uses the same technology as Civilization®: Call to Power"
Release Date
Number of Turns
What's up with Activision's CTP2 Site?
What is a mod???
Regarding Implementation of AI (repost from Suggestions, June)
Defenders can't retreat??!?
User-edited lists of city names
Will science improvements work this time?
veteran status
A consumer's concern, How much would CTP2 Cost?
How about making the computer a bit smarter at sea?
Will we be able to load CtP1 savegames/scenarios in CtP2?
ICS strategy?
Reply to DarthVeda's Thread
give name to the units
Lt John, Dave: Some questions regarding deep sea
Note to Activision!!!
PBEM Request
Ctp2 Preview site
Ics (Select Page 1 2 )
What are the new units?
Why we should buy CtP2
My big question
Fans add to CTPII web stories
CTP 2 launch in different countries
Speedy question responses
Illiterate Christianity
Suggestions for a new poll
Naming things
Multiplayer CTP
Game concepts and the map generator
Will hitler reign again?
PC GAMER UK Article on CTP2
Chat mode is a Must !
History Is What You Make It
Why no space?
Time for mods
different unit strenght on different landscape
Obsolete units?
Marines and Paratroopers
Trade routes
diffirent civs, diffirent units
fields and timescales
How many Civilizations would be in CTP2?
The Latest Screenshots
in the latest screenshots- an "advice" button
will units have the colors of the civilization they belong to??
view city coomand
Click-and-paste scenario-editor anyone?
information hiding -> scouting more important (please read)
Maybe some intressting idears. PLEAS READ
Cruise missile in CtP2...
building channels
New Units
Find specific units
farms yet not close to water?
Why not let us edit som handmade maps?
Negotiation Table
Magazine Story
Description of Scenarios
what about the other time periods in the official site
Can we name a piece of land?
can ballista towers be upgraded
question: how will city defensive weapons such as the ballistas will work
Space colonies in ctp2!!!
Cheat Mode
CTP way too America-centric (Select Page 1 2 3 )
This stopped me from playing SMAC. Is CTP-2 any better?
Yet another preview!
No pbem ???!!! :-(
Stacking with Allies?
Terrain Improvments
7 Samurai Scenario
Windows 2000
German reviews
Question:Will Activision support it with units?
From the IGN Preview! This sounds very very familiar!!!
Some unwritten gamedeveloping rules
The List of Civilisations
Has Lan Multiplay been tested properly ???
Enough of the Gripathon
What is PBEM?
What about the AIs
Are you going to buy CTP2? (Select Page 1 2 )
ign designer entry
Questions For Pyaray
Funny ppl and GOOO Activision ;) (Select Page 1 2 )
CTP2 not looking different enough....!
Multiplayer in CTP 2?
Not another lame installation program, is there?
Settling in other's border, pillage/inslave questions.
Will internet play be worthless?
Can we get more than 8 civs out of CTP2?
System requirements?
what time period do you like the most?
Pyaray: Civ specific units?
A Simple Yes Or No Question
Pyaray, 800-1100 turns?
Nano Weapons???
Strength of AI vs. Number of Civs
Does anyone here speak Hungarian?
Dissapointing virus
Already promising the patches?
Did Apolyton get a preview copy?
Canal in CTP2?
Q: Can Borders be Negotiated?
did we miss anything(info pages updated)??
Playlist question for Activision
CTP2 must be better than CTP (Select Page 1 2 )
for all the guinea pigs...
i hate my job! (ctp2 just arrived)
has this been fixed since ctp I?
Lan play..... is it still in the game or what ??????
translation to german needed!
1st Game played,
Why no PBEM means game is unstable or incomplete
A couple of Quick questions
New story on the official CTP2 site.
New Wonder Movies!!
Hotseat please
so is it any good??
Specialized reviews, anyone?
How many units in an army?
Preview: Day 2
Preview: Day 1 (Select Page 1 2 )
AI's Invasion
Game Music MP3's released ;)
----/ CTP2 Gold PARTY!!! /----
Alexander the Great Scenario
12 (!!) CtP2 News in a Row!!!
new interview at pc.ign.com
Getting laid... I mean married
What units types are in CTP2?
i am angry!!!!no city view?!
Preview: Day 4
Preview: Day 5
Anyone want a look at CTP2 tech poster?
CDMag Does a "Quick Take" of CtP2
Awesome scenario building in CTP2!
Pillage a captured city???
What about "demographics" in CTP-2?
Some CTP-2 preview links
CD required to play?
How about releasing the manual, Activision?
Preview: Day 3
How many times/When will they learn? (Select Page 1 2 )
A few short Questions
More advances
Where is preview Day 6? And where did the link to the forum from the CTP2 section dis
Darth will buy the game to give an HONEST review
A request for Mr. Ogre
Some regrets & about the video resolution...
Poll: What playing- and manager-style?
release date
Two Concerns
Why no PBEM now isn't the biggest problem in the world
No Legion!!!
What is your Major question for CTP2? (Select Page 1 2 )
Release date news..
goverment attributes
chat transcript
Guess the two polls are obsolete now!
6th POLL: Delay CTP2 if buggy?
5th POLL: CTP2: Demo before or after release?
Good Omens
Preview: Day 6 & 7
Printing the Tech Sheet
Release date??
Ctp2 Q's
In my hot little hands...
Will the Apolyton CTP2 preview still be written?
Based on what we know so far, what do you want to mod in CtP2
City Radius
I'm getting excited about this game
Scoring Bug?
Favorite Civ Unit of All Time?
Please make extra sprites available!
Ctp Vs. Ctp2
4th POLL: What kind of scenarios would you like? (Select Page 1 2 )
Book says MP limit is 4 players
The world map sucks!
You could build an Empire State Building after disconvering Corporation? What kind o (Select Page 1 2 )
When and where the game comes out?
Bugs !!!
HELP!!!! Invalid Page Fault running CTP2
Wholly Bombastic Telivangelists Batman!
No Wait Command, WTF?
Flashing cursor?
Empire State IS a Legitimate Wonder
my first day with ctp2
So how's the manual?
Combined release date?
I was almost ready to return game...
Screen Shots..
Found first BUG! Oh no...
Question About Mayors
Column #139; By St. Swithin (Select Page 1 2 )
Specialists and city radius/size
city radius thingy
May I suggest moving CTP to the "Current Games" Section?
Question to designers about limits
Blow by blow of my first real game.
Gamestop Sucks - Good luck in getting the "pre-oder"
First Post
Quest for the mayan empire
city radius thingy
First Impressions / 1st Game So Far...
What happened to the Urban Planner?
No Wait Command, WTF?
Yatermie's Play-by-Play...
Obelisk ???
Weird little bug / Diplomacy screen
12 men or 12 army's in city's ..anyone know ???
Bug with Exploring with Diplomats
World Maps????
Alexander scenario map
first game
Where in the HELL are the orders from AMAZON????
Only one song plays
Realistic English AI!
machine specs
Ruins? Has anybody found any yet?
Gaia Controller
First Impressions, from those who have the game
A few first impression comments
Bugs !!!
World map for Multiplayer Lan
World map for Multiplayer Lan
windowed vs non windowed.
GlobeSat Rocks!!!
What's the deal with the world map?
Is there a goto command?
Is Activision going to release a demo?
computer Players???
best starting position
Time To Monarchy?
We'll need a 'READ ME FIRST: CtP2 FAQ' for the newbies
Just got CTP2
Playing Styles
First Impressions--Pleased
A few (minor) problems so far
Dont like a particular unit? - You can exclude it.
Gripes/Likes about CTP2
what about the diplomacy in more then 8 civs
My first game
A few questions
Did anyone else get two posters?
The Feel of CTP-2
News on U.K. release?
is it just me (about AI)..
New to this....
What? You can't use icq or access your system
Hmmm: The First Impressions
If you were to buy this game again, how much would you pay for it?
WW2 scenario?
Question about the wonders
Scoring and stats
Keeping your forces up to date
12 men or 12 army's in city's ..anyone know ???
Game doesnt automatically go to a unit each turn
randomized leaders and civ tendencies
Those Confusing Wonders
randomized leaders and civ tendencies
What is the effect of celebrations?
Lamenting Loss of Space
Question about non-expiring Wonders
The Joke's on Slingshot
Just bought CTP2: first impressions
I still Don't like the nukes.
What the heck happened to the fusion tank?
How is the Balance?
First impressions...
Question (and request)
is it out?
Will Wonders ever cease?
Completeness of Manual
Lowest Prices? (For those who haven't purchased yet)
mark - what did I do?
Game doesnt automatically go to a unit each turn
Forts Problem
The one land mass-no islands map.(just a thought)
Map Problems
IGN review!!!!
I have some game questions and comments...
Business Outstanding
Windows Millennium
Woot to CTP2
Exclusions of Units for CTP:2
Forest values reversed?
Lawyers, Corporate Branches, Piracy etc In CPT2
Too Many Units
Overall, is CTP2 much better than CTP1?
Ten and Two
What is the effect of celebrations? (Select Page 1 2 3 )
Why did they mess it up ???
CTPII from a civII loyalist
Table-Top Civ
Bombardment interface
Where are the obelisks?
So...it is worth getting?
How do you stop mayors from polluting?
28 civ Worldmap!
Men defending city ?
Trade Bug?
Would you recommend the game to me :)
When does a game end??
Not enough emphasis on Air
Unclear about...
TBS under attack!!!!
Feats of Wonder ROCKS
CTP3 etc. (lots of rambling)
The AI navy is killing me!
When will CTP2 released in Holland
Is there a Demo?
Statistics, Demographics, and Standings.
Questions about the Diplomacy model
Unable to bombard earth/sea?
Science Victory
Nanite factories
PC.IGN Review!
Televangalists ATTACK!!!!!!
AI seems very slow
third time is always a charm
ctp2 in europe
500 turns??? Bull Crap.
Apolyton isn't in the credits of the game
Doesn't anyone miss space?
TO MARKG where to post con't
Complete listing of keyboard shortcuts???
Gamespot review!!!!! (Select Page 1 2 )
IGN replies..
same civs...
Scoring Problems?
Bias in Reviews?
To all those slamming the ign review
Fog of War
One of the best things I like about CTP2
Happiness can't buy money
My take
Is it just me or...
Diplomatic Victory really works!
releasedate for Holland
First CTP II fan site
Bigger Maps?
a look on diplomacy.txt: see what costs what...
Yes, minimum specs are for real!
Slavery and Emancipation Act
How is MAD??
USA vs UK version of CTP2
This little symbol next to city names on main map?
How do ranged attack and flankers really work?
Breaking Trade Routes
Unit Manager
CTP2 Negatives Reported So Far
Terraforming Large Empires: Regular Farms/Mines/Nets vs Advanced??
Some thoughts on the UI / CTP 2
Naval units own the game... once again.
Cruise Missiles...argh
Is CTP2 as modifiable as the original?
Please tell my why I should buy this game
CTP2 looks good, can someone answer this one simple question for me?
Finished... expect review friday.
readme, multiplayer readme, manual posted!
A research pact is great if you can get one
Not out in UK today
The nature of the AI
can you make the ai stop attacking another ai?
review the reviews! :)
No Markos' review, no ****ing release from Amazon...
Max cities number and max population?
Will Activision tell us UK release please?
2300AD too short a time to build?
Computer Diplomacy
Why one caravan always lost when I break trade route?
Figuring turns to grow & farm placement
Tips for Alexander scenario?
How in the hell does trading work in CTP2?
How ironic: Civ3 looks like it will have animated sprites
The IGN review is an outrage (unbiased opinion) (Select Page 1 2 )
retreat is cool
"Call to Power 2 is a significantly better strategic military game than Civ 2."
Battle system is extremely well balanced!!!!!!!!!
Crashes, Bugs, ... Should you buy it?
Eurogamer says 'available in UK'?
this game needs some help
Army Compositions for taking cities
Diplomacy: The Everlasting Struggle
Animated goods
Strategy Therapy
The DarthVeda Review!
Key Wonders and Techs
Build Advanced Farm/Fishery/Mine or Regular ones?
DIPLOMACY Benchmarking
Observations about tile improvements
How do *you* get ahead of the AI in CtP2?
CTP II Fan site update! and the Pimp scenario!
Gamepin review will slag this game, most probably
Questions and comments, for users and programmers, respectively
I got more gold than I know what to do with!
Slingshot's Impressions of CTP2
Bad Attitude
Dag Nab it
CTP-2 on a low-end system- first impressions.
A couple questions
efficiency bar
What's Your Biggest City
More than 8 civs
Who says AI is stupid?
First positive review of CTP2?
$30 CtP2 at Best Buy ths week
CTP2 - For beginners only?
Player Review: JDI_Falcon
A Few Questions (Select Page 1 2 )
AI intelligence CTP vs CTPII
Best Government: Ecotopia. Comments?
Spain release
AI Cheats?
Which ports to enable for firewall?
Some fundamental flaws in the game
FIRAXIS displeased
Damn, No CTP2 in Germany!
Strange symbols next to city names
AI Cheats?
Resync errors making game unplayable
screens from intro video
Why Am I Always Blue?
Another Review
First CTP in Korea? In Asia?
I have a question to the activision programmers of ctp 2
A couple of things about the Spanish release
Tile Improvements...
Hagia Sophia
road rage
Gold in treasury?
Another Low End Success story
Troops dieing
How do I default to unit movement?
What happened to some early units
Build Queues
Computer stolen! No site update. :(
8+ cities?
Patch Please
First Southamerican CTP2 game
Mark, your challenge was accepted...
What I Wish To Know About CTPII...
Changing multiple build queues?
mayoral duties
My Units Are At Half Health
YOUR review of CTP2!
Gaia Controller?
Amazon (UK) giving a free copy of CTP when you buy CTP II
Best Government?
gamepen review: a semi-review
My first rant!
Activision response on UK CTP2
I will buy CTP2 ! (Select Page 1 2 )
Goodie Huts????
Win NT support? Email Support?
--- 1st game review ---
Australian Release Date
"Player Reviews" People
Scenarios and corrupt saves/extra turn
I just can't do it!
Freeing slaves
ANOTHER LIE!!!! Yes you can have more then 12 units in a stack!!!!!
Spy Planes DO get a ranged attack
Didn't know space launches cost gold
Unleash the Wolfman :o) See thread for explanation
Game doesn't end with scenario
Does the AI build sea settlers?
Definetly the 8th only six more days
Another bug...
Why can't I make fusion plants?
Pollution with MANY civs in game
How do you use Mod packs?
Yet another bug....
Double turns and corrupt save games question
A neat trick I found... How to name your own civ!!
find the similarities!
Cradle of Civ map
Viking Scribes
Enough with "too easy"...
Can anyone help?
Multiplayer Crashing...
More Multiplayer Problems
Multiplayer game Strategy!
The "TOO EASY" syndrome and WAGES
CTP2 has RTS elements!
Solution to a Bug
Piracy waste?
Resync and City Take over
Wich port is Call to Power 2 useing????????????????????
Advanced and Mega mines give extra gold!?
Just finished first multiplayer via-internet game
Caravan vs. Freight
Civ CTP2 for Mac Anytime soon?
Question about a Diplomatic pact.
Transporting Diplomats
Empty Queues - Do they do anything?
Diplomatic replies wanted.
7/10 Review in Camecenter
research pacts!!
CGO Reviews CtP2 - 4/5 Stars!
Why ally with someone?
City influence and size
Empty Queues - Do they do anything?
can't finish the game...
Governments and number of cities (Select Page 1 2 3 )
Edited Advances.txt- now Crashes to windows?!?! (Select Page 1 2 3 )
Resync error in TCP/IP Lan Multiplayer
Random map generator
loading units to cargo helicopter
Game has been Shelved
Science Victory - How?
(.ini file?) How do I go about......
What are they odds of actually finishing a MP game?
are there natural disasters?
How do I build trust?
Need help with one more thing...
How do I get more than 8 civs in a game?
Fire Triremes; attack bonus?
How can I push science harder?
Dan. You Traitor!!! } (
Science Victory - How?
Governments and number of cities
Warriors versus Archers
Path Error
Edited Advances.txt- now Crashes to windows?!?!
Error when a scenario has more than 8 civs...
Black Blob on my Screen!
Featured on CNN.com
Any tips how to "upgrade" through the tweak txt-files?
Hurra, CTP 2 is on sale in Germany !!
Anyone seen weird text errors?
Non-random music mystery solved!!!
Starting in another age
I've never played CTP1... Now tell me about about CTP2 - in Civ2/SMAC Terms!
First game muachachacha
I think i have a very important question!!!!!!
Overcost of advances????
CTP 2 is now in France
are city walls any real help?
artillery in front of tanks!?
Bug - Ship of Line Can't Bombard Cities?
Corrupt Saved Games - Activision Response
OK someone please tell me where I can find a REAL manual for this game
ACTIVISION Please update us on Multiplayer Status!!!
Countdown to British release of CTP2
Very disappointing indeed......
Brilliant AI move or dumb luck?
Submarines and the 'flanking' idea...
Bad German translation
first PATCH CONFIRMED! (Select Page 1 2 )
Feats of Wonder?
total conquest or diplomatic victory?
windows 2000
Help! I think i am crying now the fourth time for help because i am so helpless.
Bigger than Gigantic?
Is it just me, or is combat very easy?
Scenario builder
How do I get the Science win?
Gamespot UK review
Linux version of CTP2
What's your take on value-added mods vs. barebones CTP?
Now I'm sounding as a CIV II addict.
Tacticus Alexandrius - Prologue
what about israel
I must confess to have downloaded ctp2!
What is with the reviews?
Scale of maps/units vs. ctp1
Cruise Missiles
CTP II in Finland. CTP II Suomessa.
CTP II available in Hong Kong since Dec 1st
Where can download more new CTPII's map?
CTP too easy.... (Select Page 1 2 )
CTP2 in Greece!
Let me just say this... (Select Page 1 2 )
Sea Engineers early on in the game.
Demographically Challenged Players?
Been playing since saturday
No AI attack ?yeah right
Greetings from Thailand
Legion Mod
Just a few of my advice and thoughts
Why? Why???? artillery can shot down AIR UNITS??
1 Tile island cities can be purchased from the AI
City Garrison
Does anyone know about this?
To those who complain about catapults shooting down bombers...
Tacticus alexandrius site is up and running!
All lucky bastards post here when you have the game! :D (Select Page 1 2 )
Does the AI cheat?
Why do these sorts of problems always happen to me?
Patching problem !!! plz help !
Nuclear Fallout
Latest news
When will ctp2 be in the Netherlands?
What I don't like about Terraforming
Civilization predicted on the twilight zone?
How big to make your Navy?
Patch Problem
Not good thing: bowman shot down air unit!
Proud to announce first bug with patch 1.1
World Map SUCKS
Pikemen Available too early?
City Growth
Doing an American-Europe map
TacticusAlexandrius on the GO!
New alertboxes in PATCH 1.1 Don't Work!!!
Hindi Ghana kaha hai ? (Track 11)
Patch 1.1
Can't join lobbies
Trade, and how the trade routes run on the map.
Is it worth buying CTP2 for MP?
Does capturing a city give an enemy tech?
Weird AI behavior...
Question for Activision Staff, or Mr. Ogre :)
ACTUAL changes in patch 1.1
I HATE WHEN THIS.....but I'll live
Apolyton in credits of patch
my two cents
ctp patch 1.1 is messed up!
Renaming Cities upon finding
Your Strategies
Question about the AI
Max hours, minimize food and max wages + slaves
Cheating the AI for more attacks
Map Customization
What's wrong!
Two steps backward
Omni's Final CTP2 Site
CTP2 better than CTP1?
How about a saved game Turnament?
Inter AI's Cease Fire Agreement!!!!
I cannot remain silent!!
City ?
Ctp2 available in greece
I suggest ....
Regard and trespassing
What's up with the Paratroopers?
I've done a little griping now a little crow munching.
Too much pollution too early?
Why do I always face the same enemy civs?
GIANT FUTURE METROPOLIS- has 600,000 people
I bit off more than I could chew
AI has a lot of enemies ?
Civ 2 music
Player Review: Christoph Nahr
Registration problem to CTP2 Site
So how's the game?
Last 100 turns
I think I am getting CtPII
My AI analys
Pollution On/Off?
computer help needed
Where can i buy CTP2?
how good is the egalitarian act
What is a SLIC?
Foreign language editions and scenario compatibility
Help needed on defensive improvements.
DSDM Design Methodology (RAD)
New CTP2 web site!
Help! I think i am crying now the fourth time for help because i am so helpless.
Loaning excess gold
Of Settlers, fortresses and Empire borders
CTP II Annoyances
New CTP2 web site!
Improve AI strategies in next patch plz
Major Crashes
New Maps (omni help me)
i can't build televangelists!
Never count out the AI!
"End Game" Designer Diary
Did Activision actually try to play a CTP2 MP game before shipping this product?
Earth...medium? I said Impossable
I am an idiot (random map question)
Crash 2 desktop
Not too many MP games anymore?
Foreign trade summary
Call To Power 2, version 1.11 patch
Changing minimum size to disband city
Installation problem -- Directx 8
WARNING complete list of the Feats of Wonder
Do these Wonders actually do their job?
Help! Pollution is KILLING me
Research bug?
how do you free your own slaves?
why activision should refund money!
patch -- bug?? (or maybe just problem)
Installation Trouble - No recognition of CD-ROM
How old are u? (Select Page 1 2 3 4 )
Haglia Sophia next to useless?
Database Out of Sync!!!
What are some of your terraforming/improvement strats?
Illegal operation crash on load
Found first BUG! Oh no...
Is it THAT boring???
A rant, some ideas and meery xmas
No CD Crack?
Can you win multiple ways?
Conquest really pays off in this game!
comparison to alpha centauri
heard of weak ai but i got stomped
I would like your opinion...
Save The Legions!!! Listen to the people
Moving Units
is the game fun and challenging?
MP help needed
issues with diplomacy
Run away!! (Select Page 1 2 )
Weak AI? Give it more roads!!!
How to get 1 Billion Gold and 1 Billion PWs......
How to attack from cities without leaving them
Question on multiplayer
Attacking cities: Is it better to use catapults to bombard or as part of the attack
On cavalry and ironclads (congrats to ACTIVISION)
Well, that didn't take long.
nuke explosion
AI issues
A new review - this time from PC GAMER itself
How do you stop units from other civs wandering thru
Forts and sight
no thanks
This might be News: Strategy Guide Available NOW!
HMMM....just wundering
Great Wall useless?
Two weird things.
The other Weird Thing
Well OF COURSE I don't want that, geezzz...
Is this a cheat or a bug?
There is a german fansite if you are interested
I thought I had a nice game going, but...
A Suggestion...or Plea...
To buy, or not to Buy?? But... CTP is'nt fixed yet!
Random natural disaster or melted ice by nuke ?
What gives with those trieme things?
Linux Users Have Hope - WINE to Include DX 7 Support
whats important to do at the beginning???
dumb question with an easy answer...i hope
Why can't I warn or request...
How close to build the cities?
Building in the north
Diplomat as Surveyors
Constantly Crashes
Language problem with the v1.1 patch
Excuse me, it was an accident !
2 Quick Questions...
Specific Leader Personalities?
boycott next activision title or any other Company
Activision lies about the patch
need help
2 Quick Questions...
why ctp2 is worst of them all
Direct X
CtP2 --> Detached Feel?
I don't understand why...
Found an intresting Game
Sorry if this has been covered before
Win2000 help, PLEASE!!
Activision - what are your plans????
Tired of Ranting and Raving. Lets talk about the good features of Call to Power 2
The Case Of The Vanishing Space Planes
Some questions...
End with science ?
The Backgrounds For Advances? (Select Page 1 2 3 )
crash please help!!!! (Select Page 1 2 3 4 5 )
The AI players are very annoying!
Question about Civ2
CTP II playable on Windows NT ?
Building for Trade
what do the Paramids exactly do?
The Backgrounds For Advances?
where do I find the screen shots?
*WONDER* why this is. (Select Page 1 2 3 )
Am I doomed?
cant join lobby
How to take those annoying "1 tile island" cities - and another related trick
*Lots of gold* but no cigar!
how many cities in a nation?
Bombing of the destroyer and the frigate
A senior moment, please advise
Statagy Guide lets make our own
Bug !
Problems with the news
Trading - waddya think?
buying a city FYI
Wonder building problems.
Your Language.
Those Barbarians are tough
CTP2 biggest nightmare ever
Getting Started
Getting Started
crash please help!!!!
ruins and bandits
Use of created scenarious in multiplayer games
pollution fixing problems
Video clips wont play
Fusion Plants, Loading game bugs?
Rise And Fall Of America:How the AI punked me
aircraft carreir help please
Some suggestion for Civ-type games.....
Question about regard/trust
Why is cffl's post blocked?
Pacts with AI?
farmer or not farmer? that is the question!
The AI in CTP 2 needs some tweaking and here is how.
free buildings from wonders?
i play at 1600*1200 this game is beautiful
One more RANT. Stop Comparing C2P with SMAC. SMAC is nothing more than CiV2 expansion
CtP2 Counter-Proposal Bug!!! IMPORTANT
Why is the AI so bad???
Getting Started
video card requirement
Governments and the AI
cant get help on the help forum so i'll try here
why is everybody mad because of the bugs?
The AI plays bad? that's not a problem if we can favorise its developpement!
Civnations review of ctp2
Passwords & PBEM
next patch, informations?
Red squares won't go away...
Help!!!!!! the computers never attack me!! this is no fun!!
impossible-easy ha ha ha
can't see all the cities to offer
question about the patch...
Slave Generator
No MP for me :(
Do you think that CTP2 would be any better than...
Have you ever been nuke?
Wwii scenario
Program Crashes when loading saved game
Too Many Citys
Build Queue
don't construct buildings in ur towns! build public work first
An Entirely New Subject (snicker)
No problems?
Do you hate that the computer uses your PW?
war, peace, and the AI
Trading and leaky coffers
Pop Booming
Civnations review of ctp2
Response to Omni
Hey i have an Idea...
What do you get buying CTP2
Stop bad ai posts!!!!!!
More Culture Please
Disgraceful- Activision should be ashamed
News for all the AI programmers out there...
Barbarian attack on Activision
Has anyone here lost a CTP2 game?
The Message Box
The placing out peasants gone?
What units do I have?
Must-Have Wonders
How a creation of a player list?
Someone MP with me?
I cant remeber. Who is Apolyton?
Wow....the AI really SUCKS at war.
Scenario posted on King Arthur's Court
You with the tools of the Gods?
What does Activison think of our complaints?
Bombardment issue - need help.
World War 2 Scenario (Select Page 1 2 )
Naval bombardment?
Gyped, for 7000gp and $40!!!!
Maybe I just suck at this game...but
Am I the only one who sees this??
How many oblisks does a guy need!?!?
Mark G. help.
If you have comments about the AI, please read this before posting how bad is... (Select Page 1 2 )
Statagy Guide lets make our own
revolting cities
WHERE TO POST WHAT(everyone please read)
MP, does it work "Yes" or "No"?
It's official, CTPII sucks!!!
better a bitter defeat than a bitter victory?
Exchanging Maps or Advances
maps are to small
Read the manual before building fascist units!
ai transplant
Did they ruin the Ruins?
AI Vs Human
Comprehensive Guide?
Unhappy about unhappyness
MP through firewall?
Scenario support in multiplayer
Any news on when they'll patch this thing?
Feats of Wonder in MP
Should i buy the game? (Select Page 1 2 )
Is this too soon of Discoveries?
Bug? Roads on Forest Tiles
My review of CTP2!
Multiplayer Fixed? I think NOT
City growth
Hey, don't jump the gun...
Glad I Didn't Buy! No More Activision For Me!
Hey Omni-God. please read.
Is it possible that...
I have almost have had it with CtP2. Now I cant start a new game.
Scenarios Page
Does anyone want lists of .txts to mod?
The diplomacy/frenzy mod!
Efficiency, Resources and Starvation
Is the HInt Book any good?
What difficulty level do you play? (Select Page 1 2 )
Important about artificial "steering" and "thrust"
If you can't get into the lobby and you have CTP1
Activision - what great user feedback.
7th POLL: CTP2: Did it match your expectations? (Select Page 1 2 )
problem with patch - probleme avec le patch
Ctp2: Broken or not?
Ctp2 Online Guide
Computer just give up in war
Preparing the download database.
One Settler: Build or Explore 1st?
Hey Activision...are you there?
23 enemy civs, and falling
national build orders?
New Downloads at King Arthur's Court
City Size!!!!
Duplicate Viking city
terrain improvements: build them or not?
Getting Started
The "nuclear holocaust bug"
You'll never believe this! The AI beat me!
9th POLL: What difficulty level are you playing?
Call To Power 2, version 1.1 patch (Select Page 1 2 )
Is CTP2 the "New Coke" or the "Edsel"?
I'm disgusted on the lack of intellect in CTP2 players (Select Page 1 2 )
The honeymoon is over...
Fed up...I want an answer (Select Page 1 2 )
what's next?
Just passing by the forum
This problem is seriously affecting gameplay
Download Section
Changing CTP Icons
How do I use a map?
About to give it another chance
CTP2: Civ for Beginners
ctp2 and shrooms
Wonder / Sentry problem
Emancipation Wonder
Infrastructure & Capitalization
City Walls
Maxsize for cities?
we could use some reviews in the db...
need help with unit selection and movement
Wow, got a reply from Activision UK
Space planes and sub-orbital launches (having a problem)
seacolonies & normal cities
New files for Jan22-23
hint book
File Database: Wouldnt it be good if....
Attack/Bombard confusion
modern defensive unit
Looking for a Specific World Map
cpt2 on NT ???
Gaya / Solaris
goody bug ?
City Size Questions
How do I play with random empires?
I know this is probably already covered, butt.....
Changing Icons????
Specialist vs Workers
More than 8 civs help Please
Problem with AI Diplomacy mod
Great review for CTP2!
Question about SOL and Bombardment
Didn't like CtP, thinking of getting CtP2, should I?
Damn. Deleted my ctp registry-entries
How many cities?
Spies and defense against them?
So, PBEM (and HotSeat) are available
Column #150; By MarkG
Need DiffDB.txt please
Questions For mod FAQ??
City size
No More Patches, game still unplayable. Help!!!
Ladders - CTP and CTP2
Solver's 1st CtP 2 day
Should I Buy CTP-2 ??
How catch up when way...behind
2 Sessions of CTP II was enough for me
Unit Pathfinding knows where AI will be!
Random CPU Civs
Dead last place showing...
Community Forums
CTPII-List of Bugs
New clan to ctp2
ApolyVision ?
Conquest = Only Method of Winning?
Boycott Activision? (Select Page 1 2 )
Civ3 Rumours
Patch 1.1, List of Fixes
Solution to Mplayer ISP crashing
Solutions to ISP crashing while playing MP
Nuke launch?
Apolytons left wing conspiracy
Marke gelle of CTP activision speaks out
Come One Come All 10Th Feb
Bug Reported?
No need to spread rumours
Messages that don't make sense
Corporate Spam in Forum !
Maximum City Size?
Is impossible impossible?
Forum Bug
How to stop those damn Units moving!
Help Pleazzzzzzzzzzzzzzz!
Missing Pages in Manual???
Would yous look at this
Strange messages after Modifications
Copying saved games
Unit Pathfinding knows where the AI will be.
modifications question
WES, I need you, man...(others welcome, too)
TGA Load errors
Wow. cool
Cruise missiles...
Defense against slavers and (maybe) spies
give units to AI possible ?
help and possible bug
Forbidden City
I added a unit and...
Dale's Site
How to Capture Cities?
Other countries on Call to Power 2
Bombard feature
Commerce, Gold, and Science
2 same civs at the same time happen to anyone?
CONSUMER ACTION: A Declaration of Disapproval, Intend to Return or Refusal to Buy (Select Page 1 2 )
What Government would YOU support? (Select Page 1 2 3 )
Two Questions

Help for a technically challenged newbie...
World Peace
Question about ruins
Leviathan and Bombarding
Airports and pollution
Gold From Converted Cities
Stacking Question
chat feature
Anyone for a PBEM game?
IMPORTANT: All diplomacy & withdraw mod users
YCbCr Tiffs and TifLib
IM'S Destiny
Sid miers gettysburg !!!!!!!!!!
How do you ????????????
Statement to activision bye the community !!!!!
Check out this Bug!
got ctp2 as a gift. now what
Some new things that should be corrected
Space Plane Question
just bought ctp2 newbie wheres Roads ?? Etcc
Offer City
Changing Civilization Names
Treaty bug in german version?
it crashes
Update on disk?
Win nt
Next Stop: Ebay
i thought everybody was wrong-oh well
Do you use City Managers?
Please Fixs this bug its annoying
random crashes
How can I reduce the size of my empire?
Consumer Action ATTN : YIN and Mark!!
Wonders couldn't be obsolete by new advance?
Nanite Defuser Bug?
Need servers.dat file
Sea Colonies
Single Tile Island
very unusual problem, need some help here :)
New Call To Power 2 Site!
problems with sharing in the internt options
Any Civilization CTP-2 internet club ?
Playing the Game
Idea for next poll
What's your highest score?
it could of been worse
Activision Hacked
"Name your Tribe"
just got my copy of CTP2!
Acend to Power- A warstory and some Hints
Before I order the game...
What about e-mail play
Hey guys new info for yas
civilization at its best yet
Gaia Victory
Poll: When is the earliest you have conquered the world?
City Workers?
whats up with ctp2?
Deleting Civs from the 28 civ Scenario
HELP me please
Fascists in the Official Call to Power II Strategy Guide
New player
Am I just clueless or what?
Cities in space??!
When will they ever attack ??
8th POLL: Do you want PBEM to be added?
what means SLIC?
Do Different Races matter???
Being Nuked
Surrender Agreement (Diplomacy)
Help with the nukes
Want to use new world maps and scenerios
give units to AI possible ?
FrenzyMod updates?
A Bit Silly
zoomed battle scene between computers?
Is this board as dead as CTP2 (Select Page 1 2 )
Should there are more improvements to fight pollution?
Anybody NOT having problem with sea colonies?
Pirate aftermath
Sea Colonies and enemy civs
Are these bugs?
Urgent Issue!
I need some help
I can't finish the Wonder Victory
Const.txt Question
unloading aircraft carrier
City Improvs made obsolete by Wonders
Random civilisations
How to DESTROY a city quickly?
Help with making a huge map
Maximum number of cities
Unusual Error
Unable to research technologies?
Frenzy Question
Can't Get bmp2ctp2 to work.
Ctp2 Combat: Surprising news
Slavers / Abolitionists
Should Settler and Urban-Planner have the ability to settle in another city???
crash to desktop after 2400 a.d is the rule?
Population in CTP2
Ctp2 OCC
How To Switch Control With AI??
Hard system crash?
Which directory does AI Frenzy go into?
Help with Alternate Scifi Mod (by BlueO) images
The intro movies
help with .txt map files. just need a quick answer.
Throne Room? What Throne Room?
Ebay sucks
can't play movies AFTER troubleshooting
Error starting game...
Urgent Issue!
How do I install the huge map download
How to play custom saved games in multiplay?
won't play
CTP2 crashes everytime.
Underwater Cities
How do i ??
Bad Crash after hours playing multiplayer!!!
Why aren't the pictures being used?
Diplomatic Photo?
Byte me, Activision
Changes from CTP to CTP2
Please help newbie with Dorian Crede map/scen
CtP2 Compared to Civ2
Cradle 1.03 posted...
Bad crash at playing multiplayer after hours!!!
Succession Game?
Drug Stores and Hospitals
Squares being worked on
Cities with ZERO science output
Doplomacy Mod
More Rivers and Goods
CD Not recognised Problems
Battle warning
Cities just destroying themselves?
Post here if you are (extremely) dissapointed with CTP2
internet doesn't give the free comp centers
about the titanic as a unit wonder
Display / DirectX Problems !!!
Science victory
Some Errors in the Modification; To hexagonian
Error: Value Out of Bounds
Report MP Problems here
Craptivision Bashing thread
A Question for Modifiers
Important nore regarding to a new patch!
where do you get the patches?
Need Help on map installation please
Using Maps Ingames
Another unofficial poll: Choose your Quest: 1. Conquest; 2. Science; 3. World Peace.
Please Please Please, Somebody, Anybody, fix the multiplayer!!
Diplo mode, frenzy mode, mods...what?
can't download from Apolyton
Help Uploading Maps to Apolyton
should I start over?
Map size poll
Big discovery about Mplayer
Forum suggestions
crash of the game
does anyone know
Lock some advances
The Size 60 Barrier
Anyone besides me having fun learning to modiffy this game?
Succession Game Update
Wormhole! Where are you?
OT: Mankind
Modder's Guide 1.0
science victory / gaia controller
need some advice on science
Flaglist posted
Setting Waypoints
Cradle 1.05
Question for LukeCZ (or anyone else who knows)
Documentation help (unit.txt)
Requesting help with adding units
An unofficial poll: do you still play CTP2? (Select Page 1 2 )
Ducumentation Help
Could someone email me a finished...
gaia conroller
Patch might be a problem
Corrupt messages
whole bunch of design/game issues and questions
Just a note: I'm outta here for a while...
Another documentation help request (Advance.txt)
Unrecoverable installation error
Multiplayer Scenario
most CTP2 forums are officially 'dead'
Newb question re: comp civs
Where'd Joe Go?
Big Problem
anyone fancy a mp game ?
Forums Merged
Ummm... Assigning workers to city tiles???
Excellent mark
windows nt?
Page fault error
DB updates
Cradle 1.06 posted
vote for public works!!!
transferring saved games
Display frequency 100Hz
SPQR = good
Repeated music in CTP2
Ctp2 succession game: apolyton takes on the world!! (Select Page 1 2 )
Length of Game
big Mplayer problem found !
Random Generated Maps
Fixes for the 60 & 70 city size limit
Activision getting hammered
CtP2 - Hopeless?
Bombard Cities&Units
Two "I don't get it" bugs
Paths error
game crash
Any way to improve AI???
hi all, and oh dear........
Gaia controller
Wonders list
another type of crash...help...
Time for a new Empire
New Category Idea
Help for Scenarioplaying on german gameversion
Grande Crash help/suggestions
Why is Civ2 the best Civilization game???
Bugs, Bugs, more bugs!
CTP2, "The Best Civilization game yet"
Savegame bug of patch 1.1
newbie with "old" questions im sure.......
PBEM Human-Human Diplomacy through SLIC? (Select Page 1 2 3 )
C:CTP better then CTP2?????
Resetting Multiplayer Customisations/Rules
The Next Succession Game! But first, a Vote.
Would you be willing to pay for the Medpack II ?
Bug problem in CTP 2
A note of thanks...........
Diplomod V3.5 and other mods
Final Post in CTP2
CTP2 and SETI Client (Select Page 1 2 3 )
Please help a mod-maker
Thankyou Activision for CTP2 (a spin on words)
Message tab confused. please help...
CTP lover says...CTP2 is an excellent game!
I challange anyone (ctp2 gl)
Succession #2: The Mighty Irish! (Select Page 1 2 3 4 )
abolitionists Help
Science vs. Commerce???
SuccessionGame2, Team 2 (Select Page 1 2 3 )
Simple questions?
CTPII Succession Game; The second go. (Select Page 1 2 3 4 5 6 )
My Letter To Activision (Being Nice...)
Vol 5 of the bug list - another one
Your favorite special unit
Count yourselves lucky
What will you do with your CTP2 game now?
Where Is The Music?!?!
Game Three!! (Select Page 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 )
Sg-4 (Select Page 1 2 3 4 5 )
how to siege the city
Just bought CtP:II today
SG competition
HELP with embassies
Gaia Controller Victory
Request city... diplomacy problem
Cradle 1.1
Little icons...
How to create multiplayer scenarios?
How many people still post here?? (Select Page 1 2 )
Succession Game
Building a wonder in just 1 turn -- CTP2 multiplayer BUG
Dale's MODS! Available for download....
Is this possible?
sea colonies
Game Screenshots
Is it possible to select a map when u do multiplayer?
A bug? or is it?
Expelling Enemy Units
Softcopy of CTP2 Manual
Franchising doesn't work?
Looking For 3 Regular Multiplayers
Too Many Cities
Solution to Rush Build Bug!?
Problems with messages after installing patch...
Leader Variation (An Experiment)
Novice Needs Strategic Help
Science Fiction Victory
How to rename a city?
Your favorite government
I lose my trade
Mutual Trade Benefits?
CTP2 Game Box
First experience
City production/food/commerce
My tardiness
Still cracking..... (Select Page 1 2 )
Game crashes to desktop
Does somebody know if this is posible?
___Partial solution____ for the bug :idea:
How come?
Game Performance and Memory Usage
Anyone got a reply on their letter?
What to download/install ??
How to change default AI nations?
An oldtime newbie has some questions
I need some strat help...
CTPII unoffical patch.
Scaping units - any beni?
Look this code.
Help...Patch problem
Saved Game Loads with Me as Wrong Nation!?!
CPT II wanted
Simultaneous play?
Problem with Scenario.slc
installing the modswapper & apolyton downloads
Counterespionage -- Need Help
Give me your honest opinion (Select Page 1 2 )
CTP fan, need some CTP2 help plz!
AI attacks
Cradle 1.2
How do you "Tora tora tora"?
Finishing the tech tree in 7 advances
Alexander scenario- can't build diplomats!
Installing Call to Power II Problem
Slic Error Loading Game
Frenzy AI in Multiplayer Game?
Wonder Movie Bug
CTP2 PBEM problems
Aircraft Carrier Problems
Help w/ Patch
What are the most powerful wonders in this game?
Need help with Map/Scenario Editor
The Best: Civ3 or CTP2? (Select Page 1 2 3 4 )
Pardon my ignorance, but what is Medmod2?
Public Works Question
Help ! I suck at CTP2
Some thoughts on why the computer does so poorly after 1500AD (or so)...
While waiting for a Apolyton screen to load...
Mods - Help Me!
More than 8 civs??
So Long and Thanks for all the Fish!
HELP... Lost advances map!!!
Tile production questions
Differences in the nations? (SP/MP)
Unrecoverable Error On Install!!!
Multiplayer Server Woes.....
too many cities
Apolyton Pack 1.01 Question
Game on...
Does CtP 1 still stand on it's own with CtP 2 released?
MedMod 2 Succession Game
Looking for a Live Game?
What Ruins?!
Hex's Website Update
Can sombody help me out here?
big muliplayer ISSUES! makeing LAN multiplay almost impossible
need to give away cities help
Help: W98 crash on install
I'm new hear and have a couple questions.
any help in changing the language?
Help plz
multiplayer game
Some tips for a beginner
Where did the designers aquire all the info?
Differances between CTP 1 and 2?
Kids! Don't try this at home!
My last hope...
Succession Game III Poll
Help - Anyone That Can Help Please Post
CTP2 bug still there
file server
Multi player game
What is the best mod
Win2K Stability
Maximum Cities angst
CTP2 is off my CPU: How about you?
Hi from the new guy
Technology Strategy
I just bought CTP2 !
crashing in multiplayer when starting a war?
8+ Players
What Mod should I get?
Question about city radius
Arggh! Patch won't install...
So what's everyone up to?
Kormer, Where R U!!
strange things in building manager
targeting nukes?
problems after patching CTP2
multplay crashing
Changing type of barbarian units?
Rules questions
science ending
Looking for players...
CTP II in its own window...
crashes and bugs
Problem with Apolyton Pack
Speed turns etc.
How do you like to win?
Call To Power III...
Apolyton pack
Best options for city growth...?
There's an extra music track!
Diplomacy Withdraw?
pollution bug?
Wonder Movies in CTP II
Who here plays to win?
Is CTP2 after modding better than Civ 3?
Have I lost something?
Messaging service id#???
Resource Manager Ala Civ/CTP1
Random Civs (please help me)
Need help
My Own Scenario
Too easy ?
Can't load my saved game!
Agreements respect
Research Pact
About Mods, Patches etc...(I'm a NoCo at this..)
graphic problems
Trumpet sound Question
Looking for player opinions - CTP2 modded/civ3...
Green circle around unts
Diplomatic Photos
science ending
city map question
Some code about the MP rush buy bug
Call to Power 2: Worth me getting? (Select Page 1 2 )
Long delays between music tracks
Call to Power 2: Worth me getting? (Select Page 1 2 )
Looking for player opinions - CTP2 modded/civ3...
Community update
ACK! EB Stopped carrying Ctp2
Anyone have CtP2 for sale?
Anyone have CtP2 for sale?
CTP and the memory leak
Confused about mods
Improved Map Editor?
cradle yankie heroes
Merry Christmas
Been playin Civ 3, Want to go back to CtP2 please help me.
Why do all my cities suddenly SHINK by a third?
More Mod confusion
Help : Tile-improvements Disapearing?
The best thing since sliced bread
patch 1.11 install error
Freeing Slaves
CTP2 Multiplayer
How can I get huge cities in ctp2?
How can I find an very old thread?
A question for Yin26 or anyone else.
A question for Yin26 or anyone else.
Just Average, Says Aftonbladet
Mod Wrapup: Apolyton Pack, MedMod and Cradle (Select Page 1 2 )
How do I make units in the Editor?
What mods should I use, and is it possible to use several mods simultaniously? Help!
Taliban Civ for CTP II?
Got CTP2 (and Civ3) for Christmas!
Is there a patch or mod to fix the music?
Slave questions
strong slaves weak workers
Newbie Q: CTP I or II?
Need more help with mods...
Yet another question about mods...
Aqueduct Bug & How to fix...
Technical Support???
Can culture be added to CTP2?
Building complete?
A.I.; Does it cheat?
Multiplayer through firewall
Can you help me???
Med Mod Prob (crusade scuppered)
Food/Production Values
german CTP2
Multiplayer CTP2
Pollution - game difficulty = Medium
The reason for the CTP2 forum's revival? (Select Page 1 2 )
Changing city names
How do you cheat on CTPII?
How come Civ 3 got great reviews and CtP2 got bad ones?
Call to Power III coming out next year
Science Victory....?!?
Winning with Gaia Controller
The annoying offer city order.
What mods should I get?
different ai in single and mulitplayer?
Favourite Age
I need Help on this Error
About CtP2
CTP2 multiplayer registry
error logs
problems running modswap
MULTIPLAY : The GameLeague is dead , The Battlefield lifes !!!!! (Select Page 1 2 )
Explain Expel?
Reviving the tradition: Succession Games (Select Page 1 2 3 4 )
How do i play scenarios in mp?
Has anyone ever seen this before?
Town > 60 ?
Help me
Good Idea
Which mod(s) and scenario(s) do you play with?
Your country needs YOU!
The Cradle Will Rock
Joining the game...
Easy Questions (I hope)
Help cant join
I've been running the game automated; questions
MM2 Strat question
Question about Goods?
Succession Game V: The Empire of Ra (Select Page 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 )
Skaven Community
Sliders&Farmers&Bears, oh my
How to get rid of starting points...
Bug Fix
MP or SP?
no function DestroyBuilding
Medieval Mod bug? (WesW?)
ok... figured medieval bug out... a question for WesW and other modders
mp resync problems
Ctp2 Lobby...no one there
Cradle 1.2 farmer test
Inifinite Build Bug/Cheat
Who would you play as in a WWII sceanrio?
What strategies do you use?
Don't have enough room...
Today (3/25/02) i purchased CTP2... now what?
What do you think?
servers on internet multiplayer
Difficulty Levels with Mods
City pop-up
How was your 1st CTP2 game? (Select Page 1 2 )
Fake English version
Game of the Month?
Barbarian strategies......
Succession Game VI: The Balam Warriors of the Wind (Select Page 1 2 3 4 )
Empire tab sliders
City size
London Exchange
Why CTP2 is the best civ so far
Thanx ! Two first levels of CTP2 are without ruins .
Too fast!
Multiplayer - does it work ?
Attack helicopter out of fuel ?!?!
Multiplayer - does it work ?
HELP ! randomizing of the content in the Goody Huts/Ruins ...
Halt! Who goes there? (Select Page 1 2 )
Zones of control
The Petition and Poll on CTP3
Catapults in Cradle
I just picked it up
How do you Join a PBEM Game for CTPII
How to boost science
CTP2 Newbie
first post
On ctp2
Salon.com on mods
Conquest victory
Windows XP & Patch 1.1 Bug (Select Page 1 2 )
The pillage tile improvement bug
Is modding enough?
Email, files notification (Select Page 1 2 )
Hit the bricks!
1st Apolyton CtP2 Tournament: 23 April - 23 May 2002 (Select Page 1 2 3 4 5 )
Where is the cheapest place to buy CTP2?
HELP with advances
Annoying Pollution Pop-up with MaxPlayer > 0: The Final Solution
Questions about ruins and caravans
No server list shows up for internet MP
Free buildings
Favourite City Style (Select Page 1 2 )
I am gone
Unit upgrade?
Wonder Movies ???
My units are killed
CTP2 not working with WXP
CTP2 Server Kit?
oooh er.....
Select Tile Button in Editor Doesn't Work
Will Civ3:PtW effect CTP2?
Ashura's question about AI
speak to me locutus......
WAW - War Stories
WAW - War Stories
Is it possiable to play peacekeeper?
Map Preference
multiplayer finding people to play ctp2 with or a site that has multiplayer ctp2
Problem with MP play
Save Game Bug
Changing the course of literacy
Dissapointed with civ3, thinking about getting CTP2
Super Apolyton Pack V2.0
Why CTP2 instead of civ3/2?
Newbie can't install Modswappper 1.5
Civ Rename Problem
How important is a Navy to you?
Out of the country (Select Page 1 2 )
SLIC Error on saved games
I Want a CTP2 online game tonight - any takers
It *really* won't let me play CTP2 MP...
MultiPlayer ?????
failure to play
HELP: Patch Problem
Help, cant choose new Tech for research...
Things are slowing down.
MP on lan, can't get anybody to join lobby
Help, MultyPGame crashes after hours playing
Dale's Retirement.....
Help! Game Glitching when i conquer!
Help me to understand why IA is always in advanced in science at the highest level ?
2nd Apolyton CtP2 SP Tournament: 26 June - 26 July 2002 (Select Page 1 2 3 )
Multiplayer Help needed...
Cradel possabilities
Multiplayer Tournament! (Select Page 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 )
Strange Multiplayer Happenings
Silly questions about servers.dat...
MP game on Saturday 06/06/2002
Looking for good Roman/Ancient scenario/mods
In CTP2 I cannot move a unit with
single unit combat
using a custom map?
Help: Gamepaly
SLICs and Units
A Few Good Men (for MP game)
Any way to adjust research rate?
Selecting opponents?
To Dave and/or others: Wall Paper
Prophets&Clerics&Bears Oh My!
Contacting Civs beyond #8
Scenarios: Loading Turn Bug
Civ3 has helped my CtP2 gaming
Infamous Rush-buy bug fixed!
Starving in CTP2
3rd Apolyton CtP2 SP Tournament: 1 August - 1 September 2002 (Select Page 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 )
Q #46 game crash; is it corrupt?
Tactics Database (Select Page 1 2 3 4 )
need help installing visible wonders mod for apolyton pack
Multiplayer Help
MP Bug in Capture City Slic
Ctp Iii
Ctp 3
Oversized Map Game
Files Directory
worth buying?
Question by Justin823 from: Can't join lobby
Can This Marriage Be Saved?
hi, bought it now need advice
Call to Power III?
strange bugs in cradle mod, plz help
Specialists, acadamies, bazaars in Democracy
Feats of wonders
CTP2: A good game vs. civ3?
What's the deal
Unintelligeable messages
Help me please
CTP2 Files in the Apolyton Directory (Select Page 1 2 )
Who's new to MP?
New Guy
What's with the damn AI???
Moving units around quandry
Did I miss much?
I love the music but it plays over and over again
CtP3 and why it might happen
Need help can't find MED MOD
Need help over here
Name your favourite music track
How Do You Keep Your People Happy?
PBEM game... (Select Page 1 2 3 4 5 )
Is this game worth getting? (Select Page 1 2 )
4th Apolyton CtP2 SP Tournament: 3 September - 3 November 2002 (Select Page 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 )
Having a great time
Official cheat code for CtP2
Newbie with Q's.
Newbie has CTP2 v2.0 - can't run mods
Newbie's guide?
I've got a question about the mods... (Select Page 1 2 )
Locutus Powers Day (Select Page 1 2 3 )
Patch will not Install & CTP2 Freezes
Cold War scenario?
No one on the servers??
How does piracy works?
Dual CtP2 installation HOW?
Join The Torney
ctp2 crashes on XP
I've got a problem
stuck before i start
Having some fun
Joing maybe :)
Magician required
just one last thing......
icq Number
Multiplayer - some network questions (Select Page 1 2 )
hello and three little problems
other llittle problems of mine
wooohooooo MODSWAPPER working at last
Empire radius
On-demand At 'yahoo!'
CTP2 DEMOCRACY GAME anyone interested?
Crash & Burn!
Tile Improvements and Trade Goods
Bye for a while
Newbie question - late game city size
What does set target do?
Multiplayer problem with MM2 (and normal ctp2)
Another Multiplayer Newbie question
Multiplayer Newbie question
Saving LAN
Happy Birthday WesW!
Maximum Population??? Proper spacing cities
Hotseat Multiplayer?
Happy Birthday Locutus!
by email
Activision WW2 Scenario in Zip format
hey Maq
Spit and polish?
Promblem with installation
Where have all the multiplayers gone?
Known bugs list? Save file corruptions?
Vote CTP2 in the top game list
What Mods Should I Get?
Know a CtP or CtP2 related website? Be a man and submit it!
Happy Birthday... CtP2!!
Please help a frustrated newbie?
Another annoyed newbie question
Strategy - Farms Under Cities
what difficulty should I play? Modswapper won't work :<
Great Library: Strategy & Tactics Index
Player Civ flag color
One major General question about ctp2
Multiplayer, LAN, VPN questions??
I want a televangelist!
City Resource Question
Question from an old CTPII player who hasn't played in a while
all i wanna do is play online...
nl.alink.gamepoint.net (Select Page 1 2 )
Problem with Apolyton patch
*sigh*....where have all the settlers gone?
multi problem
The 27th panzer division
Did anyone knew about this site?
i have a question ...
A freaky commerce/science question...
Saved Game problems
A bugging bug
Newbie alert
Data for CTP2 improvements, wonders, etc.
Ballista Towers
Bigger maps
Multiplayer graphic problem
City Radius
Calculating food and growth
Calculating production in city
Combat questions (Select Page 1 2 )
Functions of the capitol
Help Please-where are my computer centers?
Downloading the mods...HELP!
Pollution rankings
Merry Christmas to all CtP2'ers!
Loosing Trade routes (Select Page 1 2 )
City spacings (Select Page 1 2 3 )
FAQ#45 Re: AI Opponents
Going To Try To Get A Game Going Tonight 12/31/02
Help With Cradle 1.35 Mod
Construction Question (Select Page 1 2 )
What do trade and science pacts do?
Game crashes at later stages
How Big is Your CtP2 Folder? (Select Page 1 2 3 )
I want a MP game
Sail around World feat
Vpn Multiplayer
another server Question
Activision not so dumb after all?
Lets create a story database !!!
Apolyton pack for French warriors
OFFICIAL: Attitude Towards Austria (Select Page 1 2 )
Connexion pbs
SLIC error
Number Of Civilizations! (Select Page 1 2 3 )
refresh rate
Biginners game
Look'n for game this afternoon
Patch 1.11
Happy Birthday Immortal Wombat!
Recent news, and a request for Markos
Multiplayer Game
Looking for MP game today.
help w/ lotr scenario
ctp1 and 2
Multiplayer Online (or not?)
1.11 patch vs 1.2 Update (Stupid Question)
Request for playtesters!
MP Game Wednesday 12th Feb 9pm GMT
Requests for MP games in next 24/48 hours
Multiplayer doesn't work
For those who were interested........
Reload Slic command and effect on Victory
XP issues with any upgrades
MP update please read and post response
Laptop CDrom problem with CtP2
alexander the great
Begginners 1st game 25/02/03 00:25am
Game tonight?
Ol' Ras gets CtP2
mod advice for ctp2 newbies?
One of the dumbest questions ever!
a few questions...
ctp2 MP
CTP2 Fan Convention? (Select Page 1 2 )
WAR OF THE RING 1.1 Scenario
Hi all i have some questions
CTP2 Multiplayers Worldwide
XP or SAP2.0 pack crashes
Extracting Music
Cradle crashes
Blank Apolyton Research Screen
Poly Mod - A bug?
Multiplayer register update
*** 4 Player Game 15/3/03 ***
Need confirmation from someone with MedMod II v2.2
Happy Birthday, Pedrunn
Newbie question about City Growth
16/03/03 Online Times
newbie question
multiplaying problems
Help! i could not build Sea Colonies?
5th Apolyton CtP2 SP Tournament: 20 March - 20 April 2003 (Select Page 1 2 3 )
more ppl
waiting for 4th player (anyone can join)
information on cities
Apolyton Pack error with airunit
I want to play multiplayer games(CTP&CTPII)
How can i use a World-map in Multiplayer
Map problem
It is possible to be played the CTP2 by email
Tech Tree / Units
great feats
Celebrating Cities
cradle barbs and plagues
A wery useful thing
ultra gigantic Maps (cradle)
CD died and cannot host games
worst cradle wonders
CTPII doesn´t run on XP
Creating Extra Civilisations
Zero-sum graphs
Game Servers
Why doesn't the AI use nukes (Select Page 1 2 3 )
No multiplayer for me!
a question about circumnavigation
a question about goody huts
Cradle of civilization
Problems with the patch
No Patch To D/l
why no internet play?
I have a question
Pirates or no pirates
Game no longer runs after upgrading from DX9 to 9a!
need some help with maps
why does my game crash?
Help With Modswap
Newbie Question about War Discontent
CTP2 crashes with ultra-large maps and GoodMod
No troops in territory but civs complain
I cant play on internet with CTP II
Some questions I can't find answers to
Patch messed up the messages?
Any "real" links to Modswapper?
Help! Mod Problems!
Wierd things in CTP II
Newb Question about city calculations
Activision Patch won't install
Going Ballistic...
Cargo helicopters mod
Multiplayer LAN crashing constant
Changing the AI
Obsolete Nuclear Subs
PBEM game
Starting a Server
Apolyton Pack
AHHH Why is my unit moving?
Argh! Argh I say!
MP Max players
Where's the ruins?
While the server was sleeping...
I can't control my settlers!
HYperthread issues?
HELP!! cant find servers for internet multyplaying
Pyaray Chat Transcript
"Behind The Code": W. Lee (Part 1/2)
CTP 1 and 2 not installing with XP
No ping in multi
Veteran Newcomer
"Behind The Code": D. Ray (Part 1/3)
MP game 11.30pm GMT
Ctp2 crashes after save game
CTD on city mgr screen
"Behind The Code": W. Lee (Part 2/2)
Franchises...and Space?
"Behind The Code": D. Ray (Part 2/3)
frenzy AI
Cities with zero science?
CTP2 game?
ctp 2 on XP
Calling MP (Select Page 1 2 3 4 )
Early Game Strategy
"Behind The Code": D. Ray (Part 3/3)
Game tonight !!!
4 player game tonight
Game on tonight
Does anyone play call to power 2 online
4 Player Game thread.
revolting cities
CTP2 Patch cannot find game location. HELP!!!
server down
Questions about some settings in userprofile.txt
CTP II Movie Crashes
Game on tonight
I will give ip address
What does production and laborers do?
Should I buy 2nd CTP2 for manual?
NL is Back :)
Celebration effects?
Game on Sat
Dictator needed for the democracy game...
Sat Game?
Faded Glory - Sad News!
Spies and ridding them..!!
a maybe 4 player game on Sun
Various Questions
The Imperial French Army
1/11/03 - MP Game Anyone
Getting stuffed
My tactic... anyone else like this?
CTP MP vs. CTP2 MP vs. Civ 3 PTW
Question regarding the original packaging
Getting stuffed
bug for victory with science?
How do I determine which version I have
New guy needs Multi player help...
Government Data
Bug in Multiplayer?
Science win
y do spies + cyberninjas always die?
Is Hotseat avail with CtP2 w/ patch?
Yes I am new to this..tell me about mods...
Point me to info about the different mods...
I keep crashing down..
Tipping for Glory
help. sticky win2k CTP2 play
Public Works
4 player game on Sunday
Re- 4 player game on Sunday (its Friday)
Advice for my game...
civ CtP2 OR Civ3..or should I get Civ3?
Ok Democracy or Fascism?
Apolyton Pack and Bloodbaths?
How can I post my saved game?
Colonialist pigs! Argh!
my game so far
CtP2 and the Frenzy AI mod
My movies dont seem to run anymore..
faster ai turns
CTP2 Rocks !!! -
Cradle Impossible?
Is there a guide for Apolyton Pack to download/read?
Some questions about special units
PBEM question
MO Game Friday (if not maybe Saturday)
lost file (ANET2.DLL)
CD drive dead and file corrupted
What is Alpha Centari about?
I cant seem to download GoodMod..
Med mod/ and others...
Explain how the multi player works..
Useless Messages on Apolyton Pack
Trouble getting MedMod to load...
Game today? Tomorrow?
Does the computer cheat?
Can't see unit names
Cities in mountains and mixed unit armies
Tech from Goody Huts
Diplomacy message question
Hello all !
Complete flustered! Can't complete games!
Help needed with error
game today?